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Q&A: Virtual reality can aid medical learning and development Special

Osso VR is a virtual reality surgical training program being used globally to train residents and surgeons. The developer of the system explains the benefit of VR to train the next generation of surgeons

Startup FundamentalVR makes life easier for surgeons

London - Medics wishing to practice surgery can go so far reading text books and watching real-life operations, but at some stage they need to have a try. The use of virtual reality is assisting with the training process.

Medical Augmented Reality is changing surgery

Surgeons are making use of Medical Augmented Reality to increase the field of vision when undertaking medical procedures. This process offers improvements to conventional surgical methods.

Augmented reality system helps medical professionals

Birmingham - The coming together of medics and technologists has shown how a mixed reality system can allow medical practitioners to view and effectively interact with virtual replicas of patients' organs, bones and body parts.

Surgeon who cut off testicle in error struck off

Aylesbury - Private medical surgeon Marwan Farouk, who cut off a patient's testicle in error and then tried to cover up the misdeed, has lost his licence to practice.

Surgeon says first head transplant could be only 2 years away

Italian surgeon Sergio Canavero predicts that he will be ready to carry out the first head transplant in just two years from now. He says the various medical techniques already exist and he only has to bring them together to succeed.

British surgeon accused of branding initials on liver of patient

Birmingham - A British surgeon has reportedly been suspended from work following allegations that he 'branded' the liver of a patient whilst the man was under-the-knife.

French surgeon leaves surgical pliers in young mother's womb

A young woman gave birth to a child in a Normandy hospital in November and has been experiencing pain ever since. This week she found out why. The surgeon who operated on her left a pair of surgical pliers inside her womb which were there for weeks.

Surgeon says he has found the elusive vaginal 'G-spot'

A retired surgeon claims he has found the G-spot that has often been described as the UFO of gynecology. According to the surgeon, the G-spot is a tiny bunch-of-grapes-like structure enclosed in a bluish sac deep in the front wall of the vagina.

French surgeon operates on injured gorilla

Poitiers - An orthopaedic surgeon in France operated on a 150-pound gorilla, saving the life of the primate who had fallen from a tree in a safari park.

Toronto orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Robert Salter dead at 85

Toronto - Toronto lost a well-known orthopaedic surgeon on May 10 when Dr. Robert Salter passed away at the age of 85. Forty years ago, Dr. Salter pioneered a surgical technique that changed the way joint injuries are treated around the world.

Surgeon who de-breasted woman in Ontario reinstated

Windsor - A surgeon at Hotel Dieu Grace Hospital in Windsor, Ontario mistakenly removed a woman's breast last fall. This week the hospital decided the surgeon's future at their facility.

Orthopaedic Surgeon Operates on Chimpanzee

An orthopaedic surgeon at the University of Liverpool has performed a groundbreaking operation on a chimp in Cameroon to correct a deformity more commonly seen in dogs.

Disillusioned Award Winning Surgeon Quits United Kingdom

John Petri, 52, an orthopaedic specialist at James Paget Hospital in Gorleston, Norfolk, will leaving for Switzerland next month. The award winning surgeon is quitting Britain as he is disillusioned with NHS.

Next from NASA: Robo Surgeon

NASA will begin testing a portable robot surgeon developed by doctors and scientists from the University of Washington.

Morbidly Obese Woman Seeks Surgeon to Save Her Life

A Shreveport La woman who is 550 pounds is having trouble finding a doctor to do the gastric surgery needed to save her life.

Brain surgeon calls self ‘Tiger Woods of neurosurgery'

Dr. Takanori Fukushima calls himself as "Tiger Woods of neurosurgery", is considered one of the best in the world in brain surgery.

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