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Surfing News

Hawaii braces for massive waves triggered by 'super swell'

Forecasters are predicting waves of up to 50 feet in height to lash the shores of the Hawaiian islands this week, due to a "giant northwest swell."
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 4 comments

Hawaii's surf season begins

November marks the beginning of Hawaii's surfing season. If you're a surfer at heart, now is the time of the year to go to Hawaii and live your passions.
In the Media by Jenna Cyprus

Wet Dreams at Philadelphia's SPACE 1026

Philadelphia - Wet Dreams is a mixed-media installation inspired by deep sea celestial voyaging, surfing, and the mysticism surrounding the ocean. Its opening reception is this Friday at SPACE 1026, a Philadelphia-based artist collective.
In the Media by Jeannie Stokowski-Bisanti

Paralyzed woman finds a way to experience surfing

Being paralyzed strips away many sporting activities that people may wish to take part in, but will never be able to. With a helping hand, a paralyzed woman discovers a way to surf the roaring waves.
In the Media by Jonathan Lam - 1 comment

Interview with Tom Curren: 'In Plain View' Special

Three-time world champion surfer and musician Tom Curren chatted via telephone on April 1, 2013, with Digital Journal about his new album “In Plain View,” which is expected to be released tomorrow.
Digital Journal Report by Markos Papadatos

Surfing Internet for long periods can cause withdrawal symptoms

Scientists at Swansea and Milan Universities say that a recent study shows that people who use the Internet for long sessions can suffer withdrawal symptoms similar to those experienced by drug abusers.
In the Media by JohnThomas Didymus - 4 comments

Review: ‘Chasing Mavericks’ is visually inspiring Special

‘Chasing Mavericks’ is based on the true story of surfing icon Jay Moriarity, who rode a gigantic mythical wave in his teens.
Digital Journal Report by Sarah Gopaul - 3 comments

Surfer Healing helping autistic kids this weekend in Toronto Special

Toronto - This weekend a charity born from a father's frustration and anger will be at Woodbine Beach in Toronto helping families dealing with autism. Aloha Toronto is hosting a Surfers Healing camp this weekend for kids with autism.
Digital Journal Report by KJ Mullins

Two goats go surfing in Orange County

San Onofre - Imagine the scene, relaxing on the beach, on a hot, summers day, minding your own business and you suddenly spot something in the water, but it's not a shark. No, it's two goats riding the waves.
In the Media by Melissa Horrocks - 1 comment

Video: Surfers catch giant waves of foam in Australia

Lorne - One minute a few surfers in Australia were looking forward to catching a wave, the next they were swallowed up in the world's largest bubble bath.
In the Media by Yukio Strachan

Review: Capitola, Ca. get away from the madding crowd Special

Capitola, California has beautiful beaches, great hotels, beautiful beaches, fine dining, and beautiful beaches. Did I mention the beaches?
Digital Journal Report by Gar Swaffar - 6 comments

Op-Ed: Pro surfer riding 78-foot wave officially in Guinness record book

5/12/2012 Five months to make it official, Guinness finally announces an American surfers new world record for riding the highest wave.
In the Media by Mindy Allan - 1 comment

Who's the strongest of them all? The battle of Aussie's fittest Special

Gold Coast - While the Northern Hemisphere has submerged itself in thick winter jackets, life in the Southern Hemisphere is revolving around bikinis and sunscreen. And if you live in Australia and are a sports fanatic: The Iron Man / Woman Series.
Digital Journal Report by Miriam Mannak - 2 comments

Video of surfing goat becomes Internet hit

Pismo Beach - A video of a surfing goat has become an international hit after being picked up by the Today Show and other media outlets around the globe. The footage shows Goatee, a one-year-old goat, learning to surf at California's Grover Beach.
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 1 comment

American surfer rides a world record 90-foot wave

Going viral is an amazing video capturing Hawaiian big wave rider Garrett McNamara breaking the world record in Portugal mid October for the largest wave ever surfed.
In the Media by R. Francis Rubio - 5 comments

Op-Ed: Bethany Hamilton – soul surfing on ‘Breakfast’ news

Lihue - If you’ve had enough of slasher films, murky dramas, and gruesome fables that degrade the human spirit, check out a new film about a real life heroine.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Shark jumping over surfer caught on video

New Smyrna Beach - Sharks patrolling the waters off the Florida coast is not an uncommon sight but seeing a shark jump a surfer is a first for an Orlando photographer who was filming an action video of another surfer when he heard a voice exclaim "Dude, did you see that?"
In the Media by Kim I. Hartman - 2 comments

Talented musicians 'Make Tracks' to promote Australia Special

The 'Making Tracks' project has taken eight talented musicians to some of Australia's iconic destinations to make location-inspired music. It is hoped the music will help travellers connect with Australia in a more spiritual way.
Digital Journal Report by Kimberley Pollock - 5 comments

High tides offer four-star waves for surfers on the Severn Bore

Sharpness - Surfers have turned out in droves for a spot of river surfing this morning as 14mph waves seen on the tidal reaches of the River Severn in England experience a very high tidal bore.
In the Media by Kev Hedges - 3 comments

Breezy surfing in Lawrencetown, NS Special

Lawrencetown - Areas around Halifax saw a veil of snow yesterday, under overcast skies. However, the sunshine brought many adventurers out on this crisp Sunday morning.
Digital Journal Report by Sara Star - 8 comments

Surfing spectators smashed by spectacular waves

The Maverick Surfing contest doesn't happen often, relying on nature to generate the perfect conditions. The conditions were thought to be perfect for Saturday, and hundreds of people gathered near San Fransisco to watch the action.
In the Media by Stephanie Dearing - 1 comment

Using a Christmas tree as a surf board lands teen in hospital

Another only in California story. If a teen sees a stupid person trick on YouTube or anywhere else, he’s bound to see if the stunt, like Christmas tree surfing is really humanly possible.
In the Media by Sandy Sand - 1 comment

RocketOn founders roll out 'hyperlayered Web' through Blerp Special

RocketOn CEO wants to turn the Web into a massive social forum. The newly released allows users to add to any website comments, YouTube videos, trivia questions and more. Is this next-generation Web surfing or just a 'blerp' on the radar?
Digital Journal Report by David Silverberg - 1 comment

International Surfing Day - June 21st

A Celebration of Surfing Around the World and so much more. Surfing magazine in cooperation with the Surfrider Foundation have designated and unofficial, official holiday for surfers.
In the Media by Soul_Surfer - 1 comment

When the Surf's Up, These Rodents Take to the Waves

Shane Willmott is an avid surfer from Down Under who has passed along his passion for the sport to his pet mice.
In the Media by geozone - 5 comments

Surfing, and not the Internet

This guy is fracking insane!
In the Media by Thespian - 2 comments

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Surfing Image

File photo of surf board and leash.
Bengt Nyman
File photo of surf board and leash.
Surfing at Prado Beach  Marseille  France
Alpha du Centaure via Wikimedia Commons
Surfing at Prado Beach, Marseille, France
Crazy people surfing the front wave of the Severn Bore. Distance records have been broken numerous t...
Crazy people surfing the front wave of the Severn Bore. Distance records have been broken numerous times on the bore with the record changing hands numerous times between various people most notably Steve King and Dave Lawson, both covering in excess of 5 miles on a surfboard
Bruce Irons surfing with flares attached to his board
YouTube Screenshot
Bruce Irons surfing with flares attached to his board
Sascha Pohflepp
A surfer negotiates a steep take-off on a big winter day in California while his friend watches.
A surfer negotiates a steep take-off on a big winter day in California while his friend watches.
A man using notebook computer
Ed and Lex
A man using notebook computer
Lighthouse Point Surfing Museum
Lighthouse Point Surfing Museum
A packed Chinese Internet cafe
A packed Chinese Internet cafe
Severn Bore near Over Bridge  Gloucester An amazing sight and sound. The river goes from low tide to...
Ruth Sharville
Severn Bore near Over Bridge, Gloucester An amazing sight and sound. The river goes from low tide to almost high tide in seconds, and the water continues to power upstream, literally flowing in the wrong direction, for some time after. Awesome!
Connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot
Connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
by taliesin
A teen surfing on the Net with a notebook PC
An example of online education
Helgi Halldórsson
An example of online education
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl
YouTube screenshot
A screenshot from the Google ad which appeared during the Super Bowl

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