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Supply chain News

What Biden’s supply chain could look like Special

President-elect Joe Biden has big plans for rebuilding the U.S. supply chain after the global pandemic shook it to its core. This includes a plan to help reduce the reliance of US supply chains on overseas companies.

Q&A: Adopting a Customer 360 view to deliver supply chain success Special

For businesses that struggled in 2020, turning things around during 2021 is a must. One area to focus on is sharpening up with supply chain. This requires adopting a Customer 360 view, explains expert Richard Barnett.

Digital technology will foster in a new supply chain paradigm Special

Supply chains create complex webs, and maintaining these to a high standard is necessary for avoiding delays, disruption and to avoid counterfeiting. To assist with this, digital technology will expand into 2021.

Warning: Financial Services remain a target for cyberattacks

Accenture have issued a new report looking at the threats faced by financial services from various cyber-threats. Among the risks are deepfakes, cloud vulnerabilities, and a new threat aimed at emergent 5G technology.

Q&A: Ten common mistakes when implementing ERP systems Special

Companies that choose to implement an ERP system can run into common errors that may cause confusion and poor functionality—the opposite of an ERP’s intended purpose. Shivkumar Gopalan at Unit4 explains how.

Accelerating end-to-end supply chain digitization

Digitized plants have the data to pivot faster while ensuring the consistent quality customers expect and love. That translates into stronger sales and better margins, according to CEO Scott Sexton.

Q&A: The rise of ERP through the coronavirus pandemic Special

ERP software houses sensitive business information — from financials to employee data, and, in normal times, large enterprises use it to keep track of all their moving parts to see big-picture operations. This is being challenged in the time of COVID-19

There's a second COVID-19 vaccine problem and it is a big deal

As pharmaceutical companies around the world race to create a coronavirus vaccine, the alarm is being raised about a problem that may sound small but actually looms large: The world doesn't have enough glass vials to store a vaccine in.

Increased risk of 'food insecurity' brought on by COVID-19

The closing of the Tyson Foods pork processing plant in Iowa has significant ramifications for U.S. food supply chains, according to experts. But closing processing plants is just one of five threats to our supply chain to be considered.

The global medical supply chain needs to be fixed

Last year, a group of the world’s top public health security researchers warned that no country was fully prepared for a pandemic. The spread of a new coronavirus has shown that they were right.

Q&A: ERP isn’t one size fits, what should businesses do? Special

Implementing an ERP system is a complex process, with many requiring customization to address specific user needs. These customizations end up requiring a high level of tech expertise to use, causing complications as Colin Dawes of Syntax explains.

Q&A: The plant-based battle is in your supply chain Special

For the food industry, whether it's seafood, meat or produce, plant-based alternatives are offering a unique challenge for supply chains to operate in a complex market. Joe Scioscia looks at the issues.

Q&A: Speeding up sustainability in the supply chain Special

Analysts say it will take 5 years for us to create a more sustainable supply chain model. In order to go green, companies need increased transparency, more eco-friendly transportation, and closer relations with suppliers and vendors.

Q&A: How can small retailers compete over delivery times? Special

These days many consumers can expect to receive their packages almost immediately from big companies, with one to two day shipping and convenient “Buy Online and Pick up in Store” options. With this occurring, how can smaller retailers adapt?

Marine industry aims for low-sulfur fuel by 2020

A push is on to lower emissions produced from shipping, focusing on the use of low sulfur fuels. A target has been set to significantly reduce limits into 2020. To assist shipping fleets, a new standard has been issued.

Q&A: Demystifying reverse logistics with new tracking solutions Special

In the past decade, brick-and-mortar store sales have taken a major hit, but so too have e-commerce retailers. Return deliveries in the U.S. alone will cost $550 billion by 2020, a 75.2% increase from 2016.

New digital network to transform the pharmaceutical supply chain

The company TraceLink has launched its Digital Network Platform. The aim is to develop new supply chain operating models based on the patient, and with driving network members to work together for better traceability and standards.

Q&A: New digital solution for easing third-party delivery Special

As more restaurants opt into online delivery and ditch exclusivity contracts with third-parties, integration solutions are needed to make third-party delivery a painless and profitable venture. Vishal Agarwal, CEO of ItsaCheckmate provides an example.

Q&A: majority of firms are missing out on supply chain growth Special

Businesses can do more with digital technology in order to gain greater efficiencies from their supply chains and reduce the risk of counterfeiting occurring, according to industry expert Scott Fletcher from LocatorX.

IBM launches 'Trust Your Supplier' blockchain initiative

IBM, together with Chainyard, have announced a new initiative called Trust Your Supplier (TYS), a blockchain network designed to improve supplier qualification, validation, onboarding and life cycle information management.

Three key innovations with blockchain technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to change the expanding information technology-based society into something new, more firmly based on trust. Three examples of innovative blockchain technology help to illustrate this trend.

Q&A: Minimizing waste in the medical supply chain Special

Waste is a big issue in the medical industry where supplies are often bought in bulk and deemed useless prior to their expiration dates. The company H-source have designed a web-based platform to drive purchasing efficiencies.

Where's the weed? Canada still struggles with pot shortage

Cannabis shortages appeared almost immediately after recreational marijuana was legalized in Canada four months ago. Provincial distributors blamed producers and federal regulators. One expert says the shortage could last five years.

GM restructuring puts thousands of auto-parts jobs in jeopardy

The sting from a major restructuring at General Motors and its planned closings of five North American factories in the coming months is putting thousands of jobs at auto parts suppliers at stake.

Q&A: Achieving a supply chain renaissance Special

Supply chains are complex, and the involvement of multiple actors adds to this complexity. Yet, supply chains can be improved through digital technology, according to Nikos Papageorgiou, an industry expert at the forefront of the technology.

Blockchain can reduce supply chain risks

In the world of modern businesses, supply chains are becoming increasingly complex and such complexity increases as supply chains cross multiple countries and involve multiple interfaces with third parties. To address this, many are turning to blockchain.

Q&A: Blockchain can transform business supply chains Special

Blockchain is becoming increasingly important for businesses, especially those which distribute goods across complex supply networks. A leading authority on blockchain technology for business explains more.

Q&A: Decentralized IoT networks help supply-chains Special

Blockchain has the potential to transform supply chains but it is hampered by an ability of scale. To counter this, technology company Ambrosus have outlined steps to achieve a scalable blockchain-based supply chain.

U.K. and now Mexico facing shortage of carbon dioxide

A carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage in Europe and now, Mexico, has threatened to halt the production of beer, carbonated drinks, and many other products in the supply chain. With rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere — what's going on?

Blockchain-ready adhesive ID tag to stop device theft

A new, prototype adhesive identification tag has been developed, with the aim of ensuring that valuable goods are protected from theft and in a way that does not reveal the location of the items being protected.
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