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Supply chain News

U.K. and now Mexico facing shortage of carbon dioxide

A carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage in Europe and now, Mexico, has threatened to halt the production of beer, carbonated drinks, and many other products in the supply chain. With rising CO2 levels in the atmosphere — what's going on?

Blockchain-ready adhesive ID tag to stop device theft

A new, prototype adhesive identification tag has been developed, with the aim of ensuring that valuable goods are protected from theft and in a way that does not reveal the location of the items being protected.

Ready for the Internet of supply chain?

Berlin - The quest for supply chain transformation and end-to-end logistics remains a goal for many companies. A solution rests with the 'Internet of Supply Chain', as discussed at a major conference this month.

Transworld announces digital transformation shipping project

The Transworld Group of companies has announced its latest progress in relation to its digital transformation of its shipping activities. The group will leverage technology enabled solutions and customer connect e-platforms.

OOCL partners Microsoft on AI

Microsoft Research Asia (MSRA) and Hong Kong-based Orient Overseas Container Line (OOCL) are to work together on applying artificial intelligence research to the shipping industry.

Blockchain presents key advantages to businesses

Blockchain-as-a-service offers many advantages to businesses. While major companies can develop such services in-house or work with major technology companies, smaller firms need a different solution. Elias Chavando of Ideum explains more.

Why enterprises are increasingly turning to blockchain

Blockchain is a disruptive technology that holds big potential benefits to business applications across many industries. However, putting the tech into place is complex. We look at five examples of successful implementation.

RFID technology helps increase supply chain security

Radio frequency identification tags can enhance the top-down understanding for businesses in terms of the manufacturing outfit and what happens to incoming and outgoing materials in the supply chain.

New alliance for blockchain and supply chain

Supply chains globally are undergoing reforms, using blockchain and supply chain technologies. This has led to the formation of the 'Trusted IoT Alliance', plus various technological advancements.

Canadian AI accelerator joins supply chain 'supercluster'

NEXT Canada is joining the SCALE.AI Supply Chain Supercluster. SCALE.AI is a consortium aiming to develop a global supply chain platform based on artificial intelligence and emerging technologies. It was launched by the federal government last year.

UPS invests in tech to streamline its network operations

UPS is planning to invest in technology improvements over the next year as it streamlines its network to improve efficiency and cut down backlogs. The company will reportedly spend up to $7bn on new tech to increase its network capacity for the holidays.

UPS invests in tech to streamline its network operations

UPS is planning to invest in technology improvements over the next year as it streamlines its network to improve efficiency and cut down backlogs. The company will reportedly spend up to $7bn on new tech to increase its network capacity for the holidays.

Blockchain and IoT underpin new supply chain platform

A new partnership has been formed with the aim of bringing blockchain and IoT technology, like radio-frequency identification, to enterprise supply chains. The partnership is between Skuchain and NTT DATA.

Alberta's first renewable energy auction sets new low for wind

Alberta - The government of Alberta, Canada, home to the world's third-largest oil reserves, on Wednesday actioned off 595 megawatts of renewable energy capacity to be built in the province, exceeding the government's target of 400 megawatts.

Smart airline container self-monitors its environment

As part of the digital transformation of the air freight sector, some carriers have begun to use 'smart crates'. These are freight shipping containers that are capable of self-monitoring.

Reverse logistics becoming crucial to business

Reverse logistics used to be an after-thought in the supply chain system. Past research has concentrated on how to avoid returns but with the advent of online shopping, product returns have skyrocketed. Now the focus is on how to handle returns.

Australia's wool industry digitalizes its supply chain

Melbourne - The company Australian Wool Handlers, a major player in the wool industry, has announced ambitious plans to digitally disrupt the supply chain. The process offers learning points for other sectors.

McDonald's improves its supply chain through automation

McDonald's is one of the largest fast-food outlets in the world. With thousands of food outlets, the corporation relies upon a large and complex supply chain. This is continually subject to review, and this process includes increased automation.

Blockchain-powered supply chain tracker

When it comes to supply chain practices, pharmaceuticals must address the normal concerns of customer satisfaction and the control goods as well as strict regulatory requirements. To better produce medicines, a new high-tech sensor has been developed.

Qatar crisis has huge implications for helium supply chain

The growing crisis between Qatar and its neighbors has had an unexpected effect on the global availability of helium. Qatar supplies 25 percent of the world's helium and its inability to ship it to ports will create a global supply chain crisis.

Tag technology company wins innovation award

The company TruTag Technologies, which offers supply chain and logistics solutions for many firms, has won the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award. This is for TruTag’s microtags, a technology that strengthens the chain of custody.

Walmart takes aim at supply chain emissions with Project Gigaton

On April 19, during its Sustainability Milestone Summit, Walmart officially kicked off a new project to cut greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across its global supply chain, inviting suppliers to join them in pledging to cut GHG emissions.

Food crime reaches $50 billion per year

London - There are many types of crime and most are widely reported. One area that doesn’t get much exposure is food crime. This ‘hidden’ area results losses to the food sector of up to $50 billion per year. We take a look at the issue.

Global food and commodity prices spark worries on security

With spikes in food and energy commodity prices hitting developed and undeveloped nations, there are growing concerns over the prospects for widespread unrest.

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