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Supersonic News

NASA captures unprecedented images of supersonic shockwaves

Washington - NASA has captured unprecedented photos of the interaction of shockwaves from two supersonic aircraft, part of its research into developing planes that can fly faster than sound without thunderous "sonic booms".

Bloodhound, the 1,000 mph supersonic car ready for trials

Newquay - The Bloodhound supersonic car, which is designed to operate at 1,000 miles per hour, will run for the first time on October 26, 2017.

Incentivized mobile ads: Can they really drive lifetime value?

Today, there are two metrics widely deemed to be among the most important of all in mobile advertising — click through rate (CTR) and video views.

Video: Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo supersonic test flight

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo has completed its third rocket-powered supersonic test flight over the Mojave Desert, hitting heights of a record 71,000 feet. The first tourist flight to space is a big step closer.

Small TV's Are Back In Widescreen

With the switch to digital television, small handhelds are coming back - in ATSC! Small manufacturers are taking the lead.

Experimental Jet Engine reaches Mach 10 in tests

A joint study between Australia's DSTO and US' DARPA produces a scramjet engine, that travels in excess of Mach 10 speed. A hypersonic plane with this scramjet engine could allow travel between Sydney and London in two hours.

Supersonic passenger jets are back - billionaires board first

Two US companies now think they can make high-speed flight commercially viable. The trick, it seems, is to focus on the richest of the rich.

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Supersonic Image

The revolutionary new Sabre engine
The revolutionary new Sabre engine
Reaction Engines
Boom XB-1  Baby Boom
Boom XB-1 "Baby Boom"
Boom Supersonic
The XB-1 Boom demonstrator
The XB-1 Boom demonstrator
Boom Supersonic
Artists conception of a Boom Supersonic passenger aircraft
Artists conception of a Boom Supersonic passenger aircraft
Boom Supersonic
The US Defense Department plans to eventually own more than 2 000 of these F-35 fighter planes  show...
The US Defense Department plans to eventually own more than 2,000 of these F-35 fighter planes, shown here landing after a test flight at Edwards Air Force Base in Southern California, and sell hundreds to allies.
Sr. Airman Julius Delos Reyes-US Air Force/Wikimedia Commons

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