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Supermarkets News

Deadly MRSA superbug now found in British pork

New checks have revealed that pork products made in the UK are infected with the MRSA superbug. The discovery confirms that the deadly bacteria is now present in the human food chain and is spreading from country to country.

Op-Ed: Plastic bag use rises in Britain for eighth year running Special

London Colney - The British population’s love affair with plastic bags shows no sign of abating. Unlike most countries around the world, the U.K. continues to use more and more plastic shopping bags.

Major supermarkets recall gluten-free products

A number of supermarkets in the U.K. have pulled their own brand gluten-free and 'free from' products after a potential cross-contamination issue was reported, leading to the products possibly containing gluten.

Avian flu causes Egg prices to rise higher than a chicken can fly

Soaring egg prices are now being seen across the country as H5N2 avian influenza has devastated poultry producers in 16 Midwestern states and Canada. As of June 5, there have been 217 confirmed locations, affecting 46,741,393 birds.

Campylobacter rates increase for chickens sold in the U.K.

New figures, produced by the U.K. Food Standards Agency, show a marked increase in the detection of food-poisoning bacteria in chickens sold in British supermarkets.

Review: ‘Iceland Foods: Life in The Freezer Cabinet’ Special

There are those who would have us believe there is no such thing as the acceptable face of capitalism. Meet multimillionaire Malcolm Walker - he might change your mind.

German retailers selling flawed vegetables at lower price

Under the brand "nobody is perfect", certain European retailers are now starting to sell "ugly" fruit and vegetables, that would normally be thrown away or used as animal feed. The produce is sold at a lower price, but the taste is exactly the same.

Spanish fieldworkers' union 'expropriates' food for the poor

On Tuesday, 200 members of the Andalusian fieldworkers' union, in an example of sheer civil disobedience, went to two supermarkets, filled up shopping carts, and left without paying. They then donated the food to the poor.

Op-Ed: War On Want and the business of charity

A campaign by a major UK charity is calling for equality, justice and human rights for tea pickers. If you want to help these good people raise money for this worthy cause, they are offering a lucrative salary plus benefits.

Tobacco display ban begins in England

A ban on tobacco displays has come into effect in England on April 6. The ban initially applies to large stores only. The UK government's aim is to reduce the numbers of young people taking up smoking.

Nearly one-third of the bread bought in UK is thrown away

British households throw away tons of food every year, but the item that most often ends up in the trash is bread. This staple is thrown away so often that 32 percent of all the bread bought by UK families ends up being discarded.

Op-Ed: Should we embrace the death of the high street?

All over Britain and many other countries, high street premises are standing empty. Is this a disaster, or something we should welcome with open arms?

Op-Ed: The great cheese conspiracy

David Icke believes there is a conspiracy by giant lizards to enslave the world by abolishing cash and implanting microchips in the backs of our necks, but he has overlooked a far more sinister threat: the plot to rig the price of cheese in Britain.

Retail giant threatens legal action after 'price-fixing' fine

Supermarket giant Tesco said it will fight a huge fine imposed by a regulator after it was accused of colluding with other retail outlets to fix prices of dairy products.

Milk war in Australia

The supermarket giants in Australia have started a food discounting war. In a blatant marketing push Coles began the discounting war by reducing the price of two litre Coles brand milk by 33 percent from $2.99 to $2.00.

Self-serve wine tanks may come to American supermarkets soon

American shoppers could be seeing 500 or 1,000 liter self-serve wine tanks at their grocery stores by next year, compliments of the French.

French fruit producers harden protest action against low prices

French fruit prices have plummeted by 20 per cent this summer compared to last year. Incidents involving producers who block access to supermarkets with tons of unsold fruit and border road blocks to stop the import of Spanish fruit are set to increase.

Florida Lottery Plans Vending Machines

The Florida Lottery is coming to a vending machine near you this August. By November there will be 1,000 vending machines in Florida supermarkets throughout the state.

Where Did the Convenience Store Come From and Was it Always Convenient?

How did the convenience store come to be? What is the significance of the name, 7-11 and when was it given? Read on for some interesting information, whether you feel inconvenienced or no.

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Kmart store.
Kmart store.
Mike Kalasnik
SAT fieldworkers expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poor.
SAT fieldworkers expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poor.
Spain: Members of the SAT fieldworkers  union expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poo...
Spain: Members of the SAT fieldworkers' union expropriate food from supermarkets and give to the poor.

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