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Supercomputer News

Europe’s new energy efficient super-computer

An innovative supercomputer architecture has been developed for a European operation, and it has energy saving capabilities as well as powerful computing performance. This is the high-performance computer located at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre.

Meet the 'world's fastest' AI supercomputer

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory has been working with IBM to create what they are claiming to be the world's most powerful scientific supercomputer.

New material for more powerful computing

The discovery of new material has been declared as a key step toward more powerful, next-generation computing. This is the era of so-termed 'supercomputers'.

Screening for novel drugs using powerful computers

London - Searching for new types of drugs is a medical imperative. This is a complex task involving many types of diseases and chemical interactions. To assist with this process, Francis Crick Institute researchers have developed a new model.

NASA wants you to make its ancient software 1,000 times faster

NASA has launched a competition designed to attract programmers familiar with an obsolete language used to build one of its mission-critical design systems. The company now wants the program to run orders of magnitude faster, using the ancient technology.

New 'Cheyenne' supercomputer aids climate science in coal country

Cheyenne - In Wyoming, a state that produces 40 percent of America's coal, a new supercomputer called "Cheyenne" has come online to join the fight against climate change. The project is funded by the state of Wyoming and the National Science Foundation (NSF).

Roll over biology, super computer creates better crops

For years biologists have toiled away to find ways to make better crops. Now it seems the answer lies with computers. An advanced computer has fully detailed the nanostructure of cellulose, the key to creating more robust grains.

K computer wins supercomputer award

RIKEN, based at the University of Tsukuba and Fujitsu, has received top ranking from the 2014 HPC Challenge, which evaluates computing power. This was for the university’s “K” supercomputer.

IIT-K engineers build India’s fifth best supercomputer

The Indian Institute of Technology in Kanpur (IIT-K), one of the best educational institutes in the country, launched a brand new supercomputer recently, the second supercomputer it has built.

Time lapse video: How to build a Fujitsu Primergy supercomputer

This amazing time lapse video shows how to build a supercomputer. Well, don't expect you'd be able to build one after seeing the video. But it is fun to watch all the same.

On the brink of the next era in supercomputing

Belfast - Imagine a single supercomputer able to out-perform 50 million laptops, and capable of performing a staggering one quintillion (billion billion) operations per second. Expect that supercomputer to be operating this decade, experts say.

Paging Dr. Watson: IBM supercomputer to enter medicine field

Armonk - Watson, the IBM supercomputer who answered "Jeopardy" questions with precise accuracy and at rapid-fire speeds, is now becoming a doctor. Watson is soon to become a bedside medical assistant to help medical professionals.

Meet Watson: Behind the IBM Jeopardy! Challenge

Imagine a typical conversation between two humans. Exchanges of thought and insight are portrayed through a natural understanding of common language. Until IBM's Watson, modern day technology has only scratched the surface of cognitive interaction.

IBM Unveils Supercomputer with More Cranial Capacity than a Cat

At the SC09 supercomputing conference in Portland, Oregon last week, IBM unveiled a software simulation of a mammalian cerebral cortex more complex than the cerebral cortex of a cat.

IBM program and supercomputer to take on 'Jeopardy'

IBM wants to replicate its success they enjoyed with Deep Blue in defeating world chess champion Garry Kasparov by creating a program to conquer the popular TV quiz game show Jeopardy!

IBM Building World’s Most Powerful Supercomputer

IBM is renowned for producing some of the most powerful computers in the world. With the under development 'Sequoia', the Big Blue promises to go a few leaps forward.

IBM Unveils Watercooled Super Computer 'Hydro Cluster'

IBM has unveiled a new supercomputer called Hydro-Cluster that uses water to cool the hardware instead of the conventional air cooling. This method will reduce energy consumption by 40 per cent and use 80 per cent fewer air conditioners.

Got A Playstation 3? Consider Donating Its Computing Capacity To Biomed Research

Got a Playstation 3? Know somebody who has one? Then you can help biomedical research by donating your machine's computing capacity to scientific research when you're not playing.

New European Supercomputer in the Making, Drawing Plan Alone Costs 20 Million Euros

The Europeans will build a new supercomputer. PRACE, a new organization, was launched recently to increase the availability of computing power, due to demand from science and industry. Drawing up the plans alone will take two years and cost E20 million.

Google, the Supercomputer?

BusinessWeek says Google is one Giant Computer and more.

National Weather Service Boots New Supercomputer

NOAA announces its new supercomputer; boasts an increase of 320 percent in computational power.

UK supercomputer sets faster pace

The HPCx machine, based in Warrington, is now capable of operating at speeds up to 15.4 teraflops, or 15.4 trillion calculations every second.

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Supercomputer Image

A commentator positions pieces forming a replica of a game between Go player Lee Se-Dol and Google-d...
A commentator positions pieces forming a replica of a game between Go player Lee Se-Dol and Google-developed super-computer AlphaGo in Seoul on March 13, 2016
Ed Jones, AFP
Spaceborne Computer installed in Express rack  inverters not shown.
Courtesy of NASA/Public Domain
Spaceborne Computer installed in Express rack, inverters not shown. Courtesy of NASA/Public Domain
The first Atlas  installed at Manchester University and officially commissioned in 1962  was one of ...
The first Atlas, installed at Manchester University and officially commissioned in 1962, was one of the world's first supercomputers, considered to be the most powerful computer in the world at that time.
Iain MacCallum
The CDC 6600 and 6400 supercomputers  used for high energy nuclear physics research at the Universit...
The CDC 6600 and 6400 supercomputers, used for high energy nuclear physics research at the University of California at Berkeley in 1964.
Charles H. Warlick
IIT-K team builds India s fifth best supercomputer
IIT-K team builds India's fifth best supercomputer
Photo by Wikipedia
Spaceborne Computer  isometric view.
Courtesy of NASA/Public Domain
Spaceborne Computer, isometric view. Courtesy of NASA/Public Domain

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