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Superbugs News

Overuse of antibiotics for COVID-19 raises threat of 'superbugs'

While bacterial and viral infections manifest as similar symptoms, they are treated very differently, as antibiotics cannot kill viruses. There is now concern that COVID-19 could drive up antibiotic resistance, causing an increase in "superbugs."

Q&A: Preventing hospital outbreaks with surveillance technology Special

Misdiagnosis of infection strains in hospitals is leading to a public health crisis, as doctors treat these infections unnecessarily and ineffectively with antibiotics. To tackle this, new precision medicine solutions are being tested.

Superbugs to 'kill millions' by 2050 unless countries act

Paris - Millions of people in Europe, North America and Australia will die from superbug infections unless countries prioritise fighting the growing threat posed by bacteria immune to most known drugs, experts predicted Wednesday.

'Forgotten' antibiotic offers hope against worst superbugs

An antibiotic overlooked since its discovery in the late-1970s could help develop new drugs against life-threatening infections caused by some of the world's most dangerous superbugs.

Super-tough antibiotic to fight superbugs

London - Microbiologists have managed to ‘re-engineer’ an existing antibiotic so that it can take on one of the most threatening ‘superbugs’: the genera of vancomycin-resistant enterococci.

Battle with super-bugs moves onto tackle E. coli

London - With success achieved in reducing incidences of MRSA, the British government has moved its focus towards reducing the number of cases of the bacterium Escherichia coli in hospitals.

New survey examines spread of hospital pathogens

The rooms in which patients are in, be they wards, waiting rooms, or operating theaters, are a source of pathogens, according to a new study. The findings could have implications for patient management.

Battling superbugs with star-shaped polymers

Small polymers, of star-shape formation, have been proven to be effective at killing a range of bacteria. This includes bacteria that are antibiotic resistant. These polymers are formed from proteins.

Almost one-third of antibiotics prescribed in U.S. are not needed

An in-depth study shows that nearly one in three prescriptions for antibiotics handed out in emergency rooms, doctor's offices and medical clinics in the U.S. are not needed.

One in four seniors carries a superbug in hospital

New research suggests that one in four people entering hospital in the U.S. is carrying a so-called "superbug" (an antimicrobial resistant bacterium.) In addition, seniors seem to pick up higher numbers of these organisms during their stay.

Superbugs account for 1 in 7 hospital infections

Bethesda - Superbugs are causing an increasing number of infections in U.S. hospitals, according to a new study. Pathogenic bacteria are responsible for one in seven infections.

Reduce antibiotic use now, say European parliamentarians

New measures are required to stem the use of antibiotics and antimicrobials in order to slow down the emergence of new ‘superbugs’ (multi-drug resistant bacteria.) To achieve this, European politicians call for new measures.

Breast milk protein may be able to destroy superbugs

Scientists in the UK have said there is a part of a protein in breast milk that may be able to destroy certain types of bacteria that are resistant to drugs.

Most turkey producers still using antibiotics and other drugs

A few days ago, Chicago-based Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT) released a new report examining the use of antibiotics and other drugs in turkey production in the U.S.

Reviving an old therapy to fight a new threat Special

Boston - It’s an arms race and one we’re losing. MRSA is a bacterial infection that’s evolved to resist just about everything medicine can throw at it including methicillin, amoxicillin, penicillin and oxacillin.

White house plan to fight 'superbugs' falls short of expectations

The White House is expected to release an ambitious and comprehensive plan that would slow the deadly growth of antibiotic-resistant bacteria over the next five years. The plan will not only include huge monetary investments, but policy changes as well.

Medical equipment and the risks of spreading pathogens

Evidence suggests that drug-resistant bacteria have spread in a Los Angeles hospital, probably from contaminated endoscopes.

New funding to fight antibiotic resistance Special

This week the White House stated that it will double the amount of federal funding put aside to combat and preventing antibiotic resistance. The sum stands at greater than $1.2 billion.

Fighting back against hospital superbugs

A new method has been proposed to fight superbugs. For this, researchers are targeting the specific genes that allow bacteria to survive antibiotic treatment.

Obama's strategy to tackle antibiotic-resistant superbugs

Washington - President Obama has launched a new national strategy to combat antibiotic resistance. The strategy seeks to find new types of diagnostic testing and to improve disease surveillance.

Microscopic bumps could repel hospital superbugs

New research suggests that coating surfaces in hospitals with microscopic bumps and ridges could repel hospital superbugs (or at least prevent their attachment).

Natural proteins kill hospital ‘superbugs’

Belfast - Scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against the most resistant hospital superbugs. Researchers have developed an innovative antibacterial gel that can break down the thick jelly-like coating (biofilms) which cover bacteria.

Antibiotic resistance: Not a new problem, an out of control one

The world is facing what appears to be a cataclysm in the global health care arena. “Superbugs” - bacteria that use nature’s micro-evolutionary mechanisms to develop antibiotic resistance have become a major threat to public health.

New weapon against superbugs

Tel Aviv - A research team have discovered a protein that kills bacteria. The isolation of this protein, produced by a virus that attacks bacteria, could help protect patients from hospital 'superbugs'.

Viruses in the gut may have created ‘superbugs’

Scientists have a new site for treating problem bacteria in the gut: the viruses that also live within our digestive tract.

Does breast milk hold the clue for fighting superbugs?

Some scientists have argued that a protein complex found in human breast milk can help challenge the antibiotic resistance of several bacterial species, including those known to cause hospital related infections.

Can panda blood be the answer to battling 'superbugs'?

Researchers are suggesting that a component found in panda blood may be more effective in treating infection than current antibiotics. According to the study, the component can fight bacteria in rapid time.

GM crop technology backfires as farmers need more pesticides

A newly-released, peer-reviewed study reveals that the cultivation of genetically engineered crops has increased pesticide usage by hundreds of millions of pounds.

Review: 'Defeating the Superbugs' Special

One of the major health problems faced by mankind in the 21st Century is the rise of so-called superbugs. This programme tells the viewer what most of us already know.

Superbugs in city hospitals moving to suburban hospitals

New evidence indicates that hospital superbugs, like MRSA, more commonly found in big cities are being transferred to smaller community hospitals in the suburbs.
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Meticulous cleaning of hospitals: wards  treatment rooms and operating theatres  is necessary to pre...
Meticulous cleaning of hospitals: wards, treatment rooms and operating theatres, is necessary to prevent the spread of MRSA and other life-threatening infections.

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