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Super bowl News

30-second Super Bowl ad could cost $6 million in 2016

The price of the average 30-second Super Bowl ad slot in 2016 could soar up to 33% on this year’s big game to $6 million, according to next year's official broadcaster.

Op-Ed: No one is talking about why Seattle Seahawks lost the Super Bowl

It has been a week since the Seattle Seahawks lost Super Bowl XLIX to the New England Patriots. That stunning loss — stunning thanks to the dramatic manner in which it occurred — surely must still hurt the Seahawks and their fans.

Facebook versus Twitter: The other Super Bowl showdown

Even as the Patriots and Seahawks fought out the incredible battle to take the Lombardi trophy, a second contest was going on in social media that had even more at stake.

Review: Katy Perry stuns at live Super Bowl halftime performance

On February 1, pop superstar Katy Perry headlined the Super Bowl halftime show at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

Op-Ed: Top 5 Super Bowl commercials of 2015

Besides the football and the halftime show, the other big attraction is the cavalcade of ads, where companies usually shell out big money for longer, often more entertaining commercials. Here are five of the best.

Op-Ed: Seahawks' terrible goal-line playcall lost them the Super Bowl

The 2014 Super Bowl came down to final play, a 1-yard goal-line gift for the Seattle Seahawks. But a moronic decision by the Seahawks offence had the QB Russell Wilson throwing the ball, and he was quickly intercepted by the Patriots.

Review: Tony winner Idina Menzel nails national anthem at Super Bowl

Glendale - On Feb. 1, Tony-winning actress Idina Menzel performed an incredible live rendition of our national anthem at this year's Super Bowl.

Brenda Lee's vocals to appear in Super Bowl telecast commercial

Brenda Lee has a major reason to be proud. Her sultry vocals will appear in a commercial that will be televised during the Super Bowl.

Op-Ed: I'll be watching the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is only a few days away, and that means everyone will crowd around their television sets watching the big game and downing lots of junk food. I can say I'll definitely be one of those people.

On footballs: Bill Belichick loses to Bill Nye The Science Guy

Bill Nye The Science Guy spoke with media Sunday about Bill Belichick The NFL Coach Guy's utterings on footballs and rubbing them. But we'll begin with the New England Patriots coach and what he said Saturday about Deflate-gate and end with Mr. Nye.

Buzzfeed's first-ever TV ad stars cats, of course

BuzzFeed is set to air its first TV ad during the Super Bowl on February 1, Adweek reports. The stars of its debut spot? Cats of course.

Bill Belichick has 'no explanation' for deflated footballs

At a press conference this morning, New England Patriots famed coach Bill Belichick was able to shed, well, no light on why 11 of 12 footballs his team provided for the AFC Championship game Sunday were underinflated. It was news to him, he said.

A preview of the 2015 Super Bowl commercials

It's that time of year again! In less than two weeks, the Seattle Seahawks will face off against the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, but all eyes are on the commercials.

New England Patriots accused of cheating, again

It has been confirmed, following a 45-7 dismantling of the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game, the New England Patriots are under investigation for under-inflated footballs that were used in the game.

Op-Ed: Seattle, New England to meet in Arizona — Super Bowl XLIX

The Seahawks and Patriots meet in Arizona to decide who will be crowned Super Bowl 49 Champion. Tom Brady looks for his fourth world championship in his sixth trip to the big show while the Seahawks try to remain champs for at least one more year.

National anthem at Super Bowl to be performed by Idina Menzel

Tony winner Idina Menzel ("Wicked") will be singing the national anthem at this year's Super Bowl game on February 1 in Arizona.

Just in time for the Super Bowl — Chicken nugget war starts again

Fast food enterprises are relying more and more on deals and freebies to draw in customers these days, and reminiscent of the chicken nugget war of 2014, Burger King has opened fire on McDonald's in a new round of the fast food wars.

Report: Katy Perry scores Super Bowl halftime gig

New York - Multiple reports say pop music superstar Katy Perry has agreed to perform at the halftime show of Super Bowl XLIX in February.

Denver Broncos Welker suspended for using amphetamine

Denver - The Denver Broncos’ cruise to a Super Bowl rematch with Seattle is no longer guaranteed. Wes Welker, a go-to-receiver if there ever was one, has been suspended for four weeks for using a performance enhancing drug.

Super Bowl champ Ben Utecht talks emotional new single Special

Super Bowl champion Ben Utecht opened up about his singing career and his latest single, the moving ballad "You Will Always Be My Girls."

Review: Ben Utecht tugs at heartstrings on 'You Will Always By My Girls' Special

Football champion-turned-singer Ben Utecht has released his music video for "You Will Always Be My Girls" and it is a powerful and moving performance.

Seahawks QB Russell Wilson a big hit at Rangers game

Surprise - Super Bowl Champion Quarterback Russell Wilson switched uniforms and took the field as a Texas Ranger Monday, thrilling both football fans and baseball fans alike.

FBI rescues 16 kids forced into prostitution for Super Bowl

The Super Bowl and other big sporting events are lucrative venues for the sex trade in the U.S. There are few statistics on how much traffic increases during large sporting events, but New Jersey, like other states before them, was aware of the problem.

Review: Georgia lawyer creates bombastic Super Bowl ad Special

You've seen the Super Bowl ads filled with puppies, or groups of celebrities. But can you say you've seen a Super Bowl ad featuring a lawyer with a flaming sledgehammer?

9/11 truther interrupts Super Bowl press conference

A 9/11 truther decided to interrupt a Super Bowl press conference tonight in order to spread a little "9/11 truth" on ESPN.

Watch NBA star Ray Allen's incredible Super Bowl viewing set up

NBA star Ray Allen is taking it easy while watching the Super Bowl right in his enclave with an incredible viewing set up to keep his special guests relaxed as they cheer for their favorite teams.

Football fans know sports facts, don't know who vice president is

Fans are gearing up for the big game in New Jersey tonight and while they appear to know everything there is to know about the Broncos and Seahawks, do they know anything about the rest of the world?

Op-Ed: Pennsylvania forecaster Phil risks death to predict more winter

Punxsutawney - Punxsutawney Phil, in hiding since a Pennsylvania prosecutor sought the death penalty for the forecaster for misleading the nation last year, poked his head out and saw his shadow Sunday, according to numerous channels, including the Weather Channel.

NJ Gov. Chris Christie booed at Super Bowl ceremony

New York - New Jersey Governor Chris Christie was booed Saturday as he took the stage during the Super Bowl hand-off ceremony in Times Square. Some in the crowd booed, while at least one other heckler could be heard shouting: "we hate traffic, we hate traffic."

Mom allegedly pimps out teen daughter for Super Bowl sex

New York - Police arrested Florida mom, Yolanda Ostoloza, 39, this week for allegedly attempting to pimp out her 15-year-old daughter for Super Bowl week.
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Delilah Brosset is originally from Natchitoches  Louisiana  a white Southern woman who has been acti...
Delilah Brosset is originally from Natchitoches, Louisiana, a white Southern woman who has been active in civil rights and who perceives Christina Aguilera and her Super Bowl National Anthem in the context of a changing culture.
Delilah Brosset
Snow on the bushes at the post office where we stopped and turned around is often not found this far...
Snow on the bushes at the post office where we stopped and turned around is often not found this far South in Marshall, Texas, as we saw it on the road to Arlington, before we turned back.
New Orleans: Inside the Superdome
New Orleans: Inside the Superdome
David Reber
Katy Perry performing at Super Bowl halftime show.
Katy Perry performing at Super Bowl halftime show.
Super Bowl 2011: The stadium in Dallas.
Super Bowl 2011: The stadium in Dallas.
Players from the Saints throw beads to fan during their Super Bowl Parade in New Orleans
Players from the Saints throw beads to fan during their Super Bowl Parade in New Orleans
Malcolm Butler with the stunning interception during the final minutes of the Super Bowl
Malcolm Butler with the stunning interception during the final minutes of the Super Bowl
YouTube screenshot
Sex trade  featured on
Sex trade, featured on Taken 07/07/2013.
Joseph Morris
Mr. Quiggly is a tiny French Bulldog featured in Skechers  ads
Mr. Quiggly is a tiny French Bulldog featured in Skechers' ads
Courtesy Skechers
Colin Kaepernick  the QB for the San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick, the QB for the San Francisco 49ers
Via Flickr user Au Kirk
Looking at Ford Field the night of Super Bowl XL on Feburary 3  2006 in Detroit.
Looking at Ford Field the night of Super Bowl XL on Feburary 3, 2006 in Detroit.

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