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Suntan News

Not all of our suntan comes from the Sun

While the Sun accounts for most of a suntan, new research suggests a very tiny amount of ultraviolet light comes from the Big Bang, as well as other stars and galaxies.

How to enjoy the sun but avoid skin cancer risks

As the sun continues to shine down intensely over the northern hemisphere renewed concerns have arisen about skin cancer risks. A German company has recently reiterated best practices for keeping safe during the summer.

Why too much sun can make you feel sick

The sun is beginning to shine strongly in the northern hemisphere. However, many people make the same mistakes in becoming dehydrated or sun burnt. Taking to social media, the Texas A&M College of Nursing presents new advice.

Many people are using sunscreen incorrectly

As the northern hemisphere moves into summer, many people are taking advantage of the good weather. It might seem straightforward to slap on sunscreen; however, many people are not using sun-blocking products correctly.

Public confused by sunscreen labels

London - The public are confused by the labeling of sunscreen products, according to a new reports. One reason is that the main label relates to protection from UVB light only.

Not all sunscreens are suitable for the hot weather

Two leading brands of sunscreen lotions do not offer the same level of sun protection as the labels claim, according to a new survey.

Tips for keeping cool in the summer and avoiding harmful U.V. Special

July was U.S. National Ultraviolet (U.V.) Safety Month and August is set to be the hottest month of the year. With health officials reminding people that U.V. radiation is a problem, Digital Journal spoke with a leading eye doctor.

Is sunbathing addictive?

Are some people addictive to soaking up the rays? One study concludes so. Chronic exposure to ultraviolet light leads to endorphin release and signs of addiction in mice.

5 layers of protection for pool safety

The first day of summer is this Saturday and many families will be hitting the pools. Keeping safe is important. To help families, the Life Saver Pool Company have provided Digital Journal readers with some tips to prevent drownings.

Top tips for avoiding sunburn Special

One severe sunburn during a child’s first 15 years could double the chance of developing skin cancer as an adult. To find out some top tips for keeping safe in the summer, Digital Journal spoke with a leading health expert.

Dermatologist shares tips for sunburn prevention Special

While warmer weather means more outdoor activities, it also means carefully protecting your skin from the sun. To find out more, Digital Journal spoke with a top dermatologist.

Skin cancer deaths 70% higher in men

Seventy percent more men in the U.K. are dying from malignant melanoma, the most serious form of skin cancer, than women.

The face-kini, new fashion rage on China's beaches

Qingdao - While many in the west take sun tans as a sign of health and beauty in Asia many consider the tan a sign of being lower class or a laborer. The face-kini shields the face from being tanned. As an added bonus it keeps off insects and even jelly fish!

Women who sunbathe live longer, says study

Stockholm - Women who sunbathe regularly live longer and enjoy health benefits which outweigh the risk of skin cancer, according to research presented at the Swedish Society of Medicine's annual conference in Gothenburg.

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Texas A&M provides innovative research  education and service in dentistry  medicine  nursing  pharm...
Texas A&M provides innovative research, education and service in dentistry, medicine, nursing, pharmacy, public health and medical sciences. This tweet is about sun safety.

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