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Sunscreen News

Palau becomes the first country to ban sunscreen to protect reefs

The Pacific nation of Palau becomes the first country to ban 'reef toxic' sunscreen, in an effort to prevent one threat of environmental damage to the reef ecosystem.

Paltrow's first Canadian Goop store sees two products pulled

All did not go too well with the opening of Gwyneth Paltrow's first Goop store to open in Canada. Within minutes of the opening, Heath Canada inspectors pulled two beauty products from the shelves.

Palau plans sunscreen ban to save coral

- The tiny Pacific island nation of Palau will ban "reef-toxic" sunscreens from 2020 in what it claims is a world-first initiative to stop chemical pollution killing its famed corals.

Many people are using sunscreen incorrectly

As the northern hemisphere moves into summer, many people are taking advantage of the good weather. It might seem straightforward to slap on sunscreen; however, many people are not using sun-blocking products correctly.

What can be learned from watching paint dry?

New research has revealed the physical forces at play that separate particles according to their size during the drying of wet coatings. The finding should lead to an improvement with everything from paint to sunscreen.

Sunscreens in concern over effectiveness and safety

Auckland - Jaychem Industries, which manufactures a leading sunscreen, has been criticized over the formulation by U.S. health inspectors.

Public confused by sunscreen labels

London - The public are confused by the labeling of sunscreen products, according to a new reports. One reason is that the main label relates to protection from UVB light only.

Not all sunscreens are suitable for the hot weather

Two leading brands of sunscreen lotions do not offer the same level of sun protection as the labels claim, according to a new survey.

Year round use of sunscreen may 'reduce aging'

A new study suggests that an all year-round use of sunscreen significantly slows the aging of skin caused by the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Banana Boat sunscreen recalled after people suffer burns

Energizer Holdings recalled thousands of its Banana Boat sunscreen products due to a risk that the sunscreen sprays could ignite on the skin if it is exposed to a flame before drying.

Could a common sunscreen additive actually cause skin cancer?

You wouldn't think that a product designed to prevent UV damage would actually increase your risk of skin cancer. And yet, researchers are saying that common sunblock ingredient zinc oxide may increase a person's risk of developing skin cancer.

FDA updates sunscreen labeling rules

While many consumers purchased sunscreen in confusion over the bottles' sun protection numbers and early aging or cancer prevention claims, the FDA worked to clarify its rules. The agency's new and improved sunscreen regulations take effect next summer.

USDA scientist: Soybean sunscreen protects skin and environment

A USDA researcher reports that his team has developed a new process for converting soybean oil into a non-toxic, natural sunscreen agent that is friendlier to the environment than many petroleum-based ingredients.

Common sunscreen ingredient 'feminizes' male fish

It's a hot summer's day and you're at the beach for a well deserved day of leisure, enjoying the refreshing water and a picnic. There is very little shade, so you slather on the sunscreen, unaware that you might be negatively impacting nearby fish.

Important: Does your Sunscreen really protect you?

Latest research shows that sunscreen manufacturers have an alarmingly different calculation of how much of the lotion a person actually uses.The effectiveness of the lotion is therefore based on a false assumption of how much a person applies.

Lyc-O-Mato: An Ingestible Sunscreen Based on Tomatoes

The chemicals in sunscreens protect the skin but hurt the environment, the corals and the fishes in the sea. LycoRed has produced a green product based on tomatoes that help protect the skin without sunscreen.

Study Says Sunscreen Lotion Threatens Coral

A new study commissioned by the European Commission says that the sunscreen lotion that we used to protect us from the sun is a major contributor to coral bleaching.

Study: Broccoli Could Prevent Skin Cancer

Imagine spreading broccoli extract on your skin to protect against the sun’s powerful rays. Sounds odd? A team of scientists recommend doing just that to decrease the risk of skin cancer.

NASA: ‘Global Sunscreen’ Is Thinning

Aerosols present in the earth's atmosphere consist of dust, volcanic ash and man made pollution act like a global sun screen by blocking harmful components of sun light. But recently NASA reported that it is thinning.

Australian nudists told to slap on the sunscreen

Games postponed for two week due to torrential rain, now off to the races!

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