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Suicides News

Scanning social media for suicide predictions

Toronto - The Canadian government to set up a scheme whereby social media profiles and messages are searched and analyzed using an artificial intelligence tool, in order to predict suicides.

First Nations leaders declare public health emergency

Toronto - First Nation leaders from northern Ontario declared a public health emergency on Wednesday, citing a shortage of basic medical supplies and an epidemic of suicides among young people.

Austerity drove up Greek suicides by a third

Paris - Suicides in Greece surged by a third after the country implemented an austerity programme in June 2011, health investigators said on Monday.After the measures were passed, the number of suicides leapt by 35.

Kids uniting to knock out PTSD in Veteran dads Special

Evansville - Jesse Gourley, 8, is no stranger to the effects of PTSD on her father. With her mother's help, a group has been formed called PTSD TKO Project. Their mission is to get help for their moms and dads and spread awareness of PTSD.

Op-Ed: Inability of the military and law enforcement to deal with PTSD

Surrey - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is common in the military, law enforcement officers and first responders. PTSD has resulted in homelessness, domestic abuse, substance abuse and suicides. While PTSD is recognized, the response has been inadequate.

Op-Ed: Suicide — Killing the teens & young people in America

Teen and youth suicide is rising at an alarming rate while parents, schools officials, and experts are scrambling to learn why.

After suicides no 'Rome alone' for visitors to Nîmes amphitheatre

Authorities in the southern French city of Nîmes, which boasts one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in Europe, have introduced a ban on unaccompanied tourists following a rash of suicides.

Video: Dr Vandana Shiva on Proposition 37 and GMOs

Santa Monica - Dr. Vandana Shiva is interviewed on her views relating to Proposition 37, the Californian ballot initiative to make GMO labeling mandatory, and about GMOs as a whole.

Unprecedented rise of railway suicides grips France

Twelve people committed suicide in just four days on rail tracks in France, including a 34-year-old man, who leapt to his death while holding his 19-month-old daughter in his arms.

Ministry blames GMO cotton for Indian farmer suicides

While policy makers insist that Bt cotton, also known as genetically modified cotton, is a success in India, the Ministry of Agriculture says otherwise and blames the crop for suicides among India's farmers.

Bt cotton - less miracles, more failures for Indian farmers

Bt cotton hybrids are pointing to drastic depletion of soil nutrients due to repeated cultivation. Crop failures and less yield from the use of transgenic seeds are causing suicides among Indian farmers.

Suicide rate in South Korea doubles in last ten years

Seoul - South Korea, already facing one of the world’s highest suicide rates, has seen those numbers double in the last decade, and the government is facing pressure to come up with a solution to the spiraling problem.

Suicides at Chinese company prompt Buddhist monks to visit

Shenzhen - Six workers of Foxconn Technology Group have committed suicide since January 2010. Company executives are calling on Buddhist monks to perform religious ceremonies aimed at “dispelling misfortune and releasing souls from purgatory”.

California bridge's reputation for attracting suicides

The Colorado Street Bridge in Pasadena, California, has earned the unwelcome reputation of “suicide bridge,” and urban legend has it that the bridge is haunted.

U.S. Army Suicides Expected to Hit a New High This Year

Suicides among U.S. soldiers this year topped last year's record-breaking numbers. The majority are killing themselves while still on duty, the rest before leaving home, or after coming home.

Op-Ed: ADHD medication causing suicide issues in 5 year olds

ADHD, a controversy in its own right, has just had some fuel added to the flames by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration. At least 30 kids had “psychotic episodes”. 827 children have had severe reactions to the drugs in the last three years.

U.S. Army suicides continue to climb

Suicides by active-duty soldiers continued to grow during the first four months of 2009. They dropped in April after a service-wide push to identify soldiers at the edge.

National Parks Are Reporting More Suicides In 2008

National parks are becoming the place to commit suicide. In 2008 33 people choose to end their lives in one of the United States's national parks. Although the park system doesn't track the number of suicides it believes it is a high number.

Pentagon Report Shows Suicide Rates Among Army Troops at New High

A recent investigation has revealed that the suicide rate of active-duty soldiers has reached a new high with 115 suicides reported in 2007.

Why Are The Young Adults Of Blaengarw, Wales Killing Themselves?

Blaengarw, Wales has seen seven of its youth take their own lives. Could the Internet be the link between all of the deaths? Could be having your name on a Memorial Site be so "cool" that young people would kill themselves for it?

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