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Suicide attempt News

Buffalo, NY bus driver stops woman from jumping from overpass

Buffalo - Bus driver Darnell Barton was on an overpass when he noticed a woman on the other side of the rail, looking at the traffic below. He went out and grabbed her, preventing her from jumping. The entire incident was captured on the bus's surveillance system.

Paris Jackson hospitalized after possible suicide attempt

Los Angeles - Paris Jackson, daughter of the late Michael Jackson, is currently in a Los Angeles hospital after a possible suicide attempt, according to a report.

Hyundai car ad depicts suicide, gets pulled after outcry

South Korean car maker Hyundai apologized to viewers Thursday for its commercial featuring a man attempting to kill himself with the exhaust fumes from his new car.

Op-Ed: Suicide — Killing the teens & young people in America

Teen and youth suicide is rising at an alarming rate while parents, schools officials, and experts are scrambling to learn why.

After suicides no 'Rome alone' for visitors to Nîmes amphitheatre

Authorities in the southern French city of Nîmes, which boasts one of the best preserved Roman amphitheatres in Europe, have introduced a ban on unaccompanied tourists following a rash of suicides.

Teacher in France suspended over 'suicide letter assignment'

In France, an unnamed male teacher was given a job suspension due to angry parents because of an assignment he gave students on suicide.

'Dark Knight' rampage shooter tries to kill himself in jail

Aurora - James Holmes, the shooter in the Aurora movie theater massacre, was hospitalized Tuesday after reportedly trying to take another life — his own.

Seinfeld actor attempts suicide

Cincinnati - Actor Daniel Von Barger, who is most well known as the actor who played George Castanza’s boss Mr. Kruger in 4 episodes of the ninth season of Seinfeld, attempted to commit suicide on Monday Feb. 20.

Woman jumps from 23rd floor of a hotel, survives

A 33-year-old Argentine woman jumped from the 23rd floor of a hotel in Buenos Aires and landed on the roof of a taxi below and lived.

Tel Aviv mother throws her kids out the window, attempts suicide

Tel Aviv - Two kids were severely injured when their mother threw them out the window from the fourth floor of an apartment building in Tel Aviv. The mother also jumped; all of them survived, but are in critical condition.

New York ‘suicide’ man survives jump from 39th floor

New York - A 22 year-old New York student tried to commit suicide by jumping from the 39th floor of a building on the West Side of Manhattan and survived by falling on a parked car.

French supermodel hospitalized after apparent suicide attempt

Paris - Noemie Lenoir, a French model for Marks and Spencer, apparently attempted to take her own life after she was found by a dog walker outside of Paris on Sunday afternoon.

Howard Stern co-host Artie Lange stabs self in suicide attempt

Artie Lange is in hospital after a botched suicide attempt. The Howard Stern sidekick stabbed himself nine times, according to the police.

Billy Joel's daughter in hospital after alleged drug overdose

The daughter of Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, Alexa Ray Joel is in a New York hospital after an alleged drug overdose.

Man Survives Suicide Attempt At Horseshoe Falls

Wednesday night a man climbed over the guard wall at Horseshoe Falls and jumped into the Niagara River. Somehow the man survived falling over the waterfalls.

'Tropic Thunder' Loses Owen Wilson

Ben Stiller's new movie shooting in Hawaii has lost troubled star Owen Wilson. It has been reported that it was a mutual agreement between Stiller and Wilson for Wilson to drop out of the movie. Wilson was to begin filming in two to three weeks.

Wilson Asks For Time To Heal

Owen Wilson was hosptialized after an apparent suicide attempt on Sunday. He has asked for the time to "heal in private" from reporters. Wilson was supposely in a relationship last year with Kate Hudson.

Tenor Jerry Hadley Died From Injuries From Suicide Attempt

Tenor Jerry Hadley died on Wednesday from the injures he sustained last week when he attempted suicide. Hadley shot himself on July 10 using an air gun. Rescue workers found him unconscious on his bedroom floor.

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Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority driver Darnell Barton leaves bus to prevent a woman from j...
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority driver Darnell Barton leaves bus to prevent a woman from jumping to her death
Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Surveillance System

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