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KFC to bring edible coffee cups to the UK

Food chain KFC has announced that UK customers will soon be able to eat their coffee cup thanks to the development of a new heat-resistant chocolate coated cookie biscuit.

World faces a cancer tidal wave

Geneva - The World Health Organization (WHO) is predicting that cancer rates globally are set to increase. At the same time the health agency calls for restrictions on the levels of sugar and alcohol made available to the world's population.

Which is worse: Sugar or salt?

London - Which is worse for you: sugar or salt? Conflicting information is presented to consumers year-on-year. A new row has erupted on this issue within the scientific community.

Study: Drinking sugar-sweetened sodas could make you age faster

San Francisco - A new research study has found that people who reported regular daily consumption of 20 ounces of sugar-sweetened soda have an increased rate of DNA ageing and that the ageing effect of consuming sugary sodas was comparable to the effect of smoking.

Understanding how sugar enters cells assists diabetes research

Understanding how sugar enters a cell in the body could lead to the design of better drugs for diabetes patients. Such research could also lead to an increase in the amount of fruits and vegetables farmers are able to grow.

A single can of pop per day exceeds the WHO sugar guidelines

Consumption of a single can of pop per day exceeds the WHO sugar guidelines for an adult. According to the BC Dairy Association (BCDA), other drink alternatives should be considered.

Obesity-obsessed Americans fear sugar more than marijuana

Denver - Obesity-obsessed Americans fear sugar more than marijuana. A new poll found they also think tobacco and alcohol are more dangerous.

WHO recommends halving daily sugar in fight against obesity

Geneva - The World Health Organisation Wednesday said the recommended amount of sugar consumed daily should be halved as it stepped up its battle against public health problems like obesity and tooth decay.The UN health agency said it was maintaining its 2002 g...

Op-Ed: World facing tsunami of preventable cancer cases

London - The World Health Organization says the world is facing a tidal wave of cancer that can be controlled by healthier diets. Much of it could be prevented.

Table sugar used to make a ‘sweet biofuel’

A research team has developed a new source of renewable energy: a biofuel made from genetically engineered yeast cells and ordinary table sugar. This yeast produces oils and fats, known as lipids, that can be used in place of petroleum-derived products.

Breast milk sugar helps good bacteria survive

A range of potent disease-fighting compounds has been discovered in breast milk. These compounds help beneficial bacteria to thrive in the guts of new born babies.

Some Starbucks coffee products contains 11 teaspoons of sugar

London - It is well known that a can of Coca Cola contains a lot of sugar, nine teaspoons in one can to be precise, but many other products on the shelves of our supermarkets also have very high levels of sugar.

Sugar and alcohol during the holidays Special

If there is one thing I love about the holidays, it is all the sweets laid out on bright colored trays and dishes. And if there is one thing I despise at the holidays, it is that tempting desire to try every last one.

Study suggests Oreos are as addicting as crack cocaine

“Bet you can’t eat just one!” Remember the advertising slogan that became the hit marketing claim of Lays potato chips. But the salty snacks are not the only edibles that are found to be addicting.

U.S. government 'safe' sugar level harms mice

A high-sugar diet, comparable to one consumed by up to a quarter of U.S. citizens, renders mice less able to compete for territory and reproduce, according to some new research.

Ordinary sugar used to detect cancer

A new and safer way to detect cancer in mice that eliminates potentially dangerous radiation from CT and PET scans and uses ordinary sugar for imaging has been found by London researchers.

Too much fructose can cause liver damage

A new study suggests that high levels of dietary fructose can cause liver damage even without any association with weight gain, according to an animal study.

Sugar overload is dangerous for the heart

Too much sugar in a diet appears to be a trigger for heart problems, according to new research. Certain types of glucose appear to have an adverse effect on heart muscle.

Study: Cockroaches can live longer with bizarre behavior

Cockroaches are known to live through extreme conditions such as surviving a nuclear explosion. Now they seem to have developed an aversion towards sugar.

Op-Ed: New Method Found for Low Fat Chocolate

Millions of women across the world may soon be jumping for joy over a new way to get that ever so desired chocolate fill without the fat.

'Edible hotel' opens for 1 night to promote sugar products

London - Remember Hansel and Gretel and the witch's house made from gingerbread? Well, there was a similar house in Soho, where everything was made of edible goods, there to be eaten, for just one night. And luckily without the evil witch.

USDA weighs sugar bailout that may boost candy prices

In the US, the USDA is considering buying around 400,000 tons of sugar in order to limit supply and boost prices so sugar producers can pay back loans, which they are in danger of defaulting on, to the government.

Op-Ed: Take this butter, soda and sugar from my cold, dead hands

Toronto - Perhaps it's the libertarian in me, but I am just about sick and tired with government issuing bans, prohibitions and mandates. Whether it's my neighbours to the south or in the igloos of the north, politicians want to tell me how to live.

Mississippi legislature passes bipartisan 'anti-Bloomberg bill'

Jackson - In response to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to prohibit large sugary beverages, Mississippi lawmakers passed bipartisan legislation that allows consumers to make the choice whether or not to consume unhealthy food items.

Study shows sugar is toxic — blamed for 'diabetic epidemic'

A new study based on data on availability of sugar and comparative rates of diabetes in 175 countries in the past decade claims a strong link between increased consumption of sugar and increased rates of diabetes.

Coca-Cola defends drinks in new ad, points to low calorie options

A new ad from Coca-Cola is defending itself against criticisms and promoting its low sugar and sugar free beverages as ways to combat obesity. The ads are being launched this week.

American Medical Association votes on taxing sugary drinks

Chicago - The American Medical Association has voted in favour of a policy that promotes taxation of sugar-sweetened beverages, but stopped short of a full endorsement of the policy.

Does what we eat affect how we think?

Los Angeles - New research suggests that what we eat affects how we think. The research suggests that a diet high in sugar can slow the brain, hampering memory and learning.

McDonald's Fruitizz drink for children has 12 spoonsful of sugar

Fast-food chain McDonald's has announced it plans to launch a healthy fizzy fruit drink for children, Fruitizz. Diet experts have slated the drinks healthy image though as they reveal it contains 49g of sugar per glass, equating to 12 spoonsful of sugar.

Cat survives 19-story fall by gliding in air like flying squirrel

Boston - A cat with pure white fur plummeted from a 19th-story window only to somehow manage to get herself to sustain only minor injuries by landing in mulch. It is believed the aptly-named Sugar somehow managed to glide to the pile like a flying squirrel.
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Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat  Carbs  and Sugar--Your Brain s Silent Killers  by Dav...
Grain Brain: The Surprising Truth about Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar--Your Brain's Silent Killers, by David Perlmutter
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Cartons of sugar stacked high in a Nigerian market
Cartons of sugar stacked high in a Nigerian market
Cartons of sugar stacked high in a Nigerian market
Cartons of sugar stacked high in a Nigerian market
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Butter & Sugar = extra work on the treadmill tomorrow!
Butter & Sugar = extra work on the treadmill tomorrow!
Many people and many types of cancer cells gobble sugar.
Many people and many types of cancer cells gobble sugar.
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A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
A bowl of Lucky Charm cereal
Sugar cubes
Sugar cubes
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