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YouTube-to-MP3 converter service sued by record labels is a popular site that rips audio from YouTube videos and it is being sued by a group of major record labels.

Chicago sued over cloud tax on streaming services

Chicago - In July, Chicago introduced the cloud tax, which taxes streaming services such as Netflix. Now, Chicago is being sued over it.

Makers of flushable wipes sued by city over clogged sewers

Wyoming - Wyoming, Minnesota, is suing makers of 'flushable' wipes because they are clogging sewer systems and waste water treatment plants.

Yelp sues startup that claims it can provide all positive reviews

Los Angeles - Revleap, a Los Angeles startup, is being sued by Yelp, who alleges unfair competition, trademark violation, as well as breach of contract.

Convicted sex offender wins lottery, then sued by alleged victims

A convicted sex offender won $3 million in a Florida lottery jackpot but will have to spend some of it on lawyers, and may lose all of it. He's being sued by two brothers for pain and suffering allegedly caused when he sexually abused them.

Lindsay Lohan sued for $60 million for stealing app idea

Actress Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan, Jr. are being sued for $60 million. A former business partner claims that they their app idea.

YouTube star Michelle Phan being sued for copyright infringement

Michelle Phan, a YouTube star with more than 6 million subscribers, is being sued by a dance music label for copyright infringement.

Oops! ... I Did It Again: Britney sued by dancer over broken nose

Woodland Hills - A back-up dancer claiming Britney Spears backhanded her during a rehearsal and broke her nose is now taking legal action against the pop star.

Internet radio giant Pandora sued over usage of oldies

The giant Internet radio provider Pandora, used daily by thousands of people, is being sued by a selection of well-known major record labels over alleged copyright infringement related to the usage of old songs without paying due fees.

Were you 'goxed'? Might want to add this term to your vocabulary

Bitcoin experienced a significant rise, and now an even faster fall. One of the world's largest exchange for bitcoins was shut down and now filed for bankruptcy.

New Zealand sued by Kim Dotcom for $4.85 million

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom, who was arrested more than a year ago, has decided to sue the New Zealand government for the raid on his mansion, as well as the preceding surveillance.

Illinois municipalities sues Travelocity, Expedia and Priceline

Seven Illinois municipalities are suing some online travel companies, including Expedia, Priceline and Travelocity, saying that the companies owe unpaid taxes.

Singer Tulisa sues Will.I.AM over 'Scream and Shout'

Tulisa Contostavlos is suing for publishing royalties. She is claiming that she wrote part of his track 'Scream & Shout'.

Auto: Bentley sued for $2mn over failed airbags

A family is suing a Moscow Bentley dealership for selling a car that had a defective airbag system, which failed to deploy when the vehicle was hit.

Family sues energy drink firm over teen's death

A 14-year-old girl's family is suing the maker of Monster Energy, alleging that caffeine in the beverages led to her death, as stated in court records.

Singer Shakira sued for millions by her ex boyfriend and manager

Singer Shakira is being sued for millions of dollars by her ex boyfriend Antonio de la Rua, who is also her former manager.

Singer John Mayer sued over ponzi scheme

Singer John Mayer has been brought into a lawsuit that involves a Ponzi scheme which totaled more than one-hundred million dollars. sued by teen prostitutes

Three teen girls from Seattle are suing accusing the site of enabling sexual mistreatment and saying that the website did nothing to prevent their alleged exploitation.

Jay-Z being sued over Roc-A-Fella logo

Rapper Jay-Z is being sued by a man who designed his Roc-A-Fella records logo. The man is suing Jay-Z for unpaid royalties.

Netflix sued over keeping customer data too long

Netflix will be paying out millions of dollars to settle a lawsuit that accused the company of keeping customer data of canceled subscribers for longer than they should have kept it.

JPMorgan sued for $95 million

JPMorgan Chase & CO has been hit with a lawsuit. The company is being sued for a staggering $95 million for allegedly misrepresenting the underlying mortgage loans.

Journalist quits job, takes Twitter followers, now being sued

A former journalist is being sued because after he stopped working he kept his Twitter followers that he gathered while he was working for a U.S. mobile news website.

Detroit police officers sued by ex Army medic

Two Detroit police officers are being sued by a former Army medic who served in Afghanistan. According to the lawsuit, he suffered head trauma and permanent scarring in the alleged 2009 beating.

Los Angeles Basin smog involved in lawsuit with EPA

Los Angeles - The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is the target of a lawsuit alleging the government agency missed a May deadline for determining dangerous ozone levels and delivering strict guidelines on smog in the Los Angeles Basin.

Oprah Winfrey sued for Plagiarism

Philadelphia - Oprah Winfrey, a plagiarist? That's what a Pennsylvania writer claims in a new lawsuit. Philadelphia-based writer Charles Harris is suing Oprah Winfrey for plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Maker of Harry Popper condoms being sued

Warner Bros is suing the makers of the Harry Popper condom, claiming copyright infringement. The package for the contraceptives shows a cartoon condom wearing round-rimmed glasses and waving a wand.

HTC sues Apple, claims copyright, wants sales banned in US

Taiwanese cellphone manufacturer HTC Corp. is suing Apple Inc. claiming that the iPad, iPod and iPhone infringe on HTC patents.

Annie Leibovitz sued by Italian photographer

An Italian photographer is suing celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz, claiming that she used his pictures without gaining his permission.

Annie Leibovitz sued for breach of contract

Art Capital Group Inc has sued photographer Annie Leibovitz for violating the terms of the agreement. The company had lent her $24million.

Michael Jackson is being sued over Jackson 5 reunion tour

Michael Jackson is being sued for $40 million by a concert promoter. They say there is a breach of contract over the reunion concerts.
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