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Watch little girl start a dance party on NYC subway platform

New York City - A little girl whose happiness couldn't be smothered by the detached gloom of commuters in cold weather was able to warm bundled up adult bodies and liven spirits at Bedford Avenue L Subway Station in Williamsburg, Brooklyn recently.

Subway singer arrested for singing during legal performance

New York - Most of us don't expect to be arrested while doing something that's perfectly legal, but that's what happened to a musician playing his guitar on a subway platform in New York.

New York City's subway system is facing a bedbug problem

New York City - A terrifying report from the New York Daily News claims that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's subway bedbug issue is more widespread than officials are willing to admit.

Man steals toilet from Subway in West Seattle

Seattle - Police in West Seattle are looking for a man who removed a toilet at a Subway restaurant on Sunday night. He also trashed the bathroom.

New York subway derailment caused by new track that snapped

New York - A piece of subway track that snapped and caused a derailment that injured 19 people under New York City on Friday was new and had been installed just weeks before the accident, officials said Saturday.

Subway trains collide in Seoul, 200 injured

Seoul - Two subway trains collided in Seoul on Friday, lightly injuring 200 people and further undermining public confidence just weeks after South Korea's ferry disaster claimed the lives of hundreds of schoolchildren.

Op-Ed: The future of advertising lies within video games

Although there are no commercial breaks in video games, there is no shortage of advertising and product placement within the gaming world.

Subway removing 'shoe rubber' chemical from bread

Fast-food sandwich giant Subway, one of the world's biggest bakers, will remove an internationally banned chemical used to make shoe rubber from its bread following the launch of a food blogger's petition.

Watch: Jam Master Jay's son TJ Mizell DJs on a subway

New York - Run DMC's Jam Master Jay will always be remembered as one of the most influential DJs in the history of hip-hop, and judging from a recent ride on a New York City subway, it looks like Jay passed his skills onto his son.

Video: Wednesday is 'No Pants Day' on Madrid metro

Madrid - Commonly called the "No Pants Subway Ride", the idea apparently started in New York in 2002, and has caught on and become an annual event in Madrid, Spain.

Monday morning commuters trapped in Madrid metro

Madrid - While the fact that it was Monday morning was quite bad enough, at 9:40 a.m. Madrid time, one of the subway trains on Madrid metro line 5 ground to a halt for over an hour-and-a-half, trapping the commuters inside, sometimes in the pitch dark.

Mystery solved over dead shark found in NYC subway car

New York - The dead shark that was found riding the N train in NYC Wednesday morning started his journey on the beaches of Coney Island.

Photo: Subway 'sandwich artist' rubs penis on sandwich bread

Two workers at a Subway fast food chain in Columbus, Ohio, have been fired after one posted to Instagram a photo of himself placing and rubbing his penis on the restaurant's sandwich bread and another a photo of his frozen urine.

What is inhaled on the New York subway?

New York - The answer is nothing too bad. Scientists have found that the microbial population in the air of the New York City subway system is close to the air on the city streets.

Man is killed on third rail in NYC subway, suicide suspected

New York - A man was electrocuted early Friday morning at the Times Square subway station when he jumped onto the tracks and touched the electrified third rail, police said.

Gay couple adopted baby found abandoned in subway

The story of a gay couple who adopted a baby they found abandoned in a Manhattan subway station 12 years ago has touched the hearts of thousands. Peter Mercurio tells the story in a New York Times Opinionator article "We Found Our Son in the Subway."

France: Sandwich bar's ‘Homophobic’ Valentine’s menu sparks row

Angers - A Subway sandwich restaurant in the city of Angers, Pays de la Loire was forced to close after its posters advertising Valentine’s day ‘specials’ were slammed as being homophobic and caused outrage on social media.

Ancient gold wreath found in subway excavation in Greece

During excavation work for a new subway system in Thessaloniki, Greece's second-largest city, an ancient gold wreath has been found, another of many similar finds in recent years.

Video: Woman thrown on subway track in Philadelphia, man arrested

Philadelphia - CCTV footage shows a man grabbing a 23-year-old woman by the ankles and throwing her onto the tracks at the SEPTA subway, 8th and Race streets in Philadelphia's Chinatown Tuesday. The man asked the woman for a light but suddenly attacked her.

Customers asks why Subway's foot-long sandwich was only 11 inches

Matt Corby's Facebook post of a Subway foot-long sandwich with a tape measure that only measures 11 inches has sparked outrage from Subway customers online, particularly in the company's official Facebook page.

Cologne Cathedral getting a shake-up from new underground railway

Cologne - Earlier this week, a new underground train line became operational in Cologne, Germany. Since then, Germany's most famous landmark, Cologne Cathedral, is "under stress" in what can only be called "bad vibrations."

Video: Guy gets power bombed in the subway, witnesses present

An altercation at a subway terminal causes one man to stun another man with a wrestling power bomb. In the video, a uniformed officer or a transit worker on the job simply watches the altercation take place.

NYC goes through a second subway push death in December

New York - On December 27, a man was pushed to his death at a subway station by a female suspect at a station in Queens, NY. This makes it the second time, after the death of Ki-Suk Han, that someone died in this manner in December.

New York Post's 'Doomed' headline, photo have many outraged

New York - The New York Post is coming under heavy fire for it's decision to print the photo of a man clinging to the side of subway tracks just seconds before an oncoming train hit him.

Graphic video: Chinese pensioner in bloody subway bite attack

Guangzhou - A Chinese pensioner, 67, launched a violent attack on a younger man on Guangzhou's subway, biting into the flesh of his arm and drawing a copious flow of blood during a fight over subway seat Monday.

NYC teen licks an entire subway railing for a buck

New York - A kid was dared to lick an entire subway rail, in New York City, for just a buck. The rail was located right at the entrance of the subway.

NYPD officer hurt during rescue of emotionally disturbed man

New York - An NYPD officer is recuperating at a local hospital after he was knocked unconscious while attempting to remove an emotionally disturbed man from the train tracks at the Times Square subway station yesterday morning.

Video: Woman & child step off platform & fall on subway tracks

Cambridge - CCTV cameras in the Boston-area subway caught the scene as a woman walks off the platform, falling on the tracks, holding her 4-year-old child. Commuters came to the rescue.

Subway restaurant looking to open in UK school

The fast-food chain Subway is talking about opening up a location in a secondary school in located in Manchester, England.

Subway work unearths ancient road in Greece

Archaeologists in Greece discovered a 230-foot section of an ancient road that the Romans built. The road was uncovered in Greece's second-largest city.
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Route map  lights up
Route map, lights up
United Methodist Women
Security cameras and RED anti-bacterial component on hand rails
Security cameras and RED anti-bacterial component on hand rails
YouTube screengrab / EITANNOYZE
A barge full of old New York City subway cars pass under the George Washington Bridge in 2002  on th...
A barge full of old New York City subway cars pass under the George Washington Bridge in 2002, on the way to become an artificial reef.
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A violinist on the subway in Rome
A violinist on the subway in Rome
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Sao Paulo Subway train at the station.
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Two participants of the 2011 No Pants subway ride event
Two participants of the 2011 No Pants subway ride event
Rescuers and paramedics use a helicopter to evacuate passengers injured as several metro cars derail...
Rescuers and paramedics use a helicopter to evacuate passengers injured as several metro cars derailed in Moscow, on July 15, 2014
Dmitry Serebryakov, AFP
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TTC subway rushes by
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A Metro newspaper on a Toronto subway car
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Subway sandwich
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An entrance to the 42nd Street - Times Square subway station in Times Square, Midtown Manhattan. The Times Square station is the busiest in the New York City subway system. The station served 60,604,822 persons in 2011.
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On the platform of Toronto's subway station
Police photo of Zachary Torrance 18.
Police photo of Zachary Torrance,18.
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