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G20 backslides on fossil fuel subsidies: report

Paris - Rich nations are still providing more than half a trillion dollars annually to fossil fuel projects despite committing to slash greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris climate deal, research showed Tuesday.

US, Japan, EU seek new global rules limiting subsidies

Washington - Washington, Tokyo and Brussels on Tuesday joined forces in calling for stronger global rules against government subsidies that distort trade, a practice China has long been accused of exploiting.

US to apply tariffs to China and Mexico structured steel imports

The U.S. Commerce Department announced on July 8 that it has decided to once again apply tariffs on fabricated steel imports from Mexico and China.

G20 nations failing in climate commitments despite warnings

Climate action is way off course in all but one of the world’s 20 biggest economies, according to a report that shows politicians are paying more attention to the fossil fuel industry than to advice from scientists.

Amazon announces New York and Virginia sites as HQ2 picks

Amazon on Tuesday announced it was expanding into Long Island City, Queens, New York, and Crystal City, in Arlington, Virginia, promising to bring 25,000 jobs and $2.5 billion in investment to each spot.

Federal Court upholds New York's nuclear zero-carbon subsidies

New York - Two federal appeals courts have now upheld state nuclear power plant subsidies, and in doing so, they have also helped to solidify the legal footing for state renewable energy programs across the country.

US pursues India at WTO, widening trade offensive's Asia focus

Washington - The United States said Wednesday it was taking action at the World Trade Organization against Indian export subsidies as Washington's intensifying trade offensive moved to encompass two of Asia's largest economies.

US launches WTO action on Indian export subsidies

Washington - The United States said Wednesday it was taking action at the World Trade Organization against Indian government export subsidies, which officials said unfairly disadvantaged American workers and manufacturers.

IMF chief urges Arab states to slash spending

Dibai - IMF chief Christine Lagarde on Saturday urged Arab countries to slash public wages and subsidies in order to rein in spending, achieve sustainable growth and create jobs.

With fossil fuel subsidies, humanity investing in 'own doom': UN chief

Paris - By subsidising fossil fuels, humanity was "investing in its own doom", UN chief Antonio Guterres said Tuesday at a Paris summit seeking to unlock funds for the global shift towards greener energy.

Theater manager rams French presidential palace in protest

Paris - Protesting against subsidy cuts for his Paris theater, Attilio Maggiulli rammed his car against the iron gates of the Elysée presidential palace in Paris on Thursday.

Ottawa to end rent subsidies for low-income residents

Many low-income Canadians could be facing the prospect of becoming homeless in the next two years, that is, unless the government steps in and pays attention to the Provinces and Territories request to work with them in maintaining social housing funding.

Romanian farmers sue when subsidies for 'virtual cows' cut off

It's not unusual to read about governments helping farmers with subsidies. In Romania, farmers are paid $150 per cow, and this can be a big help. There is just one little problem with the plan though. No one thought to mention the cows had to be real.

Spanish MPs to lose subsidy on 'gin & tonics' in Parliament cafés

Madrid - Turns out Spanish politicians have had access to discounted booze at the café and restaurant in the Spanish Parliament in Madrid. Public outrage has prompted a committee to put a stop to the benefit.

Op-Ed: American-Pakistani Friendship — At an End?

American-Pakistani friendship is not ending -- it never existed. We can find ways not to need their assistance. Lowering our profile in the Muslim world is a good place to start.

Op-Ed: Basic income — The only real solution to ‘unemployment’

The myth of the benefits culture is pushed by governments on both sides of the Atlantic because politicians and our over-paid economists are incapable of seeing the real problem.

Letter from environmentalists urges Obama to address overfishing

Environmental organizations are urging President Obama to address the damage overfishing does to the marine environment and to ask the World Trade Organization to end fishing subsidies.

Exxon CEO calls effort to repeal oil tax breaks ‘discriminatory’

Washington - Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson has labeled an attempt by US Senate Democrats to pass a bill that would repeal tax breaks for oil companies as counterproductive and has charged the undertaking as “misinformed and discriminatory.”

Researchers say U.S. tax breaks subsidize foreign oil production

Recent research claims the largest U.S subsidies to fossil fuels can be attributed to tax breaks aiding foreign oil production.

Queen Elizabeth received 500,000€ of EU subsidies in 2008

The Queen, one of the richest women in the United Kingdom, received the money for the private land around the Royal Residence of Sadringham according to the British Agricultural Ministry, which recently released the figures.

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