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Submarines News

Russia uses holiday to remind world of 'nuclear potential'

Severodvinsk - Amid increased criticism, escalating sanctions and pending lawsuits, Russian President Vladimir Putin used a national holiday to launch two new nuclear submarines and reminded the world that Russia is more than capable of using nuclear weapons.

Engineers inspired by octopus silent propulsion system

A team of German scientists develop a silent propulsion system for boats and submarines based on the natural movement of octopuses.

Germany continues supplying Israel with submarines

Today, Germany continues supplying Israel with submarines that have nuclear cruise missile launch systems. This public admission shows Israel's weapons of mass destruction (WMD) deterrence capabilities against Iran and other Mideast adversaries.

Op-Ed: Mideast nuclear arms race heats up

Iran seeks short buildup time for assembling its nuclear weapons, while Israel procures another submarine with nuclear strike capability.

Service below the surface — Women to operate on UK submarines

Female naval officers and ratings in the UK will soon be following their United States counterparts, when they’re allowed to serve on Royal Navy submarines.

Women to serve on U.S. submarines

Women have been allowed to serve along sides men in all areas of the United States military for years, except on submarines. But that policy is now changing.

Russian Submarine Deployment A ’Political’ Move

Reports of two Russian nuclear attack submarines off the continental shelf of North America have caused a flurry of analysis in military circles. Reports say Russia has not deployed submarines this far in a decade.

Political scandal brews over 11 Frenchmen killed in Pakistan

A major political scandal is gaining momentum in France after revelations that 11 Frenchmen killed in a 2002 Karachi bus bombing were victims of a Pakistani plot to punish France for non-payment of commission on a deal involving the sale of submarines.

Specially designed submersibles smuggle cocaine

U.S. law enforcement officials say that more than a third of the cocaine smuggled into the United States from Colombia travels in submersibles.

Nuclear-powered Submarine May Have Leaked Radiation in Japanese Ports

Over the past two years, a U.S. nuclear-powered submarine has been steadily leaking small amounts of radiation and has viisted 3 Japanese ports.

Fish Sensory Organ Duplicated for Submarines

Submarines were designed to have sensory parts like fishes in deep sea.

German Expert Hunts For Sunken Artefacts Off Cape Verde

LISBON (dpa) - It was a cold February night in 1762 as the "Dromadaire" navigated off the coast of the Cape Verde islands on its way to India.There was a thick sea fog and suddenly a desperate cry pierced the gloom. "The rocks, the rocks!"The warning c...

Kursk Disaster Won't Stop Plan For Nuclear Cargo Subs

St. Petersburg (dpa) - The recent sinking of the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk came amid one of the boldest swords-to-ploughshares projects in history: the retrofitting of three Russian nuclear- powered submarines into cargo carriers that would haul ...

Russian Nuclear Submarine Carrying 100 Crew Members Trapped On Ocean Floor

MOSCOW - A Russian nuclear submarine carrying more than 100 crew members suffered serious damage in a major collision and was trapped Monday on the ocean floor above the Arctic Circle, Russia's navy chief said. He said the chances of a rescue looked...

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The Type 800 Dolphin class is a diesel-electric submarine
The Type 800 Dolphin class is a diesel-electric submarine
The Type 800 Dolphin class is a diesel-electric submarine