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Op-Ed: Florida man sets fire to cross, self

Palm Bay - The condition of a Palm Bay, Fla., man remains unknown Thursday afternoon after he set a cross on fire in his own yard while putting up Halloween decorations. He also managed to cause a gas can to explode, setting himself aflame.

Florida couple arrested after towing granddaughter behind SUV

Sarasota - Two grandparents were arrested Sunday after Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies witnessed the couple towing a toy car behind an SUV with their granddaughter inside.

Op-Ed: Things I will no longer write about, because they are not news

Every morning I scan the headlines looking for things to write about. And I've come to the conclusion that there are things that are not really deserving of your attention because they do not qualify as news.

Op-Ed: Let's declare a national war on stupidity, treat it as a disease

What if the Surgeon General were to declare "stupidity" a disease and the National Institutes of Health were to declare a National Emergency and manpower and money were utilized to eliminate stupidity from the human condition? That would be cool!

Op-Ed: Smile please, you’re on ‘Britain’s Most Wanted'

The profile of many of the rioters that has emerged from the ongoing prosecutions is in stark contrast to that of an oppressed minority driven to mayhem out of desperation.

Georgia man dies playing Russian Roulette

Dublin - In Russian Roulette a bullet is placed in a chamber of the gun, the cylinder is spun, and one player aims the revolver at their head and pulls the trigger. Play continues until one player blows their brains out and ends the contest.

Soldier investigated for video taunting Iraqi kids

Washington - A disturbing video of Iraqi children being harassed with offensive language and questions was filmed by a soldier stationed in Iraq. He then posted it to Facebook and YouTube. It was just discovered and the clip is now being publicly criticized.

Woman plummets to her death chasing feather

Apparently, feathers are as deadly as they are beautiful as a middle-aged British woman has had the misfortune of learning.

Man hospitalized after having sex with a hedgehog

A man was hospitalized after having sex with a hedgehog to apparently cure his premature ejaculation.

"Arrogance and Stupidity From The U.S. in Iraq" Says US State Dept. Official

The director of public diplomacy at the U.S. State Department's Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs has described U.S. policy in Iraq as "a failure" and accused his government of "arrogance" and "stupidity".

Online Gambling So Sexy the U.S. Bans It

Digital Journal ― Does it make sense to protect people from their own vices? If online gambling is such an unnecessary evil, as a recent ban claims, what’s to stop the government from sheltering our fragile minds from online nudity or video games?

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