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Stupid News

Op-Ed: Media Coverage of Pop Culture Designed to Keep Us Stupid and Lazy

I do not care who wins an Oscar Sunday night. I do not care who won the Golden Globes. I could care less who won a Grammy. It doesn't affect my bottom line when they announce who won an Emmy. I care little for "Pop Culture." Here's why.

Op-Ed: Let's declare a national war on stupidity, treat it as a disease

What if the Surgeon General were to declare "stupidity" a disease and the National Institutes of Health were to declare a National Emergency and manpower and money were utilized to eliminate stupidity from the human condition? That would be cool!

November's Top Stupid Crimes and Criminals

A temporary lapse in judgement can cause people to do "not-so-smart" things. These criminals have topped the list for dump acts in November.

Georgia man dies playing Russian Roulette

Dublin - In Russian Roulette a bullet is placed in a chamber of the gun, the cylinder is spun, and one player aims the revolver at their head and pulls the trigger. Play continues until one player blows their brains out and ends the contest.

Mother denies baby choked on marijuana bag Special

Waterloo - An Iowa mother who was arrested last week has challenged the paramedics-police account of an incident that left both mother and father facing a variety of charges including child endangerment, marijuana possession and interference with official acts.

Richard Dawkins says Pope is 'stupid, ignorant or dim'

Professor Richard Dawkins has come down hard on the Pope, calling him stupid and ignorant for comments he made about condoms not being the solution to AIDS in Africa.

Exposed: Merseyside's Stupidest Criminal

A fast-thinking copper helped catch one really stupid thief by calling him on the cell phone that he had just stolen from a security guard and then pretended to be one of his buddies.

OP-ED: You're Stupid, and Words That Kill

Want to know a sure way to get away with murder? Tell your children day in and day out they are stupid. Or ugly. Or worthless. Oh shot you can go ahead and try out this experiment on your wife or boyfriend. Pick and choose. Destroy at will.

20/20 Stupid in America, Investigations about Education in America

ABC 20/20 shows investigates the education in America.

Phone experiment

That guy is either stupid or brilliant.

Inmates getting drunk off of hand sanitizing gel

At least two people have become intoxicated by drinking hand-sanitizing gels, a potentially deadly habit, doctors reported on Wednesday.

Stupid car

Why would you waste your money on something like this

1 Armed Thief Jailed for the 17th Time...

"A car thief with just one arm has been jailed for the seventeenth time"...Is there something wrong with this story?

Ford to make a Mustang..wagon..(?!?!)

The only ford worth buying is now becoming a lot less cool: The next generation of the Ford Mustang could include some previously unthinkable variants including a four-door sedan and a station wagon, according to a report in the magazine AutoWeek.

Robber jailed after forgetting card at bank

Criminals cannot get any more stupid. A bank robber was arrested because he left his account card at a branch where he had checked his balance just before holding it up.

World's dumbest Blond Norwegian Model.

A vegetarian blond makes a fool of herself on TV.

Man hospitalized after having sex with a hedgehog

A man was hospitalized after having sex with a hedgehog to apparently cure his premature ejaculation.

Bush likes using "the Google"

If the most powerful man in the world can't even be "hip" to the tech world, are we in trouble?

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Screenshot from the film Dumb and Dumber
Screenshot from the film Dumb and Dumber

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