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Meet Andrew Comrie-Picard: Hollywood stunt driver Special

Hollywood stunt driver Andrew Comrie-Picard chatted with Digital Journal, where he shared insights on how to have fun with our tax refund this year. Comrie-Picard also discussed the digital transformation of the entertainment business.

One-time Niagara Falls survivor dies after apparent repeat stunt: reports

New York - The first person to survive a death-defying plunge into Niagara Falls without protection has died after apparently attempting the feat again in an inflatable ball, according to US media.

Police pull UFO over in Ireland to discover a publicity stunt

Gorey - The next time you hear talk about publicity stunts, be sure to mention this one from Ireland that's almost literally out of this world.

Fake 'Friday the 13th' terror attack on Cannes film stars' hotel

Cannes - A fake terror attack panicked guests at the French Riviera hideaway of several Hollywood stars at the Cannes film festival, police said Saturday.

French daredevil dies after fall from balloon

Drome - A French stuntman famous for his wing-suit work, sky-diving, BASE-jumping and tightrope walking has died while preparing for another stunt.

Jetman and sidekick tear up Dubai skies

Dubai - Two daredevil stuntmen have treated Dubai residents to a world-first aerial display, tearing through the skies above the Emirate at breakneck speed powered by jetpacks, organisers said Tuesday.

Watch pro biker Danny MacAskill do crazy stunts on 'The Ridge'

Glasgow - Pro stunt biker and compulsive thrill-seeker Danny MacAskill has released a new video showing him perform crazy stunts on a bike along treacherously narrow cliffside paths and on rocky outcrops of the Cuillin Ridgeline in the Isle of Skye, Scotland.

U.S. acrobats injured in circus fall

Eleven people have been injured and one is critically ill, after a group of female acrobats fell from an aerial platform at a circus in Rhode Island.

Tragic death spurs 'Slates for Sarah' movement across Hollywood

A death in the entertainment industry has caused widespread grief and anger throughout the community, and has led to the widespread 'Slates for Sarah' movement.

BMX rider performs dangerous stunt over bridge

Fort Worth - Over the weekend professional BMX stunt rider, Mat Olson, rode his bike over the arches of a bridge in Fort, Worth, Texas.

Jimmy Kimmel reveals the hoax behind popular 'twerking' video

After widespread YouTube views of a girl catching fire after attempting to create a twerking video for her boyfriend, Jimmy Kimmel revealed the hoax behind the creation and distribution of the video.

Video: Reckless stunt man lies in front of high-speed train

Dutch police say they are hunting for a masked man shown in a video lying on a rail track as a train approaches. The train speeds over his body but leaves him unharmed.

Watch a vehicle do a back-flip into record books

Tignes - A French driver named Guerlain Chicherit is one of the first known people to do a complete 360 degree back-flip with a motorized vehicle.

Watch daredevil Ethan Swanson in 'Huge Roof Gap Jump'

A daredevil stuntman Ethan Swanson films himself with a helmet cam performing a dangerous leap between two buildings without any safety equipment. Some have likened Swanson to Spider Man, but even the comic superhero relies on his webbing for safety.

Video: French 'Rollerman' stunt on Tianmen Mountain, China

Jean-Yves Blondeau is the inventor of the 31-wheel roller suit. Today he proved its worth by rolling down 99 curves and zigzags on China's Tianmen Mountain.

Stuntman survives first-ever 2,400-foot skydive without parachute

Gary Connery, 42, is now the first man to jump 2,400 ft (731 meters) and land safely, without parachute, using a specially-designed wingsuit.

Teen out of ICU after accidentally hanging self in haunted house

Fenton - A Missouri teenager was released from intensive care Wednesday after she accidentally became entangled in a hangman's noose last week as part of a Halloween haunted house attraction.

Man dies when planking stunt goes wrong

A 20-year-old Australian man fell seven stories to his death while taking part in an activity known as planking, but others are still attempting similar stunts.

Daredevil dies after safety net fails

Detling - A stuntman performing a "human cannonball" act died following an accident which took place in front of hundreds of people at a show.

Millions watch in horror as live broadcast TV stunt goes wrong

A packed audience along with millions of television viewers at home were left shocked as a stuntman attempted to jump over five cars wearing kangaroo spring boots on a popular German television show.

Parachutist's jump from balloon ride may have violated FAA rules

It was a jolting early morning experience on Valentine's Day for the passengers aboard a park’s balloon ride when one of them scaled the protective netting atop the balloon's basket, shaking the craft, and parachuted to the ground 330 feet below,

Boy Dies After Attempting Stunt From TV Show Roadies

Chandan Singh never missed an episode of the show Roadies. On Saturday night the nine-year-old died trying to do a stunt on the show.

Prince William lands RAF helicopter in girlfriend's garden in publicity stunt

Prince William got himself into trouble again by landing his £10 million ($20 million) Royal Air Force (RAF) helicopter in his girlfriend's garden as part of an official military exercise.

Get set on fire, hit by car at NYC stunt school

Professional Stuntman Teel James Glenn, who did many stunts such as falling down stairs, getting blown up and getting hit by cars, wants to pass his knowledge to others in a stunt school in New York City.

Jackass star is sued over stunt

Jackass star Johnny Knoxville is being sued by an actor for $10.5m (£5.3m) over claims that he was not paid for doing a stunt which left him injured.

HMV questions PS3 TV 'Stunt'

Desperate bid for positive PR.

Ken Block's flying 171ft in a 2006 Subaru Impreza WRX STI rally car

First high-res copies of this amazing stunt, and no it's not from a computer game, it's a real car with a real driver..

Pensacola to pay for policeman's topless stunt

Cop orders girl to do jumping jacks to avoid being arrested.

Parents please -- supervise your children!

Bored on a Sunday afternoon? Don't try this!

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Andrew Comrie-Picard
Andrew Comrie-Picard
Andrew Comrie-Picard supplied publicity photo
This really cool stunt is impressing viewers and making waves in the media.
This really cool stunt is impressing viewers and making waves in the media.
BMX biker rides over Ft. Worth 7th Street Bridge arches
BMX biker rides over Ft. Worth 7th Street Bridge arches
Screengrab / Props BMX
Man lies in front of speeding train
Man lies in front of speeding train
Sarah Jones
Sarah Jones
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