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Do psychological studies have an inherent problem?

Scientific studies are often well-designed and the results stand the test of time. But not always. One area with a great deal of uncertainty is psychology and a new review has found many studies are not reproducible.

Surgical studies are biased against using women

An analysis of papers published in several surgical journals has revealed an overwhelming reliance on male subjects and male-derived cells, and consequently less female subjects or female cell lines are used.

Studies find that empowering locals helps save the environment

Multiple studies have covered what happens when locals support their own environment instead of the government. According to these reports efficient, stable communities can protect the environment better than the big agencies.

Scientists discover that mammoths and mastodons were homebodies

Cincinnati - According to new research from the University of Cincinnati mastodons and mammoths loved to hang out in the area. Areas of Cincinnati reportedly played host to these huge creatures all year.

Op-Ed: Appearance by a lesbian humourist cancelled

Spartanburg - On Monday, the University of South Carolina Upstate announced that they were cancelling an appearance by lesbian humorist, Leigh Hendrix.

Arts and Grad Studies join forces to introduce kids to university Special

Dar Es Salaam - Today morning, the shaking of music, the jingle of triangles and the beat of drums resound from a University of Dar es Salaam classroom.

How exercise alters DNA uncovered

We know exercise is good for weight loss, but now researchers know even more about how it alters DNA to stave off obesity by changing the way we store fat.

Men should not skip breakfast or eat late at night

Skipping breakfast and eating late at night should not be at the top of anyone’s to-do lists. The reasons behind it are they have metabolic effects, and also put men at higher risk for coronary heart disease.

Op-Ed: The Link to Homosexuality and Biology

Scientists have made the link between genetics and homosexuality. Can this finally be the validation that the LGBT community has been waiting for?

Energy drinks 'could trigger cardiac arrest'

Researchers from the University of the Pacific are claiming that energy drinks, which often contain large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants such as taurine can raise blood pressure, leading a person to face cardiac arrest.

Op-Ed: Could obese humans vibrate their way to better health?

Obesity is linked to a variety of health problems that include decreased immune function and diabetes. Mouse and human studies suggest vibration therapy can restore human health.

Aspirin may help reduce some cancer risks

Oxford - Aspirin, that old medicine cabinet standby, may just be the right tool to prevent and treat some forms of cancer, say British researchers.

Op-Ed: Recent PD/dementia research proves more research is needed

What are we as patients to conclude from Parkinson's disease research that comes to the conclusion that "more research is needed"?

Divorce affects a person's health even after remarriage

In a recent study conducted by experts in a nationally representative Health and Retirement Study. New findings suggest that divorce can alter a person's mental health even after remarriage.

Study : More girls are born in Tropical climates than elsewhere

Couples who live in tropical countries are more likely to give birth to girls than those in, say, America or Europe. That is the outcome of a correlation study carried out at the University of Georgia by the endocrinologist Kristen Navara.

Steroids Don't Help Viral Infections in Kids

Researchers have discovered the wheezing and steroids don't mix when it comes to children. Two studies show that steroids do not change the course of viral infections in children.

New Report Shows Teens Smoking Pot Worsens Depression And Other Mental Illnesses

A new report analyzing approximately a dozen studies about marijuana use and mental health shows increased depression in teens that smoke marijuana, and also concludes there is a higher risk of schizophrenia, anxiety and suicide.

Gifts for Grades, Schools Are Cool Again

In an effort to improve school and student performances, the American education system experiment with cash and other benefits for better grades. Schools across America embrace the novel approach as debate over its effects continues.

Socialized Medicine By the numbers

Smokers, heavy drinkers, the obese and the elderly should be barred from receiving some operations, according to doctors, with most saying the health service cannot afford to provide free care to everyone.

Boy, now I know how really old I am, especially when it comes to sex!

I know what the missionary position is, but it took me longer to realize "cowgirl" most likely means woman on top. I also didn't know there were differences in sexual preferences depending on your political leanings!

Male Drivers have a Higher Risk of Death

You men out there can forget about the theory of us women being bad drivers!! I come with proof.

Do you Blog because of your Birthday?

What will this Study Reveal?

Russia Studies Exotic Lunar Elevator - Cable System to the Moon

"Russia's Space Research Institute has been studying the idea of a space-elevator cluster to economically deliver payloads from the Earth to the Moon and back."

Study Shows Dogs Learn Words as Quickly as Children

WASHINGTON (voa) — Human children acquire vocabulary at an astounding rate. Beginning around age two, they learn about 10 new words a day. Studies have shown that they can instinctively learn the name of something even if they have not heard the word b.

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