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Student loans News

Salman Abedi used student loans to finance terror attack: report

In an exclusive, the U.K. Telegraph reported the Manchester suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, 22, financed the attack at the Manchester Arena with student loans he received even after he dropped out of university.

For-profit colleges told to pay $1.1 billion for business conduct

San Francisco - A group of for-profit colleges that were well-known in the Bay Area were ordered Wednesday to pay more than $1.1 billion for false advertising and overly aggressive loan collection.

US and UK cracking down on student debt

After Paul Aker's interview on his arrest for outstanding student loan debt went viral, the issue of governments taking excessive action on student debt repayments has become a broader issue. Britain is joining the U.S. on taking extreme measures.

Poll: Post-secondary students worry over money, cost of tuition

Toronto - Post-secondary students are returning to the classrooms now, and in the coming weeks to study a variety of subjects, however recent polls suggest many are worried about making enough after school, no matter their course of study.

Student loan debts mean home buying challenges for millennials

The millennial generation is a dynamic group that’s afforded lots of new luxuries, but is also faced with many challenges earlier generations didn’t have.

Op-Ed: Head of NY Fed deserves praise for tough talk on student loans

New York - The head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York calls out the questionable practice of giving government-subsidized college loans to all comers...without any regard for their ability to perform academically.

Student loans linked to depression and high levels of stress

Columbia - In the first national study of its kind, researchers have found that the heavy burden of student loans is causing serious mental health issues in America's young adult population.

Op-Ed: Why 'is college worth it?' is the wrong question to ask

Now that we're done with the 2014 midterms and are looking on to the 2016 presidential election, we see a new news blitz about the cost of college education, led by CNN asking "is college worth it?" Unfortunately, it's the wrong question to ask.

Op-Ed: Free college to foreign students? Germany challenges, leads world

Germany made the news recently for doing away with remaining college tuition fees and returning to a true state of free higher education...and now it is offering this tuition-free higher education to international students as well. Will the world follow?

Op-Ed: Reform needed — Study finds college debt costs housing market $83B

A new study finds that America's college debt burden is hurting the housing a tune of $83 BILLION annually. Finally putting a price tag on the student debt bubble should shock politicians into reforming higher education funding.

Op-Ed: Money magazine's college rankings need several adjustments

Money magazine is leaping into the college ranking fray, publishing its listing of America's best colleges according to their financial value. While the goal is noble, Money needs to make some adjustments.

Rich college presidents linked to poorer teachers, students

It is recognized that the high pay of corporate CEOs is connected to the low pay of the employees. Did you know that public universities are exactly the same? They are, according to a recent study.

Student loan rates in US will double

More than 7 million U.S. students will see their student loan rates double, increasing from 3.4 to 6.8 percent. Congress failed to pass legislation to prevent the automatic hike in rates.

Under massive debt, students turn to each other online

As students struggle with the weight of massive loans, peer to peer lender SoFi wants to change the way students borrow money.

Op-Ed: Textbook buyback season is here — Where can you sell yours?

During textbook buyback season everyone is looking for the great deals, I'm going to let you in on a little known company that gives you more money back, 2x more to be exact!

The long struggle of Chilean students against greed and deception Special

Santiago - The lasting protests of Chilean students claiming quality, not-for-profit education have nearly paralyzed Chile’s education system. This article describes one example justifying the battle of youths against corporate greed and government neglect.

Op-Ed: One-man play sheds light on student debt crisis Special

Athens - In the United States, two-thirds of students take out student loans and are graduating with an average of over $26,000 in debt. Students in Ohio, however, graduate with close to $28,000, which is the seventh highest state average.

Op-Ed: The Presidential Election is Over, Now What? Fixing Education.

The election is over, now what, the future of education, financial aid and student debt in President Obama's next term. How will we as a nation begin to fix the education system.

Mother of deceased son wants loan company to end her suffering

Michigan - A mother who co-signed a loan for her recently deceased son's educational loan wants the private lender to relieve her of her financial obligation to the company.

Canadian man pays off student loan in $114,000 cash

Toronto - Last week a Canadian man paid off the remaining balance on his student loan, a total of $114,000 ─ in cash. At the time the story circulated on social media, the man's identity was not known, but this week he has been identified.

Akademos launches new Adoption Tool

Online bookstore Akademos has launched its new Adoption Tool, a virtual site where faculty can go to choose their adopted texts for class.

President Obama fails test on student loans

WASHINGTON — President Obama seems to have missed in his latest attempt to harpoon Republicans after spending days barnstorming battleground states campaigning against a hike in student loan interest rates.

Op-Ed: The Increasing Price of Textbooks

The increasing price of textbooks can be an additional financial burden to students already struggling with paying tuition. Here is just one way to loosen the noose of student loans.

Op-Ed: The new sub-prime crisis of $1 trillion student loan debt

As U.S. student loan debt surpasses the $1 trillion mark, it represents a financial time-bomb that will far exceed the misery of the sub-prime housing crisis, destined to become the new sub-prime crisis.

Op-Ed: Newt Gingrich tells 'coddled' students to get a job, he didn't

Another case of political foot in mouth from Newt Gingrich, when he said students today are "coddled", advising them to take a part-time job. Did it not occur to him that his own student past would be raked up as an example of do as I say, not as I did?

Rising cost of college tuition leaves students weighted in debt

Washington - As a new semester begins, college student loans are approaching the $1 trillion mark, more than all US households combined owe on their credit cards, and colleges are encouraging the vast student debt as a lingering recession compounds the problem.

Op-Ed: Students losing trust in banks in Pakistan Special

Peshawar - Studying in the west is a big dream for countless Pakistani students. And it costs a lot to get there, costing even the trust that institutions put in students.

Canadian Federation of Students launches new student debt website

Ottawa - A new website has been launched by the Canadian Federation of Students, the largest student organization in the country, that calls on the federal government to lower student debt and improve access to post-secondary education.

Peter Schiff: Obama's student loans solution will make it worse

Hartford - Republican Senatorial candidate Peter Schiff criticized the current student loans program in the United States and believes the President's latest bill will make the problem much worse.

Master Degree Programs Pay Off

With the college set heading off to fall semester, more schools are seeing an increase in students entering Master degree programs than ever before. This is beneficial for students and colleges, but does it benefit you?
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Student embraced by Grim Reaper of Debt
Student embraced by Grim Reaper of Debt
Increasing price of textbooks on students.
Increasing price of textbooks on students.
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