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Stuck News

Car thief gets stuck in the trunk, calls police for help

Missoula - A would-be car thief in Missoula, Montana, ended up calling the police after he got himself locked up in the trunk of a car.

Woman gets her head stuck in recycling bin

Southampton - Even though there was a sign saying "glass bottles and jars only," a woman in the UK managed to get her head stuck in a recycling bin.

24 rescued from roller coaster after being stuck for 5 hours

On Sunday, 17 adults and seven children visiting a Six Flags park found themselves sitting in a roller coaster that would not move for hours and hours.

Family gets stuck at top of Ferris wheel as park begins to close

The Riggs-Long family found themselves stuck at the top of a Ferris wheel ride when employees were closing down the park.

Girl gets stuck by the tongue to flagpole in subzero temperature

East Kingston - Maddie Gilmartin, 12, wondered what would happen if she stuck her tongue to a flagpole in subzero temperatures. Turns out to be a gripping idea!

iPhone 5S users facing 'Blue Screen of Death' crashes

It looks like Apple is experiencing quality control issues with the latest iPhone release. iPhone 5S users are complaining about several issues surrounding their devices.

Bear gets its head stuck in a jar for 11 days

Jamison - Four Pennsylvania residents teamed up and attempted to free a bear that has its head stuck in a plastic jar of cooking oil for at least 11 days.

Video: Saudi student stuck under door in school escape bid

A video of a Saudi schoolchild caught in a tight squeeze as he attempted to skip out of school, has gone viral on social networking sites.

Video: Firefighters release Chinese boy stuck in stone balustrade

He probably just wanted to peep through the hole, but he got more than he bargained for and rescuers were called to release him.

Olympic embarrassment: Mayor of London gets stuck on a zip line

London - Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, got himself stuck on a zip line, 20 feet over a field, waving two U.K. flags, to celebrate the U.K.'s first Gold in the Olympics.

Deputies free California man stuck inside tree trunk

Laguna Hills - The Orange County Sheriff's department handled an unique type of rescue on Tuesday when they discovered a man had gotten himself stuck inside of a hollow tree trunk.

Man arrested after his bottom gets stuck in window

London - A suspected burglar ended up stuck in a window in east London. The man’s upper body made it through, but it appears his bottom didn’t fit.

Romanian cat stuck and struggling in a window

An adventurous feline finds itself using up some of its nine lives has somehow become stuck inside of a window in Romania.

Airline passengers stranded on tarmacs may get ‘bill of rights’

Airline passengers stuck on delayed planes for many hours currently do not have any options. But, a proposed Airline Passengers Bill of Rights is designed to force airlines to give stranded passengers alternatives.

Man's finger gets stuck in gas tank

For Victor Harris a routine stop at a gas station turned out to be anything but routine. It turned into over a four hour ordeal to remove his finger from the gas tank.

Eastern Michigan University elevators not made to hold 15 boys

Fifteen teen boys decided -- for an unknown reason -- to all pile into an elevator at Eastern Michigan University in Ypsilanti. It wasn't a very wise decision on their part.

Woman gets stuck in two-story chimney

It was not Santa who ended up getting stuck in a two-story chimney in Maryland on December 31st. It was a 19 year old woman who was stuck 14 feet inside the chimney and firefighters had to remove part of the wall.

Oktoberfest reveler stuck in chimney for 12 hours

Silly Germans. Chimneys are for Santa. A man who had been drinking heavily at Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival got stuck in a chimney for 12 hours while trying to climb into a friend's apartment.

Snow Storms Causes Passengers to be Stuck on Grounded Planes

Hundreds passengers were stranded for hours overnight on airliners that couldn't take off from John F. Kennedy International Airport because of the ice and snow storm that pummeled the Northeast.

88 High School Students Stuck On Airplane For Ten Hours

Thousands of people have been stranded because of the huge snow storms, these students were stuck on a Delta Airlines plane bound for Greece.

East Mountain Family Stuck In Muddy Mess

Melting snow turns dirt roads into rivers of mud.

Stuck cargo ship blocks Suez canal

Cargo ship runs aground and blocks traffic.

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Man stuck in high chair.
Man stuck in high chair.
The GPS of a German truck driver sent him down the wrong street in a tiny town in Spain and he got w...
The GPS of a German truck driver sent him down the wrong street in a tiny town in Spain and he got wedged firmly between two houses.
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