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Strokes News

Do eggs really help to reduce stroke risk?

Eggs have had a bad press and a good press. Today the balance shifts towards the ‘good’, with research suggesting that around one egg per day reduces the risk of strokes. However, the study is not completely straightforward as Digital Journal reveals.

Promising drug dissolves blood clots

Saint Petersburg - A promising new development drug lowers the risk of strokes by dissolving away blood clots (thrombolysis) in a targeted manner.

Higher chance of strokes with shift work

Shift work is associated with a number of adverse physiological effects on the body. A new report, based on an animal model, suggest shift workers have a higher chance of developing blood clots and strokes.

Man shoots, kills wife, 2 others before son grabs gun, kills him

Rowland Heights - An argument over a washing machine sparked a tragic quadruple homicide on New Year's Eve when a man shot and killed his wife and two other people in his home, leading his son to wrestle the gun away and allegedly fatally shoot him, authorities say.

Bilingual people recover from strokes better

Edinburgh - Bilingual people, according to a new study, are twice as likely to recover from a stroke compared with people who speak just one language.

Marine animals swim in similar ways

A diverse group of long-finned marine vertebrates and invertebrates use the same fin motion to swim with maximal speed. This example of a similar mechanical action is regarded as unusual.

Air pollution may shrink brains increasing dementia and strokes

A new scientific study links long term exposure to air pollution with smaller brains and increased risk of cognitive impairment and strokes.

Gut bacteria can help to predict heart attacks and strokes

A by-product produced by intestinal bacteria has been shown to contribute to heart disease. It can also be used as a screening tool for predicting future risks of heart attack and stroke.

BBC presenter Andrew Marr suffers a stroke

53–year–old BBC presenter and journalist, Andrew Marr, is in hospital following a stroke. The host of a Sunday political show on the BBC is known to be a fitness fanatic.

Gut bacteria can influence strokes

More research is emerging about the bacteria that we carry in our gut and the effect this has on health. The latest research suggests that an altered gut microbiota in humans can be associated with strokes.

Video: Cat soothing crying baby Connar to sleep goes viral

The video of a black cat soothing a Canadian baby to sleep has gone viral online. Baby Connar is shown in the YouTube clip crying and writhing until along comes black cat Stewie who manages to lull him to sleep with patient and gentle strokes on the head.

Study: 1 in 7 strokes happen during sleep

Approximately 1 in 7 strokes occur while a person is asleep, making them ineligible for receiving a clot-busting life saving treatment, according to a new study.

Benefits of cholesterol-lowering medication questioned

People who have no heart problems should reconsider before taking cholesterol-lowering statins, says a British medical research study.

Drinking beetroot juice lowers heart disease risk

The results of a study published in the American Heart Association's medical journal, Hypertension, show beetroot juice dramatically reduces blood pressure, and cuts the risk of heart disease and strokes.

Could a bit of chocolate reduce stroke risks?

A recent study points to a potential good for chocolate fans. Canadian researchers have found a chocolate bar a week could help prevent strokes.

Five UK Children A Day Suffer Undetected Strokes

Experts at a top UK University have found through recent research that up to five children a day in Britain alone suffers a stroke. These go undetected and throws out the understanding that strokes only happen to people in their final years

If You're Going to Have A Stroke, Have It During the Week

A study published in Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association found that of patients who had strokes, more died if their strokes were over the weekend.

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