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Stroke News

How macrophages repair brain bleeding

The breaking of blood vessels can be the cause of significant risk, such as the triggering of strokes. One way the body addresses these is through macrophages and understanding this can help with stroke prevention.

Long-term link between shingles and stroke

New York City - A new study has drawn a connection between the virus that causes the skin rash shingles with an increased chance of suffering from a stroke in later life.

Sleeping aid helps with stroke recovery

A new study has found mice, conditioned to experience a stroke, recovered faster when given controlled doses of a sleeping aid called Zolpidem.

Can statins lower risk of artery atherosclerosis strokes?

Hiroshima - The results of a new Japanese study suggest statins could reduce the occurrence of strokes that occur due to larger artery atherosclerosis.

Diabetes drug effective for heart attacks and stroke

An established diabetes drug produced by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly has been shown to be effective against cardiovascular diseases.

Seek, locate, destroy — Nanotech cleans up blood clots

Melbourne - Scientists have used nanoparticles to eliminate blood clots in the form of a field kit to be carried by medics on reaching the scene of a suspected heart attack or stroke case.

Mysterious illness kills Atlanta mother of two after day at pool

Atlanta - She was just out for a day of fun with her two young daughters at a local pool in mid-July, but the next morning, Stefanie Ballard woke up with nausea, fever, and a headache. She began losing muscle control and fell. Then partial paralysis set in.

Standing on one leg for 20 seconds can predict stroke risk

If you are unable to stand on one leg for more than 20 seconds, it can be a sign that you are at heightened risk of stroke, brain damage or reduced cognitive functioning.

Op-Ed: Palmer Chiropractic ire to AHA's claim 'neck adjustments-stroke' Special

Davenport - This past August, the American Heart Association issued statements to the press wishing to raise awareness of the potential risks when having a "neck adjustment" done by a chiropractor or other complimentary medicine professionals.

Artificial arteries to monitor blood clotting

A new microfluidic method for evaluating drugs commonly used for preventing heart attacks can also be used to assess patients for the risk of blood clotting.

Cocaine raises stroke risk in young people

To add to the harm that cocaine can cause, a new study reports that use of the drug among young people can considerably increase their risk of suffering from a stroke.

CDC launches low salt campaign

The U.S. CDC has launched a campaign design to encourage people to use less salt with their food. This is part of the Agency’s strategy described as "Preventing Chronic Disease."

Type 2 diabetes? Short walk reduces heart attack and stroke risk

An international study suggests that walking for 20 minutes a day can dramatically reduce heart attack or stroke risk in those with precursor to Type 2 diabetes. The study looked at data from 9,300 people in 40 countries from the 'Navigator' trial.

Anti-stroke device in development

A device called the Watchman is in development. This is an implant designed to minimize the effect of strokes on the heart.

High tungsten levels double stroke risk

High levels of tungsten in the body could double the risk of suffering a stroke, a new study suggests. The concern is with tungsten released into the environment.

New research: Older men — A long daily walk reduces stroke risk

New research is out about the health benefits of walking. To reduce the chances of suffering from a stroke, older men should increase their activity by taking long daily walks, not fast-paced power walking, according to the findings of a new study.

Study: Stroke victims show recovery after stem cell therapy

Five out of nine stroke victims at Glasgow's General Hospital, in their 60s, 70s and 80s, taking part in a preliminary clinical trial of a new treatment that involves injection of stem cells into the brain, have shown "mild to moderate" signs of recovery.

Rocky Horror Picture Show actor Tim Curry suffers a stroke

Los Angeles - English actor, singer, and composer Tim Curry has suffered a stroke at his home in Hollywood but is reported to be doing great.

Video: Margaret Thatcher dies at 87 following a stroke

Widely regarded as Britain’s best peacetime Prime Minister of the twentieth century and known as the ‘Iron Lady’, Baroness Thatcher has sadly passed away today.

New heart repair methods with catheters present opportunities

New heart repair usages with cardiac catheterization are being deployed - threading tubes into the heart from a variety of entry points - with new opportunities, although some concerns remain on the risks associated with the procedure.

Study: Marijuana usage may raise stroke risk

Speaking with a reporter at the International Stroke Conference, Dr Alan Barber of the University of Auckland shared findings from a study that suggests a link between stroke and cannabis usage.

Stroke goggles and laptops could become gamechangers for disease

Baltimore - Strokes are one of the leading causes of death and up until now have required a CT scan or immediate medical attention to detect. The John Hopkins School of Medicine is testing a goggle and laptop device which could provide a new alternative.

Englishman wakes up from stroke speaking fluent Welsh

Alun Morgan, 81, suffered a severe stroke and when he came around he was speaking fluent Welsh, although he had never spoken the language before.

Mike Ditka, legendary former Chicago Bears coach, suffers stroke

Chicago - Former Bears coach and Hall of Famer Mike Ditka was hospitalized Friday after suffering what he said doctors told him was a "very minor stroke."

Daily aspirin intake may halt brain decline

New research suggests that a single daily aspirin could avoid brain decline in elderly women, especially those who are susceptible to heart disease.

Murky water surrounds benefits of fish oil supplement Special

A recent review of 20 studies regarding the effectiveness of fish oil suggests that there is no evidence eating extra helpings of certain fish or taking fish oil supplements reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack or death.

Boys of divorced parents have higher risk of stroke later in life

Toronto - It's often been said that children are the most affected by divorce. Now a Toronto study has found that males whose parents split up, have triple the risk of suffering a stroke later in life, compared with men who don't come from divorced families.

New research shows chocolate may reduce risk of stroke in men

Stockholm - We already knew chocolate could be good for the heart and good for the brain but now new research suggests it can also reduce the risk of stroke.

Study: Low adropin levels linked to metabolic disease risk

While high or low hormone levels have been speculated as causing metabolic disease for long, a study has for the first time shown a clear link between low levels of a specific hormone and increased risk of metabolic diseases.

Egyptian officials deny reports that Mubarak is clinically dead

Cairo - Reuters is reporting that ex-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak has been put on life support after suffering a stroke Tuesday. There have been conflicting reports about his current condition and some news sites even reported that Mubarak was dead.
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Clarence Clemons
Clarence Clemons
Martin Olbrich
Serene Branson  a reporter for KCBS in L.A.
Serene Branson, a reporter for KCBS in L.A.
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Dr. Christine Goertz  D.C.  PhD  Vice Chancellor for Research and Health Policy at Palmer Chiropract...
Dr. Christine Goertz, D.C., PhD, Vice Chancellor for Research and Health Policy at Palmer Chiropractic College made an official presentation the following day on Aug. 8, the day after the American Heart Association's statements on the potential risk of stroke due to neck adjustments. She said in rebuttal..."there’s absolutely no research that shows a cause-and-effect relationship between chiropractic care and stroke,”
Courtesy of Palmer Chiropractic College
Geo Swan