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Newly identified risk of antibiotic overuse

Scientists are warning that some antibiotics can have an unintended impact on the microorganisms that live in an animal's gut. Ultimately this can affect the immune system, glucose metabolism, food absorption, obesity, stress and behavior.

Stressed mothers lead to babies with allergies

During pregnancy it is best to keep relaxed and stress free. This is the best way to protect the health of the baby, according to new research.

Social media use does not increase stress, says study

A new study from Washington DC-based think-tank Pew Research Center has concluded that social media use in not associated with higher levels of stress.

Protecting honeybees through stress management

Global honeybee populations are in decline and under assault from a range of factors, including pollution, chemicals and parasites. Researchers argue that limiting stress can help bee populations more strongly resist these threats.

Mothers can pass on stress to infants

Washington - A mother's stress could lead to changes in her offspring’s brains. This can eventually affect the physiology and behavior of the young.

Hunting triggers rise in wolves' stress levels

In territories where wolves are regularly hunted, scientists have noted a rise in hormones responsible for stress in the animals.

Stressed employees turning to energy drinks

London - A new survey has found a strong link between employees how report that they are “overworked” and the purchase and consumption of energy drinks.

Stress, not weather erosion, architect of sandstone formations

Prague - A new study by Czechoslovakian researchers has "convincingly" shown how mother nature creates the intricate carvings in sandstone formations.

Female students twice as likely to end up in debt from stress

New research has shown that female students are twice as likely to end up in debt at university as their male counterparts owing to poor personal finance skills and the large amounts of stress placed on them.

Sperm can show signs of a mother’s stress

Cambridge - Scientists report that mice that are malnourished while pregnant can pass down genetic markers of such stress to their sons’ sperm.

Early life stress can leave lasting impacts on the brain

Children who are stressed early in life due to many environmental factors can lead to changes in the brain and behavioral problems later in life.

Bacteria are linked to heart attacks and stress

New York - A new study connects the breaking up of bacterial biofilms on fatty plaques in arteries as a trigger for stroke or heart attack following stress.

Some brain cells deal with stress better than others

Scientists may have found the brain cells responsible for the varying reactions to stress. The research also suggests that there are variations between animals in how the brain responds to stressful situations.

Experts share 7 facts about stress and infertility Special

Chicago - Research has shown that high levels of longstanding stress can significantly impact the ability to conceive during infertility treatment. Two leading experts have contacted Digital Journal about seven facts that relate to these conditions.

How to fix traumatic memories?

Is it possible to take traumatic memories disappear? A group of scientists think that this might be possible for the most recent, trauma-inducing events.

Environmental stressors affect cell aging

Researchers have looked at cell aging, by studying yeast to mimic human cells. They found that caffeine potentially increases cell aging.

Watching disasters on TV is linked to stress

Watching hours of media coverage of traumatic events, like major disasters, may increase symptoms of stress distress according to a new study.

Depression can 'speed up aging'

Cells in the bodies of depressed people appear older and contain chromosomes that are shorter, according to a new study. This can lead to physical manifestations of aging.

Can stress be passed from mother to child?

Stress, as a physiological condition, cannot be "transferred." However, a stressed mother may have a different bacterial population to one who is not; and the altered bacterial population could pass over to the infant.

Research shows poverty produces adults less able to cope

Denver - Research using brain imaging hardware demonstrates that childhood poverty makes adults less able to cope. It is the first data to confirm what seems like common sense.

How anxiety and stress can make things smell bad

Scientists have some new insight into how stress can literally make the world smell bad. Researchers have had little to no insight into why certain odors evoke emotions from humans such as pleasure or disgust - until now.

Eating at your desk makes you stressed

London - A recent German study affirms that having lunch in your desk in front of the computer will produce higher stress levels, lower your creative control and reduce your connection to fellow workers.

Op-Ed: Study — Father’s stress reduces kids' reaction to stress

Sydney - Until recently dad-side, inherited genetic issues have been pretty much an unknown quantity. The new finding raises even more questions. Stressed fathers produce kids with lowered reactions to stress? Think about the possibilities.

A new drug target for the treatment of post-traumatic stress

A compound that targets a particular opioid receptor in the brain appears to reduce the formation of PTSD-like systems in mice subjected to severe trauma. It is hoped this could become a drug target site for people suffering with PTSD.

Probiotics can 'benefit brain function'

Scientists now argue that beneficial bacteria ingested in food ('probiotics') can affect brain function in humans. This is based on a study of women who consumed probiotic yoghurts.

Ronald McDonald Houses ease stress when battling child illness

The need for families to have a place to stay when their children are battling life threatening conditions has never been greater. Over 30 years ago Ronald McDonald Houses saw that need and today they serve 10,000 families a year in Canada.

Stressful relationships could affect the immune system

A psychology research project suggests that those involved in a stressful relationship, or who have high levels of anxiety about a relationship, may have weaker immune systems.

Viral link between stress and heart disease

A new study suggests that stress can cause the reactivation of a latent herpes virus, which in turn, in some cases, can trigger heart problems.
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Tetris being played on an iPod
Tetris being played on an iPod
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Study shows how stress and anxiety can make things smell foul.
Study shows how stress and anxiety can make things smell foul.