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Google Street View lets you time-travel into the past

As of today, Google has begun rolling out a new feature for Street View, the component of Google Earth and Google Maps that lets you view places as if you were actually there, that allows you to travel back in time and view the place in the past.

Animal lover? Visit the animals on Google's 'zoo view' from home

Google Street View technology has gone off the main drag and has headed into various famous zoos and animal parks worldwide. These days, you can sit at home and visit the animals at your leisure.

Google Maps Street View: Did they kill a donkey in Botswana?

A Google Maps Street View image is doing the rounds on the Internet, as it appears that the vehicle used by Google may have literally hit a donkey and run.

Google launches underwater Street View: Video

Have you ever wanted to explore the depths of the planet's oceans and seas but are afraid of deep sea diving? Google Maps has now unveiled a new Street View, with underwater panoramic virtual maps of the oceans.

Japan tsunami before-after photos posted on Google Street View

Google publishes street-level photos of 82 cities and villages in northern Japan devastated by the March 11 earthquake and tsunami. Users can compare before-and-after images of the area.

Google pulls the plug on Street View-based shooter

For a short time, Google's Street View technology was overhauled into a first person shooter called Google Shoot View. Despite its lack of blood, gore and property damage, Google decided to put an end to the game.

Google introduces Art Project, Street View for museums

Announced on their blog, and dubbed the Art Project, Google utilizes their Street View technology to give people a first-hand look at 17 museums across the world.

UK crime maps launched online detailing street-level crime

Anyone living in England and Wales can now see which offences were committed in their street over the past month. Simply by logging on to a website and inputting their postcode users can see how many crimes occurred where they live.

Google Street View revealed UK battered women's refuge address

In the latest outrage against Google Street View, a UK Member of Parliament said the exposure of a secret refuge location for battered women now puts those women at risk.

New Google Street View pictures blocked by Czech Republic

Google's Street View project has suffered a another setback in its aim to update the Czech Republic maps. They were told for the second time they cannot gather the information they need to produce the maps.

Google Street View publishes naked photo of young UK boy

Briton mother Claire Rowlands, 25, was shocked and horrified to see a picture of her nude son on Google Street View, available for the whole Internet audience to see.

Finland Eyes Action Against Google Street View

It’s only been a month since Google’s Street View went public in Finland, but the complaints are pouring in, leaving officials wondering how to handle them.

EU demands Street View images be taken offline after 6 months

The European Union wants images created for Google’s Street View service be taken down after six months. The reason? They give rise to issues around privacy and data protection.

Switzerland to sue Google over 'Street View'

Switzerland's privacy commissioner planning to take Google to court over concerns that Google's 'Street View' feature doesn't meet Swiss privacy policy.

Greece bars Google from taking photos for 'Street View'

Google’s Street View has hit a major stumbling block in Greece, where the government has banned the company from taking any more pictures for its online maps service until further review.

Google Street view cleared

The United Kingdom's Information Commissioner has made a ruling concerning Google's recently introduced Street View. It has decided there might be a slight chance of invasion of privacy it should still continue.

Google Maps 'Street View' goes live in UK, Netherlands

Google Maps has introduced Street View pictures for selected cities in the United Kingdom and Netherlands. Google Maps has videos of more than 22,369 miles of streets in UK.

Couple lose privacy case against Google

US magistrate judge has thrown out a legal claim from a Pittsburgh couple that Google’s street view feature violated their privacy.

Google Street View Provides Coverage For Almost All of United States

Google Street View now provides near-full coverage of the United States. It also has added coverage for Australia, Japan, Spain, France, Italy and New Zealand.

Google Street Views Tread On Private Property Again

Google Street View offers a personal view of any place their cameras can catch. But some people are concerned after noticing that Google entered private property to obtain images, and then put them on the Internet.

Explore the Tour de France with Google Maps Street View

Google Maps has added Tour de France checkpoints and routes with “Street View”, so sports fans can follow and enjoy their favorite race.

Google Street View Expands

Have you tried looking at your house on Google's street view lately? If it wasn't on there before, it may be on there now.

Minnesota City Kicks Out Google Street View

The private city of North Oaks, Minnesota -- home to more than 4,500 people -- has demanded that Google remove all images of their community from the company's Street View feature.

Google Combines Driving Directions with Street View

Google Maps has integrated street view images into driving directions. Now you can see the entire route and what actions need to be taken from starting point to destination.

U.S. Bans Images of Military Bases on Google Maps

The U.S. Department of Defense has told Google it must pull detailed street-view images showing military bases from Google Maps because they are a threat to security. Google complied with the order even though some images were taken from public property.

Google Assures Canadians Street View Will Follow Privacy Law

Chill out, Canada, Google told Canucks today regarding its Street View application that lets anyone see street-level photos of various city locations. Google is assuring Canadians that its StreetView app will respect any country's stringent privacy laws.

OP-ED: How Far is Too Far? When Technology Gets To Close

How far do we want to go? Honestly, is there a stopping point where we say that's it? I love the ideals behind the new streetview of Google. Being able to see the street you are looking for is great. Except........

Google Maps Street View Launches

Google Maps add street view of locations so you can have a virtual walk through of streets.

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Google Street View
Google Street View
Camera on bicycle recording the surroundings for Google Street View
Camera on bicycle recording the surroundings for Google Street View
Geeky Gadgets
Google Street View
Google Street View
Google’s mapping vehicle caught an image at what appears to be a group of young men stand on the p...
Google’s mapping vehicle caught an image at what appears to be a group of young men stand on the porch, one of the men appears to point a gun at the Google Street View truck
Google / Street View
Donkey seen standing on the side of the road staring at the Google vehicle.
Donkey seen standing on the side of the road staring at the Google vehicle.
Google Maps Street View
A house in Stanstead Abbotts where the walls have some interesting ironmongery  harking back to the ...
A house in Stanstead Abbotts where the walls have some interesting ironmongery, harking back to the days of the blacksmith.
A customized Google  Street View  car equipped with its special photography equipment.
A customized Google "Street View" car equipped with its special photography equipment.
Donkey in Botswana caught on the Google Maps Street View camera.
Donkey in Botswana caught on the Google Maps Street View camera.
Google Maps Street View
Google Street View
Google Street View car.
Google Street View car.
Google Street View Ocean
Google Street View Ocean
Google Street View Ocean

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