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Sony gets $15 million from The Interview online

Sony has announced that its controversial comedy film about the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has raised over $15 million in revenue from online streaming services since it became available on Christmas Eve.

What's available on Netflix in December 2014

Christmas comes early for Netflix U.S. customers, as critically acclaimed films (American Beauty) and popular TV series (American Horror Story: Coven) and star comedians (Nick Offerman) arrive on the streaming service in December.

Musi presents a new way to listen to music

A new iPhone app that is now competing with YouTube Music Key, Songza and Spotify. The streaming service is called Musi, and it aims to provide something different.

Sotheby's and eBay form partnership for streaming auction

Online retail giant eBay and luxury item dealer Sotheby's are teaming up to deliver a joint online auction. Bids will be placed in real time with the stream so that viewers can watch each piece as it is bought.

How a select few can get paid to watch and tag Netflix videos

Netflix uses "taggers" to shuffle their videos into the categories you enjoy. They have them all over the world and now you may have a chance to join them.

Op-Ed: Streaming music will not save the music industry... in some ways

London - Music streaming may appear to save the industry and bring a lot of artists to the public realm that may have not had a chance, but it turns out that people still go for the biggest and the best of the industry.

Samsung Music closing July 1

Samsung's audio streaming service, Samsung Music, is to close its doors on 1st July. An email to users of the service said the product "will no longer be available," starting in June.

Netflix plans price hike for its subscriptions

Netflix surprised customers today with their the announcement of their decision to increase monthly plans by $1 to $2 in their shareholder newsletter.

Op-Ed: Popcorn Time is awesome; may get you fined or arrested

The launch of the free torrent-streaming service, Popcorn Time, has already made waves throughout the internet — and for good reason, the service is cool.

Lufthansa, Qatar Air clash over in-flight movies on smartphones

Germany's Lufthansa on Wednesday announced plans to offer wirelessly streamed movies to passengers on trans-European flights, sparking a clash over the future of traditional seatback syst...

'We Are Young' is the UK's most streamed song

According to the U.K. Official Charts Company, the most streamed song over the past twelve months is a track called 'We Are Young'.

Op-Ed: Will TV become obsolete?

With the constantly growing technological world in which we live, one must question every form of technology and its potential demise, including television.

Megaupload's Kim Dotcom teases new music service Megabox

Internet mogul Kim Dotcom uploaded a YouTube video promising a new online music service called Megabox. It will reportedly allow artists to sell their own music and earn 90 percent of the revenue generated through those transactions

Op-Ed: CBC Music gives away digital tunes for free

Toronto - Canada's public broadcaster wastes taxpayers' money venturing into online music streaming by delivering popular, commercial content without user fees.

New wave of citizen journalists — interview with Luke Rudkowski

New York - A new wave of journalists is in the making - they attend events in person and livestream everything to the world. The video is an interview with Luke Rudkowski, one such citizen journalist.

NY Post: Hulu Axing Free Streaming

Hulu could axe the free streaming service that made them such a popular online destination in a move to appease cable companies.

Missed a Sundance film? Watch it online

If you can't make it to check out the premieres at the Sundance Film Festival every January, you now can watch streaming versions of Sundance movies, new and old, via six online outlets.

FOX Network to restrict access to online content Special

When TV web streaming was introduced to the public, affording millions of viewers with the opportunity to watch their favorite programs at their own convenience, it all seemed too good to be true. In less than three weeks' time--for some--it will be.

Walmart bringing Vudu to its web store

Nearly 18 months since Walmart purchased streaming movie service Vudu, the department store giant is now rolling the movie rental service into its service.

Royal Wedding records the biggest ever live audience online

Internet firms across the world have said the royal wedding broke all records for the biggest ever live streaming audience online. Even the BBC website came under immense strain as millions accessed the site to monitor live coverage of the royal event.

YouTube begins testing live video streaming platform

YouTube, the most trafficked video portal on the Internet, began a two-day trial of a possible future live video streaming service that would be an integral part of the YouTube experience if made public.

Best Buy teaming with Cinema Now to deliver streaming movies

Best Buy is teaming up with Sonic Solutions Inc. to provide customers on-demand access to streaming movies and TV shows.

Livestream launches world's first wireless HD streaming backpack

Livestream, a site which allows anyone to broadcast their own live television station online, today launched the Livepack which allows users to rent a backpack containing equipment to wirelessly send HD-quality live footage to their channel.

Spotify launches iPhone app, brings music streaming to the iPhone

Spotify has announced it has submitted an app to Apple for the iPhone app store which will allow users to stream music from the service onto their iPhones.

Netflix Offers Unlimited Streaming As iTunes Rental Spoiler

Netflix wants to challenge Apple and iTunes before they plan to start renting out movies online. The company now offers unlimited online movie streaming for as low as $16.99 per month beginning today.

The Pirate Bay sees buried treasure in streaming video

Sweden-based, The Pirate Bay team, confirmed in their blog on Friday that they are most definitely building a streaming video site. While the details remain sketchy for this latest project, is essentially in the process of making a YouTube competitor.

Streaming video convertor

Transform your streaming video into loads of different formats

NBC Promises More Live Olympic Coverage in 2008

Digital Journal — NBC has taken a lot of flak for tape-delaying its Olympic content, so the network is now trying to save face by promising 1,000 hours of live programming during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Partnership With Javu Secures Bulldog’s Leadership In Digital Asset Management

TORONTO, Ontario - The Bulldog Group Inc. and Javu Technologies, Inc. announced an agreement that integrates Javu’s Clip Compiler, a component of Javu’s Video Processing Server technology with Bulldog’s digital product management and distribution so

Rio Digital Audio Receiver

SANTA CLARA, Calif. - If you are a fan of Internet radio you should consider new Rio Digital Audio Receiver - a device that enables consumers to enjoy digital audio (like MP3) away from their PC. The Rio Receiver uses existing phone lines to stream di...
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