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Stray dogs News

Chilling video shows man being eaten by stray dogs in Russia

Sovetsk - An intoxicated man was walking back to his home when he was attacked and killed by a pack of stray dogs. The horrible incident was captured on video.

Stray dogs overrun South Dallas while dog bites rise 23 percent

In May this year, a 52-year-old woman was mauled to death by a pack of stray dogs in the southern part of Dallas, Texas. After the attack, a report on the stray dog problem was commissioned. Over 8,700 stray dogs were found to be roaming the streets.

Vending machine feeds stray dogs in exchange for bottles

Istanbul - A Turkish company is aiming to encourage recycling and help feed Istanbul’s massive stray dog population by using vending machines that dispense dog food in exchange for plastic bottles.

Arizona infestation of feral chihuahuas no laughing matter

Phoenix - In an article which opens with an attempt at humour, an online news portal reports on an alarming trend: apparently, an Arizona neighbourhood is being plagued by an unusually large number of feral chihuahuas.

Sochi's dogs find a saviour in Russian billionaire

In the aftermath of worldwide media reports and a followup Facebook campaign, the culling of stray dogs and cats in Sochi, believed to number close to 2,000, may have a happy ending. A Russian billionaire has become the hero of the Olympic Games.

Sochi plans to kill stray dogs before start of Winter Olympics

Sochi - Sochi, Russia has had a problem with stray dogs for years. There are not any animal shelters to be found in the city, so a pest control company has usually taken care of the problem when the numbers of strays get out of hand.

Op-Ed: Stray dogs present problem for Detroit Special

Dogs on the streets of Detroit; it's a sad thing to witness. Many of which, like the one I saw today, appear to have owners.

Dogs of war: Iraq's feral dog population on the rise

It's never been a secret, but when full-out war is underway, the fact that war affects animals as well as people is not the most important topic. In war-torn Iraq, there are no animal control facilities, and former pets are left to fend for themselves.

Humane Society Requests Iraqi Government To 'Humanely' Deal With Stray Dog Problem

In regards to Iraq, the Humane Society International wants the Iraqi government to change its approach towards handling stray dogs.

Mama And Boris Have Come Home

While Army Sgt. Peter C. Neesley walked this Earth he was an animal lover. That didn't stop when he was stationed in Iraq. He took in two stray dogs. After naming the pair Boris and Mama he adopted them outright.

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Stray dogs from Kozhikode Kerala  India. There are over 30 million stray dogs in the country.
Stray dogs from Kozhikode,Kerala, India. There are over 30 million stray dogs in the country.
File photo: Stray dogs. Rostov Oblast. Russia.
File photo: Stray dogs. Rostov Oblast. Russia.

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