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Hammond court documents show no reduced sentence for cooperating

Today is hacktivist Jeremy Hammond’s birthday. The Anonymous affiliated hacker made headlines with a massive leak of documents from Stratfor and his subsequent arrest. Recently, some have questioned whether Hammond cooperated with the federal government

Activist connects dots from Bhopal to Hammond, Stratfor, and Dow Special

Bhopal - In 1984, a Union Carbide Corporation plant expelled a deadly gas in the Indian city of Bhopal, killing an estimated 15,000 people. Thirty years later, the story continues and has involved people and corporations all over the world.

Op-Ed: Jeremy Hammond, hero of the resistance Special

Jeremy Hammond was sentenced to ten years in prison for his role in the massive Startfor leak in 2011. His trial was little more than a show for the public. The importance of the millions of emails released by Hammond is still not completely understood.

Cyber-attack in progress against WikiLeaks (video update)

London - For just over a week, WikiLeaks websites have been hammered by DDoS attacks. The websites are often not available, or are extremely slow to access.

WikiLeaks: Bin Laden corpse 'Dover bound'

Washington - WikiLeaks recently ended its long period of silence with the new release of five million e-mails from the global intelligence company Stratfor. One such email relates to Osama Bin Laden's body.

Stratfor calls WikiLeaks’ release of emails ‘deplorable’

Austin - “The Global Intelligence Files,” a new release by WikiLeaks of more than five million emails from the intelligence analyst firm called Stratfor, has brought an immediate response from its CEO, George Friedman, who calls the action “deplorable.”

WikiLeaks releases 5M emails, ‘The Global Intelligence Files’

Washington - WikiLeaks has announced the release of more than 5 million emails, called “The Global Intelligence Files,” and includes communications from the American-based intelligence analyst group Stratfor and its “web of informers.”

WikiLeaks announces haul of five million Stratfor emails

The latest campaign from anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks, the Global Intelligence Files/GI Files, is based on five million Stratfor emails allegedly sourced from the hactivist, Anonymous.

Video Wikileaks media conference at Frontline Club – 27 Feb 2012

Today, 27 February 2012, WikiLeaks started publishing “The Global Intelligence Files”, which consists of over 5 million emails from the Texas “global intelligence” company Stratfor.

Stratfor: Inability to protect customers from hackers ‘a failure’

Austin - In a Wednesday email to its readers, Strator claimed responsibility in its failure to protect customers from hackers who leveled a series of attacks on the site, including theft of credit card data, emails, and other personal information.

Stratfor’s ‘sexually deviant’ hackers still at work

Austin - Stratfor clients were greeted with a new message on Friday, asking for input on the intelligence analyst’s handling of its recent attack by “deranged, sexually deviant criminal hacker terrorist masterminds,” except the message was not from Stratfor.

'Anonymous' hacks Stratfor clients credit cards, gives to charity

The hacking group "Anonymous" on Sunday Christmas claimed it has stolen thousands of credit card numbers and personal information of clients of the U.S. based security think-tank Stratfor and pilfered funds it gave away as Christmas donations to charity.

A List of Questions on Foreign Policy for both Candidates in Debate Number 1

An Intelligence gathering company has produced a list of 10 questions that they would like Senators McCain and Barrack to answer during their first Debate

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