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3 trends to consider for your 2020 social media strategy

As we head into 2020, social media needs to play a key role in a brand’s marketing mix. Here's what you need to be paying attention to for next year and beyond.

Q&A: When should international startups break into the US? Special

Cracking the U.S. market is a goal for many international startups — but opening a U.S. office is the ‘Holy Grail’. But when is the best time to do this? And what is the optimum strategy? An expert reveals all.

Q&A: AI has become the vital business solution needed for success Special

Businesses should be reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence as their foremost predictive technology, according to Justin Richie of Nerdery. All businesses need is a little creativity.

Pentagon expects China to add international military bases

Washington - The US Defense Department expects China to add military bases around the world to protect its investments in it ambitious One Belt One Road global infrastructure program, according to an official report released Thursday.

'It's a witch hunt': Trump's brash fight against Mueller

Washington - President Donald Trump's strategist warned him not to fire FBI director James Comey. His advisors told him to stop tweeting about the Russia investigation. And his lawyers encouraged him to cooperate.

Q&A: Do startups need to play a different game? Special

Situations arise where a hot startup receives a round of funding or is offered tempting cash deal for a buyout. While this can work, this quick-to-close-a-deal model is not always best when it comes to startups, according to Michael Lagoni of Stackline.

Q&A: Innovations shaping Canadian industry Special

Toronto - Canada is in the midst of an economic shift. New and traditional industries are increasingly being driven by innovation and these advances in technology are shifting the economic landscape at an unprecedented pace.

What businesses need to focus on for 2019

As well as the other challenges facing businesses in 2019 and beyond, a particular focus needs to be placed onto digital ethics and data privacy, according to industry analysts Gartner. The firm outlines the top ten coming industry and technology trends.

Digital without purpose will fail

This story is sponsored content from Cognizant. Cognizant (Nasdaq: CTSH) is dedicated to helping the world’s leading companies build stronger businesses — helping them go from doing digital to being digital.

How to adopt a digital transformation strategy: Q&A Special

Matt Mead is an expert in aligning digital transformation and business strategies. In conversation with Digital Journal, he shares key warning signs that can signal if a company is vulnerable to digital disruption.

The global state of digital transformation: Survey

Fujitsu has released a new survey on the global state of digital transformation, drawing on a recent survey of 1,535 C-level executives working in enterprises of different sizes and scope, from across 16 countries.

Driving digital strategy and reimagining business: Q&A Special

Digital technologies have had a profound impact, disrupting entire industries. Incumbents have struggled as new and nimble players have emerged with innovative business models. Sunil Gupta provides expert oversight.

Major wealth funds, Church of England get tough on climate change

With managed and invested funds totaling close to $3 trillion, six of the world’s largest sovereign wealth funds, as well as the Church of England, have made major commitments to fighting climate change.

Essential for DX success: Strategic alignment, agility and HR Special

Cambridge - Why do digital transformations often fail? There are three approaches that organizations forget during these major transitions: strategic alignment, agility and the critical role of HR. Janice Miller of Harvard Business Publishing explains more.

Five reasons why digital transformations fail

It’s easy to get blinded by digital transformation success stories, but often digital transformations fail, or become extended and extended without the core objectives ever being fully realized. We look at some key reasons.

Interview: The 6 pillars of business agile Special

The shift of business agile will force products over projects, people over resources, and customer needs over internal benchmarks. How businesses undertake this requires smart strategy, as Rachel Burger tells Digital Journal.

Rick Kline opens up about Spotify's direct listing strategy Special

Rick Kline, partner and co-chair of Goodwin's Capital Markets Practice and a member of its Technology Practice, chatted with Digital Journal about Spotify's direct listing strategy.

Russian FM calls US defense strategy 'confrontational'

New York - Russia's foreign minister on Friday described a new US national defense strategy as "confrontational" after Washington singled out China and Russia as growing threats.

Mattis warns of 'growing threats' from Russia, China

Washington - Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday that America is facing "growing threats" from China and Russia, and warned that the US military's advantages have eroded in recent years.

Going digital: Six step process for business

There are different strategies appropriate for different business undergoing digital transformation. A review by IT Portal outlines six steps that businesses can consider for the transformative process.

Manufacturing needs new operational models

With global manufacturing growth expected to remain slow, companies need to consider new ways of working. This includes forging strategic partnerships.

Old playbook behind North Korea's new nuclear test

Seoul - The path to Pyongyang's latest nuclear test followed a textbook North Korean strategy: escalating provocations accompanied by furious denunciations of annual South Korea-US military exercises.

Trump strategy won't solve Afghan problems, say analysts

Kabul - Donald Trump has vowed success in Afghanistan, but analysts say his strategy contains nothing new against enemies which his predecessors could not defeat -- a sobering assessment that points to endless war for weary civilians.

U.S. general: More troops may be needed in Afghanistan

Washington - The top US and NATO military commander in Afghanistan may seek additional American troops to help local forces as they struggle to contain the Taliban insurgency, USA Today reported.

U.S. strategy in Syria has not changed: White House

Washington - The White House on Friday said that the deployment of US special forces to Syria does not represent a shift in strategy.

Russia carving out a fortress for Assad, say experts

Paris - The contours of Russia's strategy in Syria are emerging as it tries to carve out a rebel-free zone for Bashar al-Assad's regime and shut out Western forces from his air space.

Google announces massive restructuring, 'Alphabet' parent company

Google has surprised the world by announcing a large-scale restructuring of its entire business that will result in the formation of a new holding company, Alphabet, to contain the search giant itself and the various other companies it has acquired.

Ukraine has options left — all bad

Kiev - Ukraine's government still has options after separatist elections showed its helplessness against a Russian-backed rebellion. The problem: they're all bad.

Coining an investment strategy helps companies grow their brand

In financial circles, asset managers and investment agencies ascribe to a particular tried-and-true investment strategy. Whether it be buy-and-hold, contrarian, top-down or bottom-up, most agencies gravitate towards one philosophy and become tied to it.

Op-Ed: Sayonara SEO firms, hello content relations

Oh search engines; you glorious portals to millions of tidbits of information that have made settling arguments over useless facts painless.
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