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Harry and Meghan: royal romance crowned by birth of son

London - The arrival on Monday of their first child -- a "very healthy" boy -- crowns the whirlwind love story of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan, coming less than three years since they first met.

Meet Wendy Riche: Executive producer, story editor of 'The Bay' Special

Wendy Riche, the executive producer and executive story editor of the hit digital drama series "The Bay," chatted with Digital Journal about its 2019 Daytime Emmy nominations, where it scored nods in seven categories.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle: a tale of love at first sight

London - It was love at first sight for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who both quickly sensed their brief encounter on a blind date could blossom into something much, much bigger.

Google ordered to remove links to stores on right to be forgotten

In a request that has been widely criticised online, the UK has ordered that Google remove links to online news stories that are about it removing links to stories because of right to be forgotten requests. The confusing ruling has not pleased Google.

Deepening the mystery: Snapchat has 'plans' for Windows Phone app

Windows Phone is known to have a substantial app gap when compared to rival platforms like iOS and Android. One of the most notable absences is Snapchat who have continually refused to come to Windows but an unexpected tweet has suggested that may change.

Rockstar Games have 'about 45 years worth of ideas' for GTA VI

Rockstar Games have announced that they already "have some ideas" for the next major installment in the massive gaming franchise Grand Theft Auto. It appears as though GTA VI is beginning to enter early development.

Snapchat introduces 'Discover' in new update

Snapchat released a new update Tuesday which included the new Discover feature, which allows content creators to share information through stories on the Snapchat platform.

Op-Ed: What happened to good storytelling?

"The future is not a place that we're gonna go, it's a place that you get to create." These remarkably perceptive words from professional storyteller Nancy Duarte drew a line in the sand. A line we've crossed.

Chipotle Mexican Grill: Changing the face of fast food

Chipotle Mexican Grill is one of the largest, most popular restaurants around, intending to offer an authentic Mexican experience with open kitchens and attractive design. It's no surprise then that the company is thriving.

Op-Ed: Penning scary stories: It’s not a difficult exercise

Scary stories have been an integral part of our growing up. In fact, why only growing up? Doesn't a well-represented horror tale send shivers down our spine even well beyond our childhood?

First fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen published online

Odense - It was recently reported on Digital Journal that the very first fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen, titled "The Tallow Candle", had been discovered. Now the full text has been published in English and is available for reading online.

Op-Ed: Orvillecopter, the story of the cat-turned-helicopter

Amsterdam - If you have ever wondered what to do with your beloved cat when it dies, why not turn it into a flying helicopter? The Orvillecopter is one man's dead cat turned into artwork.

Op-Ed: The Facebook Phenomenon: Part II

Part I of 'The Facebook Phenomenon' took a look at the greatness of Facebook. Part II will delve into the impact Facebook makes on a worldly basis, rather than on an individual basis.

Op-Ed: The Facebook Phenomenon: Part I

If you haven't yet heard of Facebook, you're clearly under the age of one or over the age of 100. Or, you simply haven't been living on planet earth.

BBC's 'Your Story' citizen journalism program to end in June

The BBC has axed their citizen journalism program, 'Your Story.' The program started in June 2008. The reason is simple, a lack of funding.

Scientists: Auras Among the Most Verifiable of Paranormal Phenomena

The visibility of auras is often disputed. This is not surprising given the fact that the sciences largely abandoned the research of paranormal phenomena in the 1970s. So where to turn if you want reliable information?

Descartes' Pineal Gland Resurfaces As fMRI Scans Show Activation During Meditation

A recent experiment conducted by scientists shows that the pineal gland might truly be the 'seat of the soul', as Rene Descartes suggested in 1649. A report in Newscientist detailing the findings of a brainscan experiment suggests as much.

Scholar Claims To Have Solved One Of Classical Music's Most Persistent Mysteries

One of classical music's biggest mysteries - the inspiration source of the UK's Edward Elgar's theme for the 'Enigma' Variations - has reportedly been solved. The solution will be published in the winter issue of the Musical Times.

Alan Johnston's Kidnap Ordeal

What goes through the mind of a person being kidnapped by militants? Alan Johnston told BBC News his story on life as a hostage. Johnston spent 114 days not knowing if each morning would be his last before one of his guards ended his life.

Share a story and they donate a meal

Country Crock has a great promotion going on right now. Please take advantage of it, and help a family in need at the same time. Here is your chance to help out a family who needs it.

The Perfect Run

The story of one great run.

"A Christmas Story" Director and Son Killed in Car Crash

If you asked little Ralphie he wanted for Christmas that year, he would have proudly replied, "A Red Ryder carbine-action 200-shot range model air rifle."

To Jim Carrey, 23 is much more than a number

"It started out for me with a friend of mine in Canada, who handed it down to me," Carrey says in explaining his fascination with 23. "He was seeing it everywhere, adding up licence plates and other things. He had a book of 23 (phenomena) ... I said he...

Toy Story 3 Coming Without Lasseter As Director

Toy Story 3 is coming in 2009, but John Lasseter won't be the director. Lasseter and Disney Animation president Ed Catmull provided extensive details on their upcoming slate at Disney's investor conference on Feb. 8.

The Word Ass Censored By The Sun

I detest porn and vulgarity, but I fear that the censors are now over reacting.

A Story About Google and Yahoo

Yahoo interested in buying Google?

Update: Sex assault story made up by 16 year old girl

The Teen girl that had claimed man attacked her in Barrie school washroom lied according to police.

Six Word Stories

This is a cool little article from Wired.

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