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Q&A: How Walmart's workforce is beating Amazon Special

Walmart has recently seen earnings growth, much of this fuelled by online growth and based on investments in its workforce. This means, according to Micah Rowland of Fountain, Walmart starting to challenge Amazon online.

Online shopping will never end bricks-and-mortar stores

Shoppers are increasingly turning to online services. However, the digital presence will never completely send the physical store into oblivion, according to a new report. Many people still want a physical presence.

Five steps for the digital transformation of retail

A new review of the retail space outlines what retailers need to do in order to make digital transformation possible. Interestingly these all center on people.

How brick and mortar grocers benefit from digital transformation

Brick and mortar grocery retailers have the potential to adopt artificial intelligence to help with stocking their stores, pricing their products and being competitive with online retailers like Amazon.

Ikea wants teens to stop holding sleepovers at its stores

Ikea has warned teenagers to stop holding sleepovers at their stores. This year alone, there has been at least 10 incidents.

Amazon wants to open thousands of grocery stores in the U.S.

Earlier this month, sources claimed Amazon was getting close to opening convenience stores. Now, there is a report suggesting Amazon plans on opening physical grocery stores and could have 20 within the next two years.

Macy's to close 100 stores while boosting online presence

New York - Macy's, the largest U.S. department store chain, announced plans Thursday to close 100 stores across the country and reallocate resources to increase its online presence.

Retailer Sports Direct searches staff on their own time

A major British employer, Sports Direct, is conducting extensive searches of its employees as they leave its premises (in case of the employee theft). The searches take place outside of paid work time.

Black Friday crowds smaller, calmer in stores across the country

New York - Smaller crowds and fewer unruly bargain-hunters made the start of the holiday shopping season seem almost civilized, reports from around the country appear to indicate.

Macy's announces plans to close as many as 40 stores nationwide

Cincinnati - Department store retailer Macy's plans to close up to 40 locations next year, the Cincinnati, Ohio-based company announced Tuesday.

Gap set to close 175 stores in U.S. and Canada

Fashion retailer Gap has announced it will close 175 stores in North America. This is due to an economic slump that is leading to the retailer considering a re-branding campaign.

Walgreens closing 200 stores in U.S.

Walgreens, the drugstore chain, has plans to close 200 out of its 8,000+ stores in the United States over the course two years.

The Retail Digest aims to be ‘the front page of retail’

Cloud-based retail software platform Vend has launched The Retail Digest, the first retail news and information resource, where top 100 industry experts curate insightful and actionable content to help retailers’ businesses thrive.

Lidl set to become Europe's biggest grocer by 2018

Neckarsulm - The company behind the Lidl supermarket chain is set to become western Europe's biggest grocery retailer by 2018. This shows the rising power of the discount food retailer.

American Eagle to close 150 stores after disappointing 1Q

American Eagle Outfitters, the clothing company known for their polo shirts and popularity among teens, will close 150 stores over the next three years.

Michaels Stores: 2.6 million cards affected by security breach

U.S. arts and crafts chain store Michaels has confirmed that on Thursday around 2.6 million cards - over 7% of payments taken on Thursday - used in its stores may have been affected in a security breach.

Many L.A. area stores market junk food, tobacco and alcohol

Los Angeles - A statewide survey looked at the availability of tobacco products, alcohol and food in retail environments of more than 7,300 California stores. It was found that L.A. has the highest concentration.

Thousands of American retail stores closing in the United States

Retail experts are projecting that the pace of store closings will accelerate over the course of the next decade. Just last week American retail chain Radio Shack announced that it was going to close more than 1,000 stores.

5 ways independent furniture retailers stay competitive Commissioned

Every major city has several big-box furniture stores, but if you search deeper you'll find a wide array of independent furniture retailers with their own stylish offerings. So how do these smaller outlets compete against the giants?

Google to open up retail stores

Apple opened up their own retail stores and so did Microsoft, and now sources say that Google has plans to open up their own retail stores.

Rubbish dumped outside Salvation Army stores costs them money Special

Sydney - At a press conference today, Salvation Army Chaplain Major Robert Sneller urged the community to stop dumping unusable donations and rubbish outside Salvo stores this holiday season.

Target Canada to feature Starbucks in its stores in spring 2013

Toronto - It seems when Canadian shoppers head over to Target, they won't be able to grab a Tim Hortons double-double. Instead, consumers will be able to purchase a Starbucks cup of coffee when they shop at one of the 24 Target stores next year.

Subway announces 600 new stores, 6,000 new jobs in UK, Ireland

London - Subway announced Thursday morning that the multi-national sandwich corporation will establish 600 new stores across the United Kingdom and Ireland. This latest endeavor is expected to create nearly 6,000 jobs.

Target announces 24 locations in Canada, most in Toronto area

Toronto - Target Corporation confirmed its 24 locations in Canada, which are due to open in the spring of next year. All of the stores will be established in Ontario, including more than a dozen in the Greater Toronto Area.

Candy shaped like marijuana? Trick or treaters, beware

Buffalo - Marijuana is showing up on store shelves around the country, and while this candy won't get kids high but activists say it represents a new low.

Target taking over Canadian Zellers stores

Target announced it is buying Zellers store leases across Canada and plans to open some of the retail facilities under its own name in 2013 and 2014.

Stores remain open in Lyon on Remembrance Day Special

As an exception, the City of Lyon authorized shopping centres and stores in Lyon to remain open on Remembrance Day, citing economic reasons and consumer demand.

Subway to surpass McDonald's in total stores by end of the month

A milestone held by the famous golden arches of Ronald McDonald's empire is about to be overtaken worldwide by alternative fast-food eatery Subway.

World-Famous Marks & Spencers Stores Closing 27 Stores in England

Another famous high-end store in England is closing 27 of its stores due to continued revenue and profit downtrend. Marks &Spencer announce the other day that it is also cutting 1,200 employees as a result of the closure of the affected stores. Claims Best Holiday Season Ever

Amazon declared the 2008 holiday season to be "the best ever, with over 6.3 million items ordered worldwide on the peak day December 15," according to Slate. The online retail giant was very evasive about providing sales data. Could it be Amazon.CON?
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Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
A Starbucks window smashed at Yonge and College.
A Starbucks window smashed at Yonge and College.
Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
 Label It Yourself  campaign
'Label It Yourself' campaign
OWS Food Justice
Photo by Caldorwards4
Tim Horton s window smashed at Yonge and College.
Tim Horton's window smashed at Yonge and College.
Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
Police vehicle on fire near Queen and Spadina.
SHOPPING! A Sears store anchors the southern end of Sunvalley mall in Concord  Calif.  in 2011.
SHOPPING! A Sears store anchors the southern end of Sunvalley mall in Concord, Calif., in 2011.
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