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U.S. oil suffers its biggest one-day price plunge in two decades

Oil suffered its biggest one-day price plunge in the modern era, at one point crashing about 40 percent to below $11 a barrel as traders contended with an historic glut.

Q&A: Why moving to a cloud solution is necessary for businesses Special

The world’s fastest-growing companies moved to the cloud years ago and adopted AI-driven solutions. But others are still slow to keep pace and insist on deploying their dusty intranets and slow IM systems. This needs to change, says Mark Sami of SPR.

Tesla finishes first of many solar projects in Puerto Rico

San Juan - Tesla's Elon Musk promised to help restore electrical power in Puerto Rico. And on Tuesday, Tesla switched on a combination of its solar panels and Powerpack energy storage batteries for Hospital del Niño, a children's hospital in San Juan.

Early Uber employee launches 'Uber for storage'

Uber transformed the taxi industry by making it easy to hail a ride with the touch of a button. Now, an early Uber employee wants to apply the same idea of making it more convenient and affordable to a market that is typically neither: self-storage.

Terahertz radiation could make computer memory 1,000 times faster

Researchers have discovered that the radiation emitted by terahertz waves could allow computer memory 1,000 times faster than current modules to be developed. The discovery has significant implications for the future of AI and machine learning.

Samsung unveils world's fastest desktop-oriented NVMe SSD

Samsung has unveiled its next-generation series of M.2 PCIe SSDs. They boast some of the fastest transfer speeds achieved in commercial SSDs. The drives will improve storage performance in new laptops, tablets and desktop computers.

Seagate unveils giant 60TB SSD, the largest ever created

Seagate has announced the world's largest solid state drive ever created, a 60TB goliath that spells the end for mechanical hard drives. While the technology remains a demonstration prototype for now, Seagate hopes to start commercial sales next year.

Samsung unveils the world's largest consumer SSD

Samsung has announced the world's highest-capacity 2.5-inch SSD designed for the consumer market. The drive can store up to 4TB of data, the same as a high-end hard drive, while outperforming mechanical disks on every metric and using less power.

Forget microSD — Something far better has finally arrived

Samsung has announced the world's first UFS removable memory cards for mobile devices, available in capacities up to 256 gigabytes. UFS is the replacement for the ubiquitous microSD used by current smartphones and offers huge performance improvements.

iOS 10 won't let you delete space-wasting stock apps after all

At Apple's WWDC conference this week, the company announced you will be able to remove its stock apps to clear clutter off your home screens. However, it has since emerged that all is not what it seems and apps won't actually be deleted.

Samsung's huge 15 terabyte SSD is now available to buy

Samsung has launched its enterprise-grade 15.36TB SSD. The ultra-high capacity drive offers more storage space than the majority of mechanical hard drives while offering performance that HDDs cannot reach.

Seagate's new 10TB hard drive is filled with helium gas

Seagate has announced its first hard drive filled with pure helium instead of usual air. Helium is billed as the next big thing for hard drives due to its low density. The drive has 10 terabytes of capacity and will cost around $800.

Microsoft 'genuinely sorry' for OneDrive storage backlash

Over a month after thousands of angry OneDrive users threatened to abandon Microsoft's ecosystem when the company made some far-reaching changes to OneDrive storage, the company has apologized and extended a life-line for people to retain their storage.

Loyal OneDrive users disbanding as unlimited storage ends

Microsoft has changed several of its OneDrive plans in major ways, reducing free allowances from 15GB to 5GB and ending unlimited storage because some people dared to take it at its word. Thousands of vocal and outraged users have already complained.

'Biggest ever tech deal': Dell to acquire EMC for $67 billion

Computer manufacturer Dell has made history by announcing it has purchased storage technology specialists EMC for a record-breaking $67 billion. Dell says it will create the "world's largest privately-controlled, integrated technology company."

Microsoft launches premium Xbox One Elite Bundle for enthusiasts

Microsoft has created a special Xbox One bundle designed with the most hard-core fans in mind. It includes a 1TB version of the Xbox One featuring a solid state hybrid drive for super-fast storage and a new Xbox One Elite Controller in the box.

Cops to delete LPR data as 80GB hard drive 'keeps crashing'

The Oakland Police Department has decided to delete license plate data after six months instead of retaining it indefinitely. The reason isn't really to give residents more privacy but rather because a Windows XP computer's 80GB hard drive is full.

Asus ZenFone 2 Deluxe Special Edition boasts 256GB of storage

Asus has launched a new version of its ZenFone 2 Android smartphone. The star feature is a gigantic 256GB of storage - more than many modern laptops have - which makes every other phone on the market pale in comparison.

Nintendo may be heading back towards the game cartridges of old

Nintendo has filed a patent for a games console that stores its content on memory cards, harking back to the days of the cartridge-based Nintendo 64 of 20 years ago. It's unclear whether the company intends to use the tech in its upcoming "NX" device.

Permanent data loss at Google as lightning strikes four times

Energy-charged atmospheric clouds destroyed a tiny slice of Google's energy-charged digital cloud last Thursday as a data centre in Belgium was struck by lightning four times, wiping disks of data into a state that makes them non-recoverable.

Samsung unveils world's largest hard drive — 16TB super-fast SSD

Samsung has created the world's highest-capacity hard drive, cramming 16TB of file storage space into a unit that fits into a 2.5-inch bay. Even more significant is that the drive is actually an SSD based around 3D NAND chips and not a hard drive at all.

IBM develops computer tape capable of storing 220TB of data

IT giant IBM has developed a new form of magnetic tape for computer storage that can hold 220TB of data on a reel of tape that could fit in the palm of your hand. The development will make it much easier to store vast amounts of data.

DNA preserved in glass could store data for over 2 million years

A hard drive that stores data on a strand of DNA preserved in glass could keep data in a readable state for over 2 million years if kept in an optimal enivronment, a new report indicates.

12 bodies found in Massachusetts storage facility

Weymouth - Investigators discovered 12 bodies inside a Weymouth, MA storage facility. The search came as authorities continue their investigation into Joseph V. O'Donnell, a former funeral director who is charged with stealing thousands from an elderly couple.

Dropbox access blocked in China just four months after approval

Dropbox only recently gained approval to provide an online cloud storage solution to the Chinese market earlier this year. Since February early this year, Dropbox has been operating smoothly until yesterday.

Sony creates record storage tape

Japanese tech giant Sony has developed a new storage tape that is able to hold up to 185 terabytes (TB) of data per cartridge.

Samsung introduces entry-level 1terabyte 'SSDs For Everyone'

The price of hard disk drives (HDDs) are falling drastically over the past few years making the cost per gigabyte (GB) more and more affordable. However, pretty soon they will completely be wiped out with technologies introduced by Samsung.

Cloud storage the temporary fix until DNA computer data storage

Indianapolis - Computer files and storage have come a long way from the days of the old floppy disk to even the times of using a CD-rewritable. Whether it’s a high-tech enterprise or a small business, companies are turning to online file storage.

Op-Ed: Google launches cloud storage service Drive

On Tuesday April 24, Google launched the Google Drive. A look into how it works, pricing, analysis and comparison between competitors.

Sun to Offer Public Cloud Computing, an IBM Strategy?

Following on Amazon's offering, Sun Microsystems announced plans to offer free cloud computing services to the public. With a potential IBM acquisition of the company in the works, is this an IBM strategy?
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Samsung s 16TB SSD at the Flash Media Summit in California [Via]
Samsung's 16TB SSD at the Flash Media Summit in California [Via]
Capture of Microsoft s  Introducing OneDrive  video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
Capture of Microsoft's "Introducing OneDrive" video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
Capture of Microsoft s  Introducing OneDrive  video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
Capture of Microsoft's "Introducing OneDrive" video after the rebranding of SkyDrive
Samsung 960 PRO / Samsung 960 Evo
Samsung 960 PRO / Samsung 960 Evo
A SanDisk USB stick
A SanDisk USB stick
Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 960 PRO / Samsung 960 Evo
Samsung 960 PRO / Samsung 960 Evo
Samsung s 2.5-inch 15.36TB enterprise SSD (solid state drive)
Samsung's 2.5-inch 15.36TB enterprise SSD (solid state drive)
Saving stem cells are important
Saving stem cells are important
Samsung 850 EVO
Samsung 850 EVO
H2O Power
Seagate s 10TB helium-filled enterprise hard drive
Seagate's 10TB helium-filled enterprise hard drive
Battery Pack for BMW-i3 Electric Vehicle (at Munich Trade-Show Electronica) November 2012.
Battery Pack for BMW-i3 Electric Vehicle (at Munich Trade-Show Electronica) November 2012.
RudolfSimon (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Carbon storage diagram showingmethods of CO2 injection.
Carbon storage diagram showingmethods of CO2 injection.
U.S. Department of Energy

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