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Stoning News

Qaeda in Yemen stones woman to death for adultery: witnesses

Aden - Al-Qaeda militants have stoned a woman to death in a southeastern Yemeni city they control after accusing her of adultery and prostitution, several witnesses said on Monday.

New Sharia law: Muslim adulterers to be stoned in Brunei

Bandar Seri Begawan - The sultanate of Brunei announced on Tuesday it will implement a severe Sharia law penal code for its Muslim citizens in a few months.

Op-Ed: Afghan execution more proof they are not like us

A disturbing video circulating on the Web this week is just the latest proof there are people in the world who are not like most of us who live in the land of the Great Satan.

Iranian sentenced to stoning plans to sue German journalists

Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani, an Iranian woman who was sentenced to death by stoning for adultery, has said that she plans to sue two German journalists who interviewed her son.

UK politician arrested over tweet about stoning

Birmingham - A Conservative councillor was arrested after police were contacted about a message on his Twitter account, suggesting a female journalist should be stoned to death.

Op-Ed: Iran vs. the immoral West

Carla Bruni, first lady of France, and French actress Isabelle Adjani have been singled out by the Iranian paper Kayhan as prostitutes and immoral women. This follows their appeal that an "adulterous" Iranian woman should not be stoned to death.

French First Lady Carla Bruni writes to Sakineh Ashtiani

“France will not abandon you.” Carla Bruni has joined the clamor of voices around the world which is calling for clemency for Ashtiani, condemned to death by stoning in Iran after being found guilty of adultery.

Taliban stones to death couple accused on having affair

The couple was in love but committed to others. Living in Afghanistan gave that love a death sentence. Accused of having an affair the couple were stoned to death on Sunday in Northern Afghanistan.

Worldwide demonstrations for 'citizens against stoning'

Toronto - Stoning is a form of capital punishment where the proper authorities gather a group, which then proceeds to throw stones at the prisoner until they die. International rallies were held to oppose the punishment and the imprisonment of Sakine Ashtiani.

Iran will not stone woman 'for time being'

A judicial official said on Sunday that the death sentence by stoning for an Iranian woman convicted of adultery will not be implemented for now.

Iranian woman escapes stoning (graphic video)

Tehran - Protesters around the world raced to stop the stoning of a woman who was wrongly convicted of adultery in Iran. The Islamic Penal Code lists stoning as punishment for this crime. A world call for help has been answered and for now her life has been saved.

Human rights activists fight stoning sentence of Iranian woman

Tehran - Iranian authorities have sentenced Sakineh Ashtiani to death by stoning on adultery charges. She says she was forced to confess to her crimes after being subjected to 99 painful lashes.

Man convicted of adultery stoned to death in Iran

A man was stoned to death in Iran for committing adultery while the woman involved in the case was spared as she repented, the judiciary said on Tuesday.

Reports Of Afghan Women Being Stoned At Protest

There are reports coming in that Afghan women were stoned with gravel and small rock pellets at a protest against marriage laws in Kabul Wednesday.

Op-Ed: The Un-Islamic Republic of Iran, Third Reich of the 21st Century

A Gestapo-like police state. Sickening human rights violations. Anti-Semitism and threats of genocide. A propaganda ministry worthy of Goebbels. The only difference between Nazi Germany and today's Iran are time and location. Will it all end even worse?

Eight women, one man sentenced to death by stoning in Iran

Iranian human rights have raised concern over a judgement that sentenced nine people to death by stoning. It is feared that they may be executed at any time.

Two Iranian Women Are Sentenced To Death By Stoning For Talking To Men

An Iranian woman who's accused of having committed adultery has been sentenced to death by stoning. Her husband secretly taped video footage to prove to authorities that his wife had been promiscuous. The woman’s sister was sentenced to the same fate.

Amnesty International Urges Iran To Stop Death By Stoning

The nation of Iran has been urged by Amnesty International to drop from its penal code the death sentence by stoning. Death by stoning is a fate that is awaiting 11 convicted criminals according to the group.

Amnesty International Calls For Iran to Halt Stonings

In Iran the price for the crime of adultery is being stoned to death as in olden days. A woman caught in the act of adultery is buried up to her breasts and then stoned until she dies of her injuries.

Man faces Stoning in UAE for Sex with Stepdaughters

A Man in UAE is sentenced to death for adultery and fathering 11 children with his four step daughters.

The Story of Malak Ghorbany - and the Fight to Save Her Life

This is a story about one woman's plight, and her wait in prison while the world fights to save her life.

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