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Stonehenge News

Welcome to Summer — The solstice is celebrated worldwide

Summer officially arrived in the Northern Hemisphere today (June 21), marking the longest day, the shortest night and the beginning of summer. In some regions, especially in Europe, this period of time is known as "Midsummer."

Who built Stonehenge? Cremation ashes yield clues

Paris - Despite a century of scientific scrutiny, the 5000-year old Neolithic monument in southern England known as Stonehenge has yielded few secrets about the people buried amidst its ring of towering rocks.

Controversial Stonehenge tunnel given OK by U.K. government

Plan to build a 1.8-mile tunnel near Stonehenge and widen nearby highway A303 has been given the green light by the British government. Construction is estimated to cost £2 billion ($2.4 billion).

'Second Stonehenge' found near original site

The mysteries of Stonehenge continue to deepen with the discovery of a new "super-henge", situated not far from the original stone circle. The massive monument is thought to be some 4,000 years old.

Stonehenge slabs were stilts for an overhead religious temple

A new theory about the role played by Stonehenge in ancient times says that its huge slabs could have been used as stilts for holding up a large, circular, wooden temple designed for religious ceremonies.

Conservationists call for closing Stonehenge to prevent damage

Conservationists have called for the closing of Stonehenge, the popular tourist attraction and monument that is several thousand years old, on the Summer and Winter solstice due to the damage caused by visitors on these days.

Stonehenge dig finds 6,000-year-old encampment

Archaeologists are saying that an amazing new discovery near the ancient Stonehenge site in the UK may "rewrite British history."

New find: The British ate frogs' legs before the French

Salisbury - For many years, the British have teased the French about their penchant for eating frogs' legs. Now the humor turns, as we find out that the British were actually the first to eat the "delicacy."

New theory proposed over origin of Stonehenge

Researchers in Britain have proposed a new theory for Stonehenge's origins: it may have been started as a giant burial ground for elite families.

Stonehenge was sun worship site 500 years before it was built

Amesbury - An investigation by archaeologists from the universities of Birmingham, Bradford and Vienna suggest that Stonehenge was a sacred site at least 500 years before the stones were erected. New evidence also suggests a link with prehistoric sun worship.

Solstice celebrated in the snow at Stonehenge

More than 2,000 people gathered at a snowy Stonehenge Wednesday morning to watch the sun rise as they celebrated the winter solstice .

Prehistoric child discovered buried with toy at Stonehenge

Scientists have discovered a prehistoric child's grave where the child is buried with a carved animal figurine which is believed to be the oldest toy ever found in Britain.

Was Stonehenge A Centre of Miracle Cures?

Archeology will be all hot this summer. Indiana Jones back on the big screen will be balanced by the first dig at Stonehenge in 50 years. Team leaders, Geoff Wainwright and Professor Tim Darvill hope to find evidence Stonehenge was a Lourdes-alike.


A great story for people who want to see the world at any time

Stonehenge Settlement Found: Builders' Homes, "Cult Houses"

A major prehistoric village has been unearthed near Stonehenge in southern England.

Ancient Stonehenge Houses Unearthed

Cool!.... This may help to solve some of the mysteries surounding the site..

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Stonehenge Image

 We were at the NATO Summit in Wales when someone mentioned to the President that Stonehenge wasn t ...
"We were at the NATO Summit in Wales when someone mentioned to the President that Stonehenge wasn't that far away. 'Let's go,' he said. So when the Summit ended, we took a slight detour on the way back to Air Force One." (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)
Pete Souza
The sun behind the Heel Stone at Stonehenge  shortly after sunrise on the summer solstice.
The sun behind the Heel Stone at Stonehenge, shortly after sunrise on the summer solstice.
Andrew Dunn (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Andrew Dunn
Newly discovered  superhenge  second Stonehenge
Newly discovered "superhenge" second Stonehenge
Ludwig Boltzmann Insitute
Achill-henge on Achill Island  Ireland
Achill-henge on Achill Island, Ireland
Traffic on A303 quite often queues up as the road goes past Stonehenge.
Traffic on A303 quite often queues up as the road goes past Stonehenge.
Stonehenge Visitor's Guide/Chris Ison/PA Wire
Semi-circle impression of how  superhenge  looked
Semi-circle impression of how "superhenge" looked
Ludwig Boltzmann Insitute
Map of constructions and settlements around Stonehenge
Map of constructions and settlements around Stonehenge
Stonehenge Hidden landscape Project

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