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13 alligators stolen from alligator farm and petting zoo

Hot Springs - Police in Hot Springs are searching for two suspects that stole 13 alligators from the Arkansas Alligator Farm and Petting Zoo.

$386m missing as Hong Kong Bitcoin exchange closes

Over $386 million has allegedly been stolen by Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange MyCoin as it closed down this week, leading to claims that the company is withdrawing funds owed to over 3,000 investors.

Woman allegedly stole bottle of wine to see jailed boyfriend

Cedar Park - A woman from Cedar Park, Texas, allegedly stole a bottle of wine that cost about $4, because she wanted to get arrested so she could see her boyfriend, who was in jail.

Woman accused of posting selfies while wearing stolen dress

West Frankfort - Police in Illinois arrested a woman after they say she stole a dress from a local clothing and jewelry boutique and posted a picture of herself wearing the illicit apparel online.

Tourist steals $5,500 Hulk Hogan shoe, but returns it

A tourist who snagged Hulk Hogan's $5,500 shoe from a store admitted that she did a stupid thing, and she returned the shoe.

Massive art heist in Cuba

Havana - The Cuban government has confirmed the theft of around 100 pieces from Havana's National Museum of Fine Arts. The theft is the first disclosure of such an event since Fidel Castro took power in the late 1950s.

Ohio boy receives two new wheelchairs after his was stolen

Cleveland - One of the most heartwarming stories from this holiday season occurred shortly before Christmas, when a young boy in desperate need of a new wheelchair was given even more than he lost.

Autistic boy's bike stolen, but replaced by stranger

Maple Ridge - A stranger donated a brand new bicycle to an autistic boy, 12, who had his own bike stolen outside a local library in British Columbia. Ryan Nicholson heard about Nathan's story, and he decided that he would help out.

20,000 gallons of water stolen from California elementary school

Someone stole thousands of gallons of water from an elementary school located in Bridgeville, California over Labor Day Weekend.

Girl sees her stolen bike on Craigslist, girl gets it back

Vancouver - It's always good to hear a story with a happy ending these days. A girl had her bicycle stolen. Then she saw it for sale on Craigslist, and what happened next is absolutely priceless.

Philippe Croizon wheelchair stolen

Philippe Croizon, French athlete, 45, the first quadruple amputee to swim across the English Channel, has produced a public appeal after someone stole his custom-made wheelchair.

Stolen Picasso, other art burned to crisp by thief's mother

The artwork was painted by Picasso in 1971, just two years before he died at the age of 91. It was stolen in October last year from a Dutch art gallery and the remains have now possibly surfaced, after the work was burned literally to a crisp.

Woman decorates her house yard with stolen cemetery items

A woman steals 146 items from a cemetery in order to decorate her yard. Police locate and arrest her. She is taken to Osceola County Jail and faced with grand theft charges.

Sneaky thief steals 15,303 bottles of BluePrint cleansing juice

Queens Village - A thief pretending to be a delivery driver took off with about $153,000 worth of high-end detoxifying juice drinks from the $20 million enterprise, BluePrintCleanse.

Man found with $200K worth of stolen cheese

A man is facing criminal charges in the state of New Jersey after detectives found a truck that he was driving with around $200,000 worth of stolen cheese from Wisconsin.

$4,000 stolen from children’s cancer charity Special

Sydney - An estimated $4,000 has been stolen from a kid’s cancer charity at Broadway Shopping Centre in Sydney in what police have described as a “cruel and low act”.

Italian police find stolen sphinx

Police in Italy have said that they found an Egyptian sphinx that was stolen. The 2,000-year-old sphinx was found near the capital Rome.

Almost 3,000 guns lost or stolen in UK

According to figures that were obtained by the BBC, around 3,000 guns were stolen or reported lost by people who were registered to hold them in the past five years.

Kim Kardashian's sunglasses stolen

Kim Kardashian said that British Airways employees stole something that have a profound meaning, a pair of irreplaceable sunglasses.

Stolen Cezanne worth $130 million found and returning home

Belgrade - In 2008, four Serbs stole four paintings by Cezanne, Monet, Degas and van Gogh. The Cezanne has now found its way home to Switzerland.

Corn stolen from moving train

More than 50 tons of corn was stolen from a moving train in Brazil. Police are investigating the incident that occurred in Sao Paulo.

Lindsay Lohan's purse stolen while in Hawaii

Lindsay Lohan’s trip to Hawaii became a little more stressful. Lohan’s purse was stolen last night. Her purse contained quite important documents such as her probation paperwork.

Stolen dog returned home, with some help from Facebook

Sydney - After three days missing, George the Staffordshire bull terrier was returned home, and his owner credits Facebook and Twitter for playing a part in his return.

Bengal cats stolen from breeder's home

A UK woman who raises Bengal cats had four of the animals, two of which are champions, stolen from outside runs on her property.

Police find 16 stolen lambs crammed into 2 cars

When motorway police in the UK pulled over a couple of vehicles early Thursday morning they discovered lambs in back seats, a footwell and a boot - 16 animals in total.

Homeless man has clothes stolen while he rescues woman

London - While a homeless man was busy saving a woman from drowning in the Thames, someone stole the clothing and flask he had left in the bank of the river.

Partially blind cat found a year after being stolen

A nearly blind cat, who was abducted from the San Francisco SPCA last year was found on a Harlem street in August. Thanks to a microchip, the animal was returned to the shelter.

Champion budgie killed and other birds stolen

Delabole - A budgie breeder was devastated to find that his champion bird had been killed and 21 other prize budgies had been stolen from his aviary in Cornwall the night before a major show.

Laptop stolen from hospital contained information on 600 patients

Burnaby - A laptop stolen from a hospital in British Columbia contained personal information on more than 600 patients. It held data such as names, birth dates and health card numbers.

$50 million Van Gogh Painting Stolen, Two Arrested

A couple, said to be Italian, have been detained after the theft of a Van Gogh painting worth $50 million. The man and woman were arrested in Cairo. Early reports said that they were trying to smuggle the painting out of Egypt.
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