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Oil plunges five percent over US-China trade war, stockpile surge

Wall Street is finally coming to grips with the idea that the US-China trade war is going to get much worse before it gets better. The DOW fell nearly 300 points today, dragging oil prices down five percent, while China-sensitive stocks took a tumble.

Twitch users play the stock market using one man's $50,000

Users of the online game streaming platform Twitch are making real trades on the stock market using one man's $50,000. The initiative is called Stock Stream and employs Twitch's interactive gaming features to let "players" decide on the trades to make.

Canadian and global stock markets in a steep decline

Ottawa - Stock markets declined around the globe on concerns about China and slumping oil prices. At close Friday, the Dow Jones dropped 390.97 points, the S&P 500 fell 41.55 and the Nasdaq slid 126.58 points.

Prices tumble for both stocks and oil

Stock markets in the United States, Canada, China, and Greece among other countries fell today after a sharp drop in oil prices yesterday and a further drop today.

U.S. stocks plunge as July ends

New York - The key Dow Jones index fell more than 300 points today wiping out all its gains for 2014. The Standard and Poor 500 also experienced its sharpest decline since April.

U.S. stocks continue stalwart climb in a show of strong recovery

Signs of economic recovery are soaring as U.S. stocks pushed passed a winter slowdown, according to recently released economic data.

Weather is responsible for worldwide wheat price speculation

Bad weather in Canada, Russia and elsewhere means that world wheat prices are being driven up artificially by speculation, claim market analysts and others, including the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.

Op-Ed: Become a gold bug now

Stock markets in the US will devolve further into a volatile trader’s paradise, mimicking emerging markets. However, the stock index to gold ratio going forward will clearly show the loss of the dollar’s purchasing power.

As Markets Fall, Funding For Food Crisis Tumbles Too

Today is World food day but the telephones were quiet at Canadian Foodgrains Bank, just six months ago the food crisis was major news, today interest has fallen

Toronto, New York Markets Posts Triple Digit Losses

Both the Dow Jones and the TSX composite index were down over 400 points when they closed today, stock markets elsewhere are having similar experiences.

Op-Ed: World stock markets lost $5.2 trillion in January

Global markets were well and truly trashed by the Big Thud last month. The losses cut deeply into margins for funds and 401ks, trusts, private investments, and other pedestrians on the global expressway.

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