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Stock market News

Op-Ed: Investors making big money, but where are the trillions going?

New York City - Anyone who knows the stock market will get wary when things are too good to be true. The stock market is on a binge of price rises, and some experts are already saying “look out”. Ironically, there's a potential major benefit here.

Covid-19 weighs on investors as market surge comes to an end

Stocks slid Friday as sharp increases in unemployment and novel coronavirus cases in the US tempered investors' excitement about a $2 trillion economic relief package intended to combat the pandemic's fallout.

Coronavirus: For how long will financial instability last? Special

The exponential rise of the novel coronavirus has impacted heavily on global financial markets. How far will share prices fall and for how long can we expect financial turmoil? Digital Journal has spoken with two analysts in relation to these questions.

Op-Ed: Should the Fed save Wall Street during COVID-19 outbreak?

As stocks around the world tumbled on worries about a fast-spreading virus, investors have been clamoring for the superheroes of the financial world to ride to the rescue once again. But can central banks fix this crisis?

Why has Nordstrom exceeded earnings expectations? Special

Nordstrom’s success building customer experiences across its many channels is the reason why the firm has exceeded the earnings expectations of most stock market analysts, says Darin Archer, Chief Strategy Officer at Elastic Path.

GM appeals directly to employees as strike losses pile up

Detroit - General Motors told all its hourly and salaried employees Friday morning that it is "critical" the strike against the company ends and a tentative contract agreement is reached. The ongoing strike could cost GM $1.5 billion.

Trump considering cutting back on investments in China

Citigroup Inc. has termed it the most extreme potential American move against China in the escalating rivalry between the world’s largest two economies: restricting access to U.S. finance. And that is exactly what Trump is considering as a next move.

JP Morgan creates 'Volfefe Index' to gauge impact of Trump tweets

Analysts at JPMorgan Chase & Co. have created the "Volfefe index" to gauge the impact of Donald Trump’s tweets on U.S. interest rates, which they say is on the rise.

Pinterest valued at $16 billion on stock market debut

The digital pinboard and social media site Pinterest made an impressive debut on the New York stock exchange, which saw the company's shares climb 28 percent following the opening day of trading.

How the stock market signals whether Trump will stay or go Special

Those who want President Trump to stay in office should hope the stock market rises, and those who want him ousted should hope it crashes, according to Alan Hall, a senior analyst at the Socionomics Institute.

Toronto stock market down along with lower oil prices

Toronto - Stock futures pointed to a lower opening for Canada’s main stock index on Thursday, as oil prices fell after China reported slower economic growth, pointing to lower fuel demand in the world’s biggest oil importer.

Looking at the bigger picture of Facebook's stock plunge

On Thursday, Facebook experienced a 19 per cent decrease in shares, causing alarm bells nationally and internationally. Despite the significant drop, experts urge the public to look at the whole picture.

Facebook sees shares tumble, but does the future look bright? Special

This week saw Facebook shares tumbled by more around 20 percent. Despite a rise in profits, the social media network's revenue and new user growth were short of investor expectations. However, the future looks strong, according to a leading analyst.

Alphabet’s booming stock growth: Interview Special

Alphabet has reported a drop in profits as the company prepares to absorb the $5 billion fine from European regulators. However, the parent company of Google has seen a share rise. This signals further growth ahead, according to analyst Haris Anwar.

Netflix plunges 14 percent after missing subscriber additions

Netflix's stock got hammered after the bell after reporting that it added far fewer subscribers in the second quarter than Wall Street was expecting — and warned of another subscriber shortfall to come in the third quarter.

Poor fourth-quarter earning keep gun stocks down

After a mass shooting in the U.S., there is always a call for more gun control, resulting in the NRA seeing a surge in membership, along with increased gun sales. But gun manufacturers are now posting losses as gun stocks plunge. Something has changed.

Crude oil expected to exceed global demand in 2018

Paris-based IEA raised its forecast for oil demand growth in 2018 to 1.4 million barrels per day, from a previous projection of 1.3 million bpd, after the International Monetary Fund upped its estimate of global economic growth for this year and next.

Roku opens at record high, getting a $50 price target on Monday

Roku, which makes streaming video devices, has more than tripled since going public in November. Shares opened at an all-time high of $49.41 after getting a super-bullish analyst price target.

Tesla's sinking stock has made short sellers almost $1 billion

-Short sellers betting on a decline in Tesla's stock have made almost $1 billion in the fourth quarter. -Tesla's recent stock woes stem from a bottleneck hurting production on its hotly anticipated Model 3 vehicle.

JPMorgan investment chief: 'Market correction will be painful'

Daniel Pinto, the head of JPMorgan Chase's dominant investment bank, told research analysts from Keefe, Bruyette, & Woods that the markets are too complacent right now, and we could be in store for a painful correction.

Snap shares fall below $15 after underwriters downgrade stock

Snap's stock hit a new all-time low today as it fell to just $15 per share. Investors are increasingly anxious that Snapchat won't be able to sustain its meteoric growth as the competition from apps like Facebook and Instagram steps up.

U.S. automakers post sale declines in April, ending boom cycle

With the Detroit Three automakers posting poor new car sales in April, following a dismal March, it may be further evidence that the boom cycle that lifted the auto industry last year is finally over.

Tesla briefly overtakes GM to become No 1 U.S. car maker

Shortly after the start of trading on April 10th, Tesla's stock market cap overtook that of GM. Like the story about the "Little Engine that Could," the 13-year-old electric car company made the big-time, briefly leading on the "big board."

Tesla's market cap soars above Ford, GM

2017 will likely go down in the history books as a year of disruption. Old industries are being reshaped by bold new ideas, technologies and modes of communication.

NBC just made over $200 million from Snapchat in a single day

NBCUniversal invested a whopping $500 million in the initial public offering of Snapchat's parent company, Snap Inc., as "part of a strategic investment and partnership," CNBC's Andrew Ross Sorkin first reported Friday.

Tesla wants to sell cars with insurance and maintenance included

Tesla has actually been quietly experimenting with this model in Asia by selling cars with insurance and maintenance included, Jon McNeill, Tesla's president of sales and services, said during the company's fourth-quarter earnings call.

Hard Brexit anxiety forces pound to plummet to its 5-weeks lowest

As the hard Brexit fear intensifies, the pound fell to its lowest in the last five weeks against the euro. According to analysts, the pound is expected to fall even further if the talks of a hard Brexit carry on in the same manner.

Review: The real villain in ‘Money Monster’ is capitalism Special

‘Money Monster’ is a fairly transparent social commentary directed by Jodie Foster that is boosted by an excellent cast.

Review: Hot Docs finds happiness in less than 60 minutes Special

In these polar opposite Hot Docs selections, “The Pursuit of Happiness” can be summed up for its subjects in less than an hour.

Nigeria must devalue its currency to aid ailing stock market

Nigeria must devalue its currency in 2016, according to international investors and ratings agencies. The country's currency, the naira, is heavily protected.
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Markets and stocks as of 1:49 p.m. on January 3  2019.
Markets and stocks as of 1:49 p.m. on January 3, 2019.
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way
Blockchain marketing platforms are on the way / Pexels
China s rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People s Congress
China's rulers in the Great Hall of the People at the beginning of the National People's Congress
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Phillippine stock market board.
Tesla s brief showing as No 1 US car maker will go a long way in fueling sales of its affordable Mod...
Tesla's brief showing as No 1 US car maker will go a long way in fueling sales of its affordable Model 3, shown in image.
The Trump administration is discussing ways to limit the use of American money going to Chinese enti...
The Trump administration is discussing ways to limit the use of American money going to Chinese entities. The MSCI China Index fell 1.6 per cent on Friday, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average fell over 150 points.
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Stock market down

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