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Bernanke cuts bond purchases by another $10 billion per month

Washington - The U.S. Federal Reserve Bank reduced its bond purchases, as part of the stimulus program, by another $10 billion per month as the Bank kept to its tapering plan.

Inspector General: U.S. TARP Could Cost $24 Trillion

After the financial collapse, the United States could see costs of $24 trillion for the financial bailouts, according to inspector general Neil Barofsky.

Op-Ed: US Economics Like Star Trek Space Wars Require Eyes on the Flag

The Star Trek shows always begin by telling viewers that the ship will be going “where no man has gone before.” The economy is at war, and our country is Enterprise. The stimulus plan is where no one has gone before.

Repub. Govs. Crist and Jindal Show Party Divide on Meet the Press

David Gregory met with Bobby Jindal, Governor of Louisiana, and Charlie Crist, Governor of Florida, and revealed clearly how much these Republicans differ on the stimulus plan recently passed by Congress.

Bush Warns Crist of Florida Not to Take Money from Stimulus Plan

After four years of the Bush Sr. and eight years of his son, with their brand of conservatism, now there is more. Governor Crist has been working in a bi-partisan way that Floridians support, but there’s one Bush opposing Crist now.

Op-Ed: Obama Stands Alone Without Parallel As Republicans Refuse Support

Recently the talking heads on television have discussed Barack Obama in comparison with Franklin D. Roosevelt and the Great Depression or Abraham Lincoln when the country was at war. But Obama is in a far more difficult position.

John McCain – Barack Obama at Loggerheads Over Stimulus Plan

John McCain, former Presidential candidate in the 2008 election, vehemently declared his opposition to President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan. This follows soon after his pronouncement of working cooperatively with the new President.

Compromise To Stimulus Plan Approved By US Senate

The leaders in the Senate approved the plan for a compromise in the economic stimulus plan. They have agreed to add rebates for both seniors and disabled veterans. However, the jobless and the poor are not included.

Congress Urged To Quickly Approve Stimulus Plan

The White House has placed the United States Senate under pressure to approve the stimulus package on Friday to get the tax rebates to workers in May.

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