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Stimulus News

Babies' brain growth boosted by stimulus 'nudges'

Gone the do-nothing era of parental responsibility in babies' and children's development. Not left to the fate written in their genes, babies develop best when given helpful parental "nudges," according to Norway's neuropsychologist, Audrey van der Meer.

Brazil announces limited stimulus package

Bras - Under fire from a corruption scandal and a persistently deep recession, Brazil's government announced a modest package of economic stimulus Thursday.

Human muscle that contracts is made in laboratory

Scientists have successfully grown a human skeletal muscle that contracts and responds similarly to natural body tissue to electrical pulses. The laboratory development is designed to help researchers study new drugs.

Op-Ed: Did Obama say 'F*** You' to US Senators?

According to yet another recent release from the whistle blower organization Wikileaks, President Barack Obama may have some serious explaining to do.

New stimulus package 'to create 13,000 jobs' in Ireland

Around 13,000 jobs will be created as a result of the new €2.25 billion stimulus package the Republic of Ireland is receiving.

Ford ad speaks out against competition's stimulus dollars

Detroit - In a new television commercial supporting Ford's 'press conference' campaign, a Ford customer explains in detail his anti-bailout positions that determined his purchase of a Ford vehicle.

Op-Ed: How to Create One Million American Jobs

If Congress exempted prison industries from labor and employment restrictions, a million jobs would be created -- and not just inside American prisons.

With U.S. unemployment at 9.2%, Fed considering more stimulus

Despite stubborn unemployment in the wake of prior stimulus plans, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke informed Congress on Wednesday that the federal government is prepared for future stimulus programs.

Cato Institute takes on Obama in new advertising campaign

In a full page advertisement placed in the Wall Street Journal and other newspapers, the Cato Institute calls on President Obama to make good on his promise to eliminate unneeded government programs.

President Obama's unnoticed 'Tax Cuts'

A recent poll showed that over half of the people surveyed believe their taxes remained the same while almost one third believe their taxes went up during the Obama Administration.

Social Security issues emerge ahead of midterm elections

After it was revealed that over $22 million was paid out to dead and incarcerated Social Security recipients and that benefits will not be increased in 2011, the program reemerges as a question ahead of key midterm elections.

Op-Ed: Stimulus 2 Won't Save Democrat Jobs

Barack Obama and his minions are poised to announce a four-fold Stimulus 2 package they say will add to the already successful 'summer of recovery'.

U.S. Democrats step up push for more stimulus spending

President Obama and his aides are working to push for more government spending to help the economy along, the fragile state of the economy becomes apparent.

Study: Canadian stimulus package had negligible economic effect

A Canadian economic think-tank has released a study reporting that billions of dollars of economic stimulus had little contribution to the turnaround of the nation's economy. Instead, the report warns that a "massive deficit" is now in place.

U.S. May Lose Out On 250,000 Clean Energy Manufacturing Jobs

Washington - The U.S. could miss out on 100,000 clean energy manufacturing jobs by 2015 and 250,000 by 2030 if current industry trends continue, according to a new report by the Apollo Alliance and Good Jobs First.

Obama tells GOP to 'stop trying to frighten' Americans on jobs

In seeking broad bipartisan support for a jobs stimulus plan, President Obama asked Republicans to 'stop trying to frighten the American people' over the status of the U.S. economy.

After key wins in NJ and VA, GOP 2012 candidates step it up early

Building on fresh wins in New Jersey and in Virginia, Republicans are stepping up their criticism of President Obama's policies and letting loose their potential 2012 challengers.

CIT's bankruptcy filing a $2.3 billion loss for U.S. taxpayers

CIT filed for Chapter 11 protection on Sunday in an effort to cut $10 billion in debt. The move will set the U.S. Treasury – and American taxpayers – back by $2.3 billion.

White House top economist: don't expect growth from the stimulus

In a sober assessment of the impact the federal stimulus plan is having on the U.S. economy, leading White House economist Christina Romer admitted that the plan will not contribute to growth in 2010.

Chaos at Cobo Center: 35,000 line up for housing help in Detroit

Thousands of Detroit residents lined-up to get an application for federal stimulus money designed to help them avoid home foreclosure, "rebound from homelessness," or pay utility bills. Some passed out from exhaustion, others gave up.

U.S. unemployment hits 9.8%, big September job cuts

The U.S. unemployment rate hit 9.8 percent in September, as the recession is proving to be more resilient than prior estimates.

U.S. unemployment hits 26-year high, rising to 9.7 percent

American unemployment figures in August hit a 26-year high, rising to 9.7 percent and reflecting an economy that remains uncertain.

Biden: Stimulus is 'changing the trajectory' of the economy

With unemployment figures expected to stabilize in August, Vice President Joe Biden reiterates that the federal stimulus plan is working and that the 'trajectory' of the economy has been changed.

NJ Governor Mandates Stimulus Equality

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine has his hands full. He has not had an easy go of it since winning the Governors office. He is facing a tough re-election bid in a down economy and an aggressive Republican challenger in former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie.

Stimulus checks lure Floridians to their arrest

With the economic downturn, even criminals need a helping hand that is why they received stimulus checks from the government. Or did they?

Stimulus funding to help homeless students in Arkansas Special

Arkansas received over $644,000 in stimulus funding to aid homeless students. Top priorities are obtaining an accurate count of the homeless student population and building capacity within the school districts in order to better serve these students.

Poll: Americans think stimulus is not working

In a new poll released Monday, majority of Americans do not think the stimulus package is working and doubt that it will work in the future.

Op-Ed: Best and worst state standings in stimulus money transparency.

Illinois, Utah, and Kentucky score dead last in a state ranking of stimulus transparency with 0 out of a possible 100 points in an ARRA website audit for transparency of stimulus funds use.

Fed says U.S. unemployment to hit 10 percent this year

Increasing the pressure on the Obama administration to act and on the current fiscal stimulus to work, Federal Reserve leadership predicts 10 percent unemployment this year.

U.S. Postal Service fleet to use green technologies

The United States Postal Service will begin using alternative-fuel vehicles, tapping into the $130 million they received in federal stimulus investment.
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