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Microsoft's Steve Ballmer wants his wealth to help U.S. families

Business Insider met with Ballmer at the Code Conference in Los Angeles to talk about his favorite philanthropy projects. He was all smiles, relaxed, and happy to talk.

Smartphones 'strained' Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer's friendship

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer discussed his decision to turn Microsoft into a hardware company in a recent interview. Ballmer said his smartphone push "strained" his relationship with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, causing them to "drift apart."

Satya Nadella: 'Give us time' to get Windows 10 moving

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella faced criticism over his app strategy from his predecessor, Steve Ballmer, during a shareholder meeting earlier this week. Looking back at the exchange, it's evident Nadella has a plan for Windows 10 — one that requires time.

Steve Ballmer: Microsoft's shareholder meeting was 'bulls---'

Former Microsoft CEO and major investor Steve Ballmer has accused the firm of not disclosing full financial details during its annual shareholder meeting yesterday. Ballmer branded one set of metrics "bulls---" and questioned the company's mobile policy.

Steve Ballmer thinks only Microsoft truly competes with Apple

In an interview this week, the ex-CEO of Microsoft Steve Ballmer said he believes only his old company and Samsung can truly compete with rival Apple, claiming "nobody else is really trying" anymore.

Even Steve Ballmer admits Microsoft is losing in mobile

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer doesn't think the company is "winning" when it comes to mobile, he said in an interview with CBS This Morning.

Microsoft chief Steve Ballmer retiring within 12 months

Microsoft has announced that its chief executive, Steve Ballmer, who joined the company in 1980, will retire within 12 months. The retirement will come after a special committee can find his successor.

Windows Chief Steven Sinofsky leaves Microsoft

Steven Sinofsky, chief developer of Windows 8 and Surface tablet, left Microsoft as announced by the company in a press release Monday.

Microsoft Windows 8 could debut next week, to be released in 2012

Hong Kong - Windows executive Steven Sinofsky confirmed to be in attendance at the AllThingsDigital conference in the United States and some are speculating that Microsoft will publicly debut its newest operating system Windows 8.

Microsoft confirms $8.5-billion acquisition of Skype

In a press release issued this morning, Microsoft confirmed rumours it will buy Skype for $8.5 billion in cash. The acquisition is the largest in Microsoft's history.

Microsoft CEO focuses on corporate clients Special

Hailing the arrival of a new economic era, Steve Ballmer says we are in the "new normal" of a period of efficiency and productivity,

Student Throws Eggs At Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in Hungary

Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s C.E.O., was making a presentation to Hungarian University students, when he got eggs thrown at him by an angry student. The student was upset about high software costs.

Op-Ed: Microsoft's Foot-in-Mouth Syndrome, and the Puppeteering of Windows XP Fans

If Steve Ballmer wasn't the CEO of Microsoft, I would guess he once wanted to become a doctor. Why? Well, no other tech executive seems to enjoy whacking the public knee with that little rubber hammer to test reflexes quite as much as Ballmer.

Steve Ballmer To Microsofties: 'Full Steam Ahead!'

A message from Microsoft executives to employees says "Yes, we've just kicked off a year-long $45 billion acquisition, and yes, your lives are going to be turned upside down. But don't let that distract you! Full steam ahead!"

Google Only Ahead Of Microsoft In Search: Ballmer

Steve Ballmer releasing the Windows Live from beta version said to reporters that Google is ahead of Microsoft only in search in online. He said Google is not ahead of us in other areas.

Steve Ballmer says Linux "uses our intellectual property"

In comments confirming the open-source community's suspicions, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Thursday declared his belief that the Linux operating system infringes on Microsoft's intellectual property.

Ballmer: Deal with Novell doesn't mean total Linux embrace

A follow up to the other story of Microsoft embracing Linux from the mouth of Steve Ballmer...

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Steve Ballmer
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Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer
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Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

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