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Stephen Hawking News

Stephen Hawking criticizes Trump's environment agenda

Cambridge - Distinguished physicist Professor Stephen Hawking, on his 75th birthday, has launched a scientifically based attack on Donald Trump's environment policies, stating Trump's climate stance could damage Earth.

Stephen Hawking, NASA, working on fastest spaceship ever built

Stephen Hawking and NASA are teaming up to send a tiny spaceship to Alpha Centauri. If the problems can be worked out, it will take about 20 years for the ship to reach the star system closest to the Earth.

Stephen Hawking’s black hole prediction witnessed for first time

Jeff Steinhauer, a physicist at Technion University in Israel, has created an acoustic black hole and observed particles slipping out of its grasp, providing the strongest evidence to date of one of Stephen Hawking’s most famous predictions.

Intel publicly releases code behind Stephen Hawking's voice

Intel has publicly released the code for the software that powers Stephen Hawking's speech engine. It allows developers to go ahead and delve into how it works, opening the gateway to new systems based upon it but expanded by the knowledge of others.

Hawking, Musk urge ban on military AI and autonomous weapons

Over 1,000 high-profile artificial intelligence experts and leading researchers have signed an open letter warning of an artificial intelligence arms race and calling for a ban on autonomous weapons.

Hawking: Zayn from One Direction still in band in other universe

World-renowned physicist and cosmologist, Stephen Hawking said that, Zayn Malik — who recently left the pop group One Direction — could still be a member of the band in another universe.

Stephen Hawking says stop aggression, we need caring to survive

Stephen Hawking has warned that aggression could destroy the human race. He said that we must strive to replace it by empathy, if we are going to avoid self-annihilation.

Op-Ed: Bill Gates warns against artificial intelligence

The debate regarding artificial intelligence has reached the commercial sphere. Bill Gates has joined Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk in warning of the risks to humanity from artificial intelligence. In an interview on Reddit, he explained his views.

Review: ‘The Theory of Everything’ misses nothing Special

‘The Theory of Everything’ is an inspiring biopic about Stephen Hawking that is well-deserving of its Oscar buzz, especially in regards to its main actor.

Hawking: 'I'm an atheist, science is more convincing than God'

The world's preeminent theoretical physicist has explicitly acknowledged for the first time that he is an atheist, explaining that "science offers a more convincing explanation" of the origins of the universe than 'God.'

Op-Ed: Is the Malaysian Airliner still up there flying on autopilot?

Cape Town - The Malaysian Airliner was still on autopilot when it disappeared. Was it this century’s “Flying Dutchman” or the second warning this week that technology is now the master, and doesn’t have to explain what it is doing?

Op-Ed: John Oliver reveals Stephen Hawking's comedy skills

The Hawking-Oliver interview was heavy on jokes with a light amount of theoretical science thrown in. This is some serious comedy for anyone who is a fan of dry humor.

Google fails to detect time travel

Is time travel possible? Two physicists playing around with Google have concluded that there is no evidence so far. Read on to see how they have arrived at this conclusion.

Stephen Hawking boycotting Israel in solidarity with Palestine

Cambridge - The world's most famous scientist has announced that he will boycott an upcoming Israeli conference to show solidarity with Palestinian academics and protest Israel's oppressive occupation of Palestine.

Stephen Hawking: The universe did not need God to create it

The famous theoretical astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, addressing a large audience at the California Institute of Technology on April 16, said that the Universe did not need a divine creator to bring it into being.

Video: Stephen Hawking sucks opera singer into black hole

Famous people are often asked to star in ads, but would you believe that Stephen Hawking chose to star in an auto insurance ad? And not only that, even end the ad with an evil chuckle?

Alien discovery likely in 40 years

If the claims of a top UK astronomer are to be believed, alien life beyond our solar system may be found within the next 40 years. The claim is reported in the Daily Mail quoting Lord Martin Rees, President of the Royal Society of London.

Stephen Hawking lost $100 bet over discovery of 'God particle'

Geneva - Following announcement of the discovery of a new particle "consistent" with the theoretical Higgs boson, the renowned British physicist Stephen Hawking has called for a Nobel Prize to be awarded to Peter Higgs who proposed the existence of the particle.

Stephen Hawking to have cameo on 'Big Bang Theory'

It looks like renowned physicist Stephen Hawking has a new gig. Hawking is scheduled to make a cameo appearance on the hit CBS sitcom, 'Big Bang Theory'.

Stephen Hawking reaches 70

Cambridge - The famous British scientist, Professor Stephen Hawking has reached his 70th birthday on Jan 8 despite being diagnosed with motor neurone disease aged 21.

Famed physicist Stephen Hawking says heaven is a 'fairy story'

London - World-renowned physicist and international bestseller of "A Brief History of Time," Stephen Hawking stated in a recent interview that heaven is "fairy story" for those who fear the darkness.

Stephen Hawking: We might be in some giant goldfish bowl

Stephen Hawking, considered one of the greatest minds of our time, sat down with Parade Magazine on Sunday to discuss his life, the universe and the future of space exploration.

Stephen Hawking: Mankind must leave Earth or face extinction

British theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking is warning that if humans are unable to locate another suitable planet to inhabit, they will face extinction.

Physicist Stephen Hawking’s new book to be released in September

New York - On Sept. 7, British scientist Stephen Hawking will release his new book entitled "The Grand Design." The book outlines Hawking's theory to describe and explain the forces of nature.

Canadian politician defends aliens, says Stephen Hawking is wrong

Montreal - Author of "A Brief History of Time" Stephen Hawking is wrong when it comes to contact with aliens, according to former Canadian Defence Minister Paul Hellyer who believes extraterrestrials have contributed to human technological advancements.

Prof. Stephen Hawking: Alien life 'perfectly rational' to exist

In an astonishing statement, Prof. Stephen Hawking, the famous physicist, has claimed that the thought of alien life existing is "perfectly rational" to him.

Illness Keeping Hawking Away From Perimeter Institute This Summer

Stephen Hawking's planned visit for Waterloo, Ontario is on hold while he recovers from a chest infection. Best known for his work on black holes and General Relativity with Quantum Theory, Hawking is one of the top scientific minds of our time.

Scientist Stephen Hawking Hospitalized with Chest Infection

Scientist Stephen Hawking is at Cambridge Hospital. He is said to be 'very ill.' At this point the physics genius is having tests run. He has been ill from a chest infection for several weeks.

Op-Ed: Stephen Hawking as Children's Book Author

Stephen Hawking began a children's book trilogy with his daughter Lucy and the French physicist Christophe Galfard: the first book was released in 2007. The second will come out May 19.

Stephen Hawking may leave Britain, to settle in Canada

Renowned physicist Stephen Hawking may quit Britain for Canada after working in Cambridge University for nearly 50 years.
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Hawking revealed his full talent for comedy in a recent segment  with a sly smirk lighting up the se...
Hawking revealed his full talent for comedy in a recent segment, with a sly smirk lighting up the setting.
Stephen Hawking with Barack Obama at the White House
Stephen Hawking with Barack Obama at the White House
White House (Pete Souza) / Maison Blanche (Pete Souza)

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