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Stem News

Advancing the participation of young women in tech

Toronto - A movement called #movethedial has been established, with the aim of advancing the participation and leadership of all women in tech. The organization is now accepting applications from youth (ages 14 – 24) with a passion for STEM subjects.

Q&A: What women need to know to get ahead in tech Special

Ondas Networks, a supplier of private licensed broadband cellular data networks, have announced the appointment of industry expert Kathy Nelson to the senior leadership team. Nelson offers some insights for women entering STEM fields.

Five female scientists for National Safety Month

During National Safety Month, held each June in the U.S., individuals and organizations participate by making efforts to reduce the leading causes of unintentional injury and death at work. To mark the event, five women from science are profile.

It’s Digital Literacy Day in Toronto tomorrow

Toronto - In a forward-thinking collaboration between the City of Toronto and the Toronto Public Library, citizens can look forward to learning all about how technology has changed the world with the city’s first annual Digital Literacy Day.

Google pledges major STEM investment

Kitchener - Google is to investment over $2 million into one of Canada’s emerging super-cluster technology areas. The focus will be on developing STEM projects and skills. Part of the funding is demarcated for youth projects.

Why it’s important to redress gender STEM balance: Interview Special

Ottawa - A recent survey on Canadian students’ and parents’ attitude towards coding highlights a significant gender gap across the board when it comes to involvement in STEM. To understand why Jennifer Flanagan, of the charity Actua, gives some answers.

New study on Canadian kids attitudes toward STEM

The first comprehensive study on Canadian kids attitudes toward STEM has been undertaken by Actua, the national Canadian charity advocating for youth education in STEM fields, and it has produced some interesting findings.

How Canada can bridge its gender deficit in STEM subjects Special

Toronto - STEM fields in Canada are dominated by men — with 20 per cent fewer women venturing into such careers. How can this imbalance be addressed? Mayrose Salvador, founder of Pueblo Science, has some answers.

Investing in the next generation of technologists

Manchester - German technology giant Siemens has partnered with Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry to invest in the next generation of scientists, technologists, engineers and mathematicians.

Automation could take almost 40 percent of young workers' jobs

Automation could displace almost 40 percent of young workers over the next 15 years, according to research by PwC. People aged between 16 and 24 in the U.S. are the most at risk but there are also concerns over a lack of homegrown STEM talent in the UK.

Op-Ed: Women continue to be underrepresented in STEM fields

Despite government campaigns women remain underrepresented in science and technology. Despite what an infamous ex-Google employee wrote, this is nothing innate. The low levels reflect institutional and societal biases.

Canada is supporting science research in Rwanda

Toronto - April 7 marks the United Nations Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Rwanda, which makes the news that Canada is investing heavily into science, engineering and mathematics research in the country very timely.

Why Lithuania may be the next IT hotspot

Recently we have seen reports of B2B companies moving into Lithuania’s borders and setting up shop. Google is also establishing a presence in the small Baltic state.

Big Bang Theory funds science scholarships

Los Angeles - The makers of the hit television comedy “The Big Bang Theory” have launched a scheme designed to help students to begin science or technology careers. The scheme is called “The Big Bang Theory Scholarship Endowment.”

Photo Essay: School project gingerbread display at Mount Vernon Special

Mount Vernon - 'Tis the season where communities are displaying all sorts of festive cheer. One Virginia-based elementary after-school club built several wonderful gingerbread houses which are currently on display at the Mount Vernon Estate's Education Center.

Watson: American education to STEM leaders of global innovation

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) are the required elements envisioned by President Barack Obama to equip Americans as the leaders of innovation in an expanding global economy.

Scientists turn fat into stem cells

There has been a lot of controversy over producing stem cells from human embryos. Now, after skin cells have become an optional source, scientists from Stanford University are demonstrating another convenient, fast way to get stem cells: our fat.

Current Stem Cell Lines May Lose U.S. Federal Funding

During the Bush Administration, approximately 20 stem cell lines qualified for federal funding. Now, under a recently signed executive order, these ongoing lines can no longer receive such funds.

Scientific Breakthrough: Stem Cells Made From Human Skin

A recent scientific breakthrough may finally be able to break through the current resistance to sorely needed stem cell research. Scientists have found a way to create stem cells from human skin.

Men may be treated for serious illnesses but, "Do they have the balls for it?

Men may have the organ needed to treat them with such illnesses as Alzheimer's and diabetes for scientist have learned that testicles may be "a source of stem cells to help them fight these diseases." The main question is, do men actually have the balls

Scientists Harvesting Meat From Pig Stem Cells

If scientists have their way, lab-grown meat from embryonic stem cells could soon be hitting the supermarkets, fast food restaurants and deli counters.

Richard Branson to Launch Virgin Stem Cell Bank

Richard Branson is now expanding into yet another new frontier: Not content to be involved in everything from airplanes to spacecraft, Branson expands his universe to include a storage facility for stem cells.

Sheeps Right to be Gay

Sheeps right to be gay is being violated

Scientists Report Stem Cell Breakthrough

New source for stem cells found

Stem Cells: Playing God, or Fixing Humanity?

The debate has been going on amongst people, and congress, for years. Should stem cells research be allowed?

America's Most Evil Campaign Ads

Ruthless politics meets the power of persuasion in these chillingly vicious attack ads.

Bush Aides Send Mixed Signals on Stem-Cell Debate

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Top aides to President Bush expressed mixed views on whether he might eventually consider expanding embryonic stem-cell research beyond the limits he set. In separate interviews, White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card left ope...

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A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
A photo taken at an event called Ladies Learning Code
Jon Lim
Canada is looking to increase the opportunities for women in cleantech.
Canada is looking to increase the opportunities for women in cleantech.
Karen Graham