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Steel News

Japan's Kobe Steel scandal spreads, 500 firms affected

Toukyo - Japan's Kobe Steel admitted Friday that a snowballing falsified data scandal had affected around 500 customers, more than twice as many as initially thought.

Japan steel scandal grows as more carmakers hit

Toukyo - Top Japanese automakers said Wednesday they were scrambling to assess the safety of vehicles containing products from Kobe Steel, which has admitted falsifying quality data in a growing scandal.

Kobe Steel fabricated data for aluminum, copper products

Toukyo - Major Japanese steelmaker Kobe Steel said it has systematically fabricated inspection data for aluminium and copper products that may have gone to around 200 clients, reportedly including Toyota.

Austrian steelmaker bucks trend with new European plant

Vienna - Austrian steelmaker Voestalpine said Wednesday it will build Europe's first new steelworks in decades, bucking the trend in the sector to close sites or move to where labour is cheaper.

Fire, smoke and metal at North Korea steel plant

A crane moves a giant bucket brimming with 40 tonnes of molten steel towards a gangway in North Korea's Chollima Steel Complex.

With BC wildfires, lumber prices jump despite U.S. tariffs

Vancouver - The conditions that led to the spike in wildfires in British Columbia's interior forced lumber and some mining operations to halt work because of safety concerns. However, the fires have also caused a supply-squeeze, forcing a jump in lumber prices.

As US mulls action on steel, foreign producers urge caution

Washington - Foreign steel producers on Wednesday called for prudence as the Trump administration considers possible actions to shield domestic companies from unfair imports on national security grounds.

Italian steel magnate to end up behind bars

Milan - Italian businessman Adriano Riva, whose family owned the bankrupt Ilva steel firm, was handed a two-and-half-year term on Wednesday after transferring 1.3 billion euros ($1.5 billion) siphoned off from the company.

Beijing slaps EU, Japan, S. Korea with steel duties

Bejing - China said Sunday it has started imposing anti-dumping tariffs on certain steel imports from the European Union, Japan and South Korea, as Beijing itself comes under fire for similar trade practices.

Review: Magician James More amazing on brand new steel illusion Special

World renowned magician James More is back with his newest magic demonstration, the Steel Illusion and he performs it perfectly.

Britain urges China to cut steel production

Hong Kong - British Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond on Saturday urged China to reduce its steel production levels as the UK grapples with an industry crisis that could see thousands of jobs lost.

UK government accused of prioritising China ties over steel jobs

London - Is a new special relationship threatening an old staple of British industry? Prime Minister David Cameron's government faced damaging claims Friday that its push for closer ties with China is holding back efforts to save 15,000 steel jobs.

Thousands march in Brussels against cheap Chinese steel imports

Brussels - Thousands of European steelmakers descended on the EU capital Brussels on Monday demanding that officials do more to stop the flood of cheap imports from China.

Two killed in Wales steel factory explosion

London - Two people died and four others were hospitalised after an explosion at a steelworks in Cardiff, according to a spokeswoman for the company.

Trial over Italy's toxic steel plant on hold

Rome - A mega-trial opened on Tuesday of industrialists, politicians and officials blamed for toxic emissions from the Ilva steel plant in southern Italy that caused at least 400 premature deaths -- only to be immediately adjourned because of a procedural mix...

US military depot blast, steel plant blaze hit Tokyo

Sagamihara - A blast ripped through a warehouse at a US military post on Monday and started a fire, while a blaze broke out at a steel plant, in separate accidents around the Japanese capital.

Italy steel fugitive extradited from Britain

Rome - An Italian fugitive who played a key role in running one of Europe's most polluted steel plants was extradited from Britain on Friday and arrested in Rome.

Graphene light bulb headed for shops, cuts energy use by 10%

The first commercially viable consumer product to be built from graphene is to go on sale before the end of the year. The dimmable light bulb will use 10% less energy than other bulbs but will last longer because of graphene's increased conductivity.

Metal engineering expert takes helm of POSCO

Seoul - An engineering expert on Friday took the helm of South Korea' steel giant POSCO promising an overhaul of the company as it suffers falling profits owing global economic uncertainty and competition from Chinese rivals.Shareholders and board of directors...

ArcelorMittal cuts loss, says steel getting back on track

Paris - ArcelorMittal said Friday that it cut its net loss by a quarter last year as it turned in surprisingly strong operating figures, saying steel-making was back on track.

Swedish steelmaker SSAB to buy Rautaruukki for 1.1 bn euros

Stockholm - Swedish steelmaker SSAB said on Wednesday it will acquire Finnish competitor Rautaruukki, hoping to reduce costs and boost competitiveness in the sluggish steel market.The announcement caused the price of shares in the two groups to leap.

ThyssenKrupp vows to resume dividend payments

Bochum - German heavy industry giant ThyssenKrupp promised its shareholders Friday to resume paying dividends, but did not gave any indication about when it might do so.

US challenges China compliance claim in WTO steel row

Washington - The United States on Monday challenged China's claim that it has complied with World Trade Organization rules regarding duties on certain US steel products.

UAE traders discover all that glitters is not gold

Dubai - A number of traders from the United Arab Emirates were shocked when Customs discovered that the gold they had ordered from Ethiopia or Ghana, attractively priced, was nothing but worthless mud and dust.

Mayor Williams Tip of the Spear in Youngstown, OH Revitalization Special

Youngstown - Youngstown, Ohio, like so many other boom towns in America, contributed its success to the countries hunger for quality steel. Mayor Jay Williams spoke about Youngstown's successes and challenges.

Obama Stimulus Package Violates NAFTA

In what many are calling a clear violation of the North American Free Trade Act, a clause in President Barack Obama's stimulus package was added, that bans foreign iron and steel from being used in funded infrastructure projects.

Chernobyl to be covered in steel

The authorities in Ukraine have hired a French firm and they have approved a giant steel cover to encase the radioactive site of the world's worst nuclear disaster, Chernobyl.

The History of the Slinky Toy

Who invented the slinky toy? How did the inventor ever come up with idea to make a toy out of a steel coil? Read on and discover the secret of one of the world’s most popular toys.

Green steel- lower emissions, better land management

A new method of coking using “char”, from an Australian tree, the Oil Mallee, other hardwoods and even farm and building wastes, is showing signs of dealing with the old stereotype of pollution-belching steel mills.

One hundred year old paper mill closure to put 385 out of work

The St. Mary's Paper mill in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario has been in business for over 100 years. It will close June 3, putting 385 people out of work.
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BARRIER APPROVED: Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge approved construction of a $76 million suicide...
BARRIER APPROVED: Directors of the Golden Gate Bridge approved construction of a $76 million suicide barrier of the iconic span, where hundreds have jumped to their deaths.
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