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Trucker steals 40,000 pounds of meat worth more than $100,000

Loganton - On November 21, someone stole thousands of pounds of meat from a plant in Central Pennsylvania. The meat was worth more than $90,000.

Driver crashes car, steals another vehicle before getting caught

Montreal - On Tuesday evening, a dramatic hit and run, as well as police chase, took place in the Montreal neighborhood of Rosemont.

Man steals toilet from Subway in West Seattle

Seattle - Police in West Seattle are looking for a man who removed a toilet at a Subway restaurant on Sunday night. He also trashed the bathroom.

Sandy Hook truther steals memorial sign

Any parent will tell you nothing is worse than losing a child. Yet, the latest bizarre behavior by the so-called Sandy Hook "truthers" could only make coping harder for Lynn McDonnell and other parents.

Bird steals camera and records journey in Australia

In northwest Australia a bird snatched a video camera that was recording crocodiles, and captured its 70-mile journey across a remote landscape.

Woman applies for job at sex shop, then steals vibrator

A Florida woman, who was drunk, entered a sex shop and applied for a job, leaving all of her contact info with the manager of the store, and then stole a vibrator.

Swedish cleaning lady steals commuter train, derails & crashes it

Stockholm - A Swedish cleaning lady stole an empty commuter train from a local train depot and drove it to a suburb of Stockholm. The train then derailed and crashed into an apartment building.

Bride stole cash from her bosses to pay for her lavish wedding

A bride has been sentenced to twenty months in prison because she stole over two-hundred thousand dollars to pay for her lavish wedding.

Thief steals young boy's surgery money at fundraiser

New York - The family of a 9-year-old boy who suffers from a rare congenital disorder are still shocked over the the news that a heartless thief stole their son's surgery money, that was recently collected at a Connecticut fundraiser.

NYC mailman steals greeting cards

A NYC mailman was arrested recently during a sting operation that caught him in the act of stealing mail. Michael Olivio is due to appear in court and he was released on his own recognizance.

Nurse is accused of robbing a patient

Next time you are in the ER you should leave your belongings elsewhere unless you want to fall victim to identity theft, have your credit cards stolen and used and have your cash disappear from your wallet.

Cat-napper steals neighbours' pets as punishment for straying into garden

Police are hunting a cat-napper who sent letters to his victims claiming their pets have been relocated as a punishment for straying into his garden. More than seven cats have been stolen from the same road in recent months.

Burglar Only Steals food

Perhaps it was lunch time and the burglar simply forgot to go shopping and the unlocked door provided the opportunity for a free meal. Whatever the reason food was all that was stolen.

Not Even Fake Cops Are Safe!

A cut out policeman was stolen from a grocery in Long Eaton, Derbyshire. The cut out was supposed to deter shoplifters instead it was the target of a shoplifting heist. The cardboard cop is the likeness of PC Bob Molloy and had been doing a great job.

Human Vultures: Crowd swipes dying man's groceries

The sight of an old man being hit by a truck in Arizona touched off a feeding frenzy among witnesses who allegedly stole the dying victim's groceries. That's just wrong on so many levels.

Wal-Mart Tries To Steal Shopper's Baby?

A Wal-Mart security guard demanded a woman hand over her baby at checkout. He thought it might have been a baby that was reported missing, according to a Myspace post by the mother.

Postal Worker Steals Thousands Of DVDs

A federal judge in Houston has ordered a year and a-half in prison for a now-former postal clerk in a DVD-by-mail theft investigation. Authorities accused 53-year-old Anthony Zuniga of Houston of swiping thousands of movies from the mail system.

Paramedic steals from Heart Attack Victim, faces Jail

A treating Paramedic steals bank cards from an heart attack victim faces prison.

The Best Bus Driver In Town, And Only Fifteen

A teenager steals a bus, collects passengers and even fares in Orlando, and, it wasn't the first time either

Intern Steals Lincoln Death Notice From U.S. Archives

A 40-year-old intern with the National Archives stole about 165 Civil War documents -- including the War Department's announcement of President Lincoln's death -- and sold most of them on eBay

Jilted Man Starts Stealing Cars After Breaking From Girlfriend

A former New York corrections officer started stealing expensive cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW after his girlfriend broke engagement. Justice Stephen Rooney however took pity on Charles James Jr.’s fate and imposed only a six-month jail time.

Thief steals disabled boy’s computer from day care

A new low, stealing from a child with Downs Syndrome.

Bad Samaritan Helps Man Then Steals Car

A [b]73 year old[/b] motorist was attacked with a box cutter and demanded by the assailant "GIVE ME YOUR CAR" this sounds bad enough but the motorist didn't expect this as the attacker had just helped the man dislodge his car after it bacame stuck in s...

Escaped prisoner allegedly steals Crystal Gayle's bus to see his mom

This story has all the makings of a real country song, an escaped prisoner, his terminally ill mother, a Wal-Mart truck, NASCAR and a Nashville singer's tour bus.

Woman steals another's identity, gets into Ivy League

Brooke Henson disappeared at the age of 20 more than seven years ago. Nothing was heard about her until last summer, when her family received a phone call that made them jump for joy.. until they realized what was actually going on.

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Swedish cleaning lady steals commuter train  derails it and crashes into an apartment building.
Swedish cleaning lady steals commuter train, derails it and crashes into an apartment building.
Swedish cleaning lady steals commuter train  derails it and crashes into an apartment building.
Swedish cleaning lady steals commuter train, derails it and crashes into an apartment building.

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