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Stealing News

Amazon expanding home delivery to put packages inside your car

On Tuesday, Amazon announced it has expanded its in-home delivery service called Amazon Key to include deliveries to trunks and backseats of members cars where they cannot be easily stolen.

Ontario priest guilty of stealing up to $234,000 from his church

Tecumseh - A clergyman who was found guilty Thursday of allegedly stealing up to $234,000 from his church will retain the title of priest. A jury only needed a few hours to deliberate before finding Rev. Robert Couture,52, guilty of theft over $5,000.

Lindsay Lohan sued for $60 million for stealing app idea

Actress Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael Lohan, Jr. are being sued for $60 million. A former business partner claims that they their app idea.

Cops accuse man of stealing ID to get illegal prescription drugs

Brooklyn - New York Cops are looking for a man they say stole a 55-year-old woman's identity to obtain prescription drugs illegally.

Teen gets life for stealing celebrity's car, and attempted murder

A teen from northern California was convicted of a series of crimes, which included an attempt to murder a romantic rival and the theft of a $200,000 Lamborghini owned by Guy Fieri, a celebrity chef .

Video: Cats stealing dogs' beds compilation goes viral

A compilation of YouTube videos appears to show that cats stealing dogs' beds has become a problem. In the videos dogs can be seen adopting a variety of tactics in order to regain their bed from the offending cats.

Video: Fox stealing balls at Verbier golf course in Switzerland

Verbier - A crafty fox seems to think he's a dog, and has started stealing golf balls from the Verbier Golf Course, usually just as the player goes to hit them. Rather than upset the players, they find him amusing and he is now a mascot.

Justin Bieber concert followed by massive robbery

Just hours after last night's Justin Bieber concert in the FNB Stadium, South Africa, a carefully planned heist led to undetected robbers making off with three million rands.

Smartphones getting stolen in NYC, now Toronto Special

Toronto - In New York City, now Toronto, and no doubt around the world smartphones are being stolen in subways, on the street and everywhere.

Student films teacher stealing money from backpacks

Linden - A California high school teacher is on administrative leave as authorities investigate a video allegedly showing the teacher stealing money from student's backpacks.

Man gets 8 years for stealing and snorting human and dog ashes

One of three men accused of stealing canine and human ashes in late 2010 was sentenced to more than eight years in prison on Friday.

Cop charged with stealing $3,700 from dying man was filmed

A veteran state trooper denied stealing $3,700 from the mangled body of a man in Connecticut, even after his superiors learned that the incident was captured on the dashboard video camera of the trooper's car.

TSA agent Clyde Reese allegedly stole $100 from passenger wallet

Los Angeles - A TSA employee at the Los Angeles International Airport has been fired for allegedly stealing from the wallet of a passenger. Clyde Reese, 47, was arrested on suspicion of theft on Friday and booked in response to an airline passenger's complaint.

Phones don't ring after thieves steal phone wire for copper

When the phones stopped ringing for hours in Quincy, Massachusetts customers were puzzled. It seems industrious thieves had made off with telephone wires from two of the city's utility poles.

'Klepto Cat' caught stealing over 600 items on video camera

San Mateo - Like a thief in the night Dusty prowled the streets of one California neighborhood helping himself to hundreds of items. The skilled cat burglar was finally caught on video tape carrying the goods home and since then he has been dubbed "Klepto the cat."

Actress Lindsay Lohan denies part in stolen jewelry

Popular actress Lindsay Lohan, who may be facing a felony grand theft charge for allegedly stealing a necklace in a jewelry store in California says she'll fight the charge and she's sticking with her story that she took the jewelry on loan.

Two Women Arrested for Using Their Fat to Steal Merchandise

Edmond - Two obese women used the folds of fat covering their stomachs to conceal merchandise at a TJ Maxx store in Edmond, Oklahoma.

Woman accused of stealing from employer calls herself 'Robin Hood'

A Florida woman was arrested and charged with grand theft auto after being accused of stealing from her company for more than six years.

TV Show Stage Manager Busted For Stealing High-Fashion Props

A man working as a stage manager for the TV show, 'Lipstick Jungle' is under arrest for allegedly stealing designer goods off the set, then hawking them on eBay.

Woman charged with stealing asks judge for a loan for the $10,000 bond

Terri Ann Mikula accused of stealing gift donations has a bond of $10,000 set by a judge. Apparently she doesn't have the money and asks the judge for it.

Prince Accused Of Stealing Hard Drives

Rocker Prince got himself into some trouble recently. It wasn't lip-synching. An he didn't get in trouble for his wardrobe, though he certainly deserves it. He was accused of stealing.

Leader Accused of Stealing Girl Scout IDs

A Girl Scout troop leader faces multiple counts of identity theft and filing false IRS claims after she was found stealing her young Girl Scout’s Social Security Numbers and obtained payments of $87,000 from those stolen numbers. She pleaded not guilty.

Best Buy Employee Caught Stealing $13,000 In Gift Cards

Last week, Best Buy employee Olivia Bailey, 18, was accused of stealing $13,000 from a Best Buy store in Lawrence, NY by using fraudulently obtained credit card numbers to purchase gift cards.

Chocoholic squirrel steals treats from shop

A bandit has been stealing chocolate Kinder Surprise" chocolate-shelled eggs from a Finnish grocery shop twice a day. Witnesses describe a bushy tail and an overwhelming cutness.

Three Men Caught Stealing From Flood Damaged Homes In The UK

In a shocking news report, it has been revealed that even after the dramatic floods sweeping across the north of England, three men have been caught stealing from other victim's flood damaged properties

Caught In The Act of Nabbing Tools

Three thieves were caught on a security camera helping themselves to a large amount of tools and equipment from the back of a lorry. The iron workers truck they were stealing from was parked directly under a camera which shot the whole thing

Accountant pleads guilty to stealing from client

A certified public accountant pleaded guilty Thursday in Burlington County Superior Court to charges relating to theft from one of his clients.

Google Caught Red-Handed Stealing Intellectual Property

Google acknowledged Sunday that a dictionary of Chinese words used with one of its recently released software tools came from, without the permission of

Man confesses to stealing 300 cars

One man has confessed to stealing up to 300 cars in Western Washington.

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Cat steals dogs bed.
Cat steals dogs bed.
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