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Higher pot prices driving Canadians to black market

Ottawa - Canadians are paying nearly 50 percent more for their legal cannabis when compared to illegal sources, according to an analysis of price quotes by Statistics Canada on Wednesday.

Canada loses over 51,000 jobs in biggest drop in almost a decade

Ottawa - Canada's economy lost 51,600 jobs last month in a decrease that drove up the unemployment rate and essentially wiped out a big gain in July, Statistics Canada said Friday.

Statistics Canada looks to the sewers for pot consumption levels

Statistics Canada is going with proven technology to get a better picture of marijuana consumption across the country by testing wastewater for traces of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana.

Canadians spent an estimated $5.7 billion on marijuana in 2017

Toronto - According to a January 2018 report from Statistics Canada, In 2017, about 4.9 million Canadians spent $5.7 billion on cannabis for medical and recreational purposes. This was equivalent to around $1,200 per cannabis consumer.

Op-Ed: Canada to look at economic and social effects of legal grass

Ottawa - Statistics Canada is to hold a study of the potentials of legal grass. The big questions are what’s an “economic effect”, other than sales, for example. What’s a “social effect”?

In 2nd quarter total Canadian household debt bigger than GDP

Ottawa - Canadian household debt's ratio to household income rose to a record high in the second quarter according to statistics just released by Statistics Canada.

Op-Ed: Canadian politics and the idiot problem

The word “idiot” comes from the Greek language, was first coined by Athenians (as idiotis), and was meant to describe a private individual who took no interest in politics.

Stats Canada: Top 1% of Canadian earners gobble up 10% of wealth

Statistics Canada released information on Monday that shows top income taxfilers in the country continue to take home the lion's share of resources. The top 1% of Canadian earners lapped up 10.6 % of Canada's wealth in 2011, Stats Can says.

Canada's top one percent paid 21.2% of all federal, prov. taxes

Ottawa - The top one percent in Canada paid 21.2 percent of all federal and provincial/territorial taxes, while accounting for 10.6 percent of the nation’s total income, a new Statistics Canada report released Monday found.

High Canadian debt levels soar, Q3 hits all-time record at 164%

Ottawa - A new report from Statistics Canada has found that consumer debt levels have hit an all-time high in the third quarter of 2012. The debt-to-disposable-income ratio stood at 164.4 percent, up from 163.3 percent in the previous quarter.

Weekly paychecks rising in Canada, average worker earned $907

Ottawa - A new report from Statistics Canada suggests that workers are receiving bigger paychecks and at a faster pace. The average weekly paycheck for a salaried worker was $907.19 in August, a 3.6 percent increase from a year ago.

Canada's crime rate lowest in 40 years, jump in child pornography

Ottawa - With all of the recent shootings in the Toronto area within the past month, the average Canadian wouldn't know that the crime rate is at its lowest since 1972. According to a new report, the crime rate has fallen right across the country.

Canada's public sector makes gains, jobless rate falls to 7.2%

Ottawa - Statistics Canada published its June unemployment numbers Friday, in which it showed the unemployment rate fell 0.1 percent to 7.2 percent as the economy added more than 7,000 jobs, which was better than what market analysts were forecasting.

Report: 5.8 unemployed people for every Canadian job vacancy

Toronto - Statistics Canada released its first quarter labour situation in the country. The report suggested that there are 5.8 unemployed people for every job vacancy, which is down from 6.5 from the same time a year ago.

Report: Data shows a weak final month in holiday shopping season

Toronto - With four consecutive monthly retail sales increases, a new report from Statistics Canada found that retailers suffered a weak final month of the year. The statistical analysis suggested that retail sales were down 0.2 percent to $38.6 billion.

Canada's household debt climbs amid stagnant incomes

Ottawa - Canadian households are drowning in debt. According to a new report released Tuesday, Canada's household debt has reached a record high in part to stagnant income and individuals taking on more debt.

Canada's homicide rate reaches 44-year low

Ottawa - Canada's homicide rate in 2010 was found to be 1.62 deaths for every 100,000 population. This is the lowest homicide rate recorded since 1966 and the decrease is due to a variety of factors.

Op-Ed: Parents should do more to get kids to eat more fruits, vegetables Special

Statistics Canada reported that only 43 per cent of Canadians over 12 years old ate fruits and vegetables more than five times daily in 2010. This is down from 46 per cent the year before, the lowest number in the last decade.

Canada's 2011 Census arrives in the mail; will you fill it out?

Toronto - The Canadian 2011 Census has been mailed out to millions across the country. On the front of the census, it states: "2011 Census Complete the census – it's the law." But will Canadians fill it out or just shred it?

Canadian statisticians mourn loss of Canada's long form census

On the first ever World Statistics Day, some Canadian statisticians held a mock funeral to protest the Canadian government's decision to get rid of the mandatory long form census.

Statistics Canada to cut surveys, $7 million from budget

Ottawa - Canada's top statistics organization, Statistics Canada, has been ordered to find $7 million in savings. This has forced the survey group to end five surveys and slash the amount of analysis it conducts.

Canada losing renewable fresh water resources at alarming rate Special

Ottawa - Statistics Canada has issued a report warning that southern Canada is losing renewable fresh water at the rate of 3.5 percent a year. This has prompted a renewed call for federal legislation from concerned organizations.

Report: 20% of Canadian teenagers not attending school

Ottawa - Latest figures from Statistics Canada in 2008 show that 20 percent, or 1 in 5, Canadian teenagers are not in school or pursuing an education. The numbers varied across Canada; the number was 35 percent in the Yukon Territory.

Canadian Minister says StatsCan recommended census changes

Ottawa - Canadian Industry Minister Tony Clement stated that Statistics Canada recommended changes to the census, which the federal government is deciding to be voluntary; however, StatsCan sources have denied that they ever made any recommendations.

Canadian population to exceed 40 million, more seniors than kids

Ottawa - A new report by Statistics Canada suggests that Canada's population could exceed at least 40 million people by the year 2046. The figures also show that seniors will outnumber children by 2021.

Report: Toronto's visible minorities to double by 2031

Toronto - A recently published Statistics Canada report suggests that visible minorities are expected to more than double in the Greater Toronto Area, while Toronto will have less than half of all minorities in Canada by 2031.

Alberta posts a third-quarter loss in inter-provincial migration

For the first time in 15 years the province of Alberta has shown a loss in inter-provincial migration, even though the province's population grew.

Canada's jobless rate rises unexpectedly

Canada lost 43,000 full-time jobs in October. The losses were a surprise and boosted Canada's unemployment rate to 8.6 percent. Part-time work decreased by 60,000 positions in October, with adult women and youth bearing the brunt of the drop.

Job Loss Triples in July Throughout Canada

As the recession continues in most countries across the globe, Statistics Canada has released the unemployment numbers and they are not pretty.

Canada's unemployment rate climbs again, but rise is slower

Statistics Canada released today its monthly report on unemployment across Canada. The report was widely expected to show job losses of up to 40,000.
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