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Statistics News

Keeping brick and mortar retail relevant

Atlanta - The American Customer Satisfaction Index for 2013 is out and there are some mixed messages for the retail sectors. For the first time since 2001, customer satisfaction within the Internet Retail categories have fallen almost 5 percent.
In the Media by Jacki Viles

Op-Ed: A fact-based look at campus rape and the Landen Gambill case Special

The case of Landen Gambill has sparked outrage by sexual assault victims and advocates alike. It has also led to some questioning the validity of Gambill's claims.
Digital Journal Report by Greta McClain - 19 comments

Hitting streaks at baseball creates a better team

A scientist has undertaken analysis which has shown that a baseball player on a hitting streak lifts the performance of those around him. Teammates who play regularly with a streaking player hit at a pace above their own average during those games.
In the Media by Tim Sandle - 2 comments

Op-Ed: Sandy Island and other modern hoaxes

Sydney - Do you believe everything your government tells you? That was a rhetorical question, but can you believe what you read in a dictionary or see in an atlas? Alas, not always.
In the Media by Alexander Baron

Chinese and Australian International Relations 101

Is the growing presence of The United States military in Australia good for Australian – Chinese relations? The Gillard and Obama administrations recent announcement of a new deal between the two sixty year strong allies.
In the Media by Jesse Rutigliano

Op-Ed: Cut out salt, live forever

Warwick - New medical research published August 12 suggests that reducing our salt intake could have drastic effects on our health and mortality, but haven’t we heard it all before somewhere?
In the Media by Alexander Baron - 1 comment

Swine Flu deaths are a numbers game for CDC

A key challenge and source of confusion in calculating the severity of a given virus strain is in the interpretation of the number of dead.
In the Media by Michael Krebs - 2 comments

Is Your Heart Healthy?

A study recently found one in four people can recognize the five major warning signs of a heart attack. Here is another scary fact: you might just be one of the unfortunate three out of four.
In the Media by ajzeller1979 - 5 comments

Ask Not For Whom The Bell Tolls

We often hear and see death statistics quoted to us: in the news, in commercials, in reports and in public service announcements. Numbers can and DO lie. Don't believe them. Don't trust them.
In the Media by exastra23 - 3 comments

Does your astrological sign determine your health issues?

"The study, which used data from 10 million Ontario residents in 2000, was conducted with tongue firmly in cheek, a press release said." Results Show How Studies Can Be Misinterpreted
In the Media by soome2000 - 6 comments
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Stuck for statistics, graphs?

If you've ever been stuck for external data sources or graphics to back up an article or give it a bit more 'weight',...
Jan 8, 2013 in  Digital Journal Help by Robert Myles

The Fed: So Busy Deflating the Inflation Stats

Now we will have a tentative stab at trying to understand the stats world of the US Government. In an interesting...
Apr 1, 2012 by Bill Jencks

Graphic dives into Super game stats

If you cannot get enough of the big game, here is a graphic that may help pass the time, or fill a void. Click Here...
Feb 5, 2012 in  TV Fans by Tim O'Brien

Helpful Hints For 'Digital Journal' Correspondents

The following is addressed to all Digital Journal correspondents, especially newcomers and those for whom English is...
Dec 5, 2011 by Alexander Baron - 6 comments


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