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GOP governors reject Trump's efforts to ban refugee resettlement

Republican governors in several predominantly red states announced this week that they plan to continue to accept refugees — despite President Trump’s executive order allowing state and local governments to block refugee resettlements.

Weighing in on the fattest states in the U.S.: Survey

Obesity and associated metabolic disorders are a global problem. However, there are reginal differences, and this is evident from a new WalletHub survey looking into the U.S. The survey provides a state-by-state breakdown.

US cities and states defy Trump, embrace climate pact

New York - When President Donald Trump announced America's abandonment of the Paris climate deal Thursday, saying he was elected to represent "Pittsburgh, not Paris," several US cities and states responded with a defiant counter-declaration: We're staying in.

Gas taxes and crumbling roads — How do we pay for our highways?

A conundrum is facing state legislatures across the country - How to pay for critical transportation infrastructure with a declining gas tax revenue? And how can states make up for the decline without penalizing those of us who are leading greener lives?

Want to change your presidential vote? Some states allow it

Some U.S. states allow those who have voted in advance of an election to change their votes, provided this takes place before the close of the election. Here those who initially supported Clinton, Trump or another candidate, can alter their choice.

America’s fattest states revealed

New York City - To mark November’s National Diabetes Awareness Month, personal-finance website WalletHub has collated information about the states in the U.S. with the highest levels of obesity.

States can't fight Airbnb, so they are trying to tax it

A lot of states have come to understand that they can't completely get rid of Airbnb. However, a few states have decided to make money off of the home-sharing site by taxing it.

German states budget 17 bn euros for refugees in 2016: Report

Berlin - Germany's federal states plan to spend about 17 billion euros in 2016 for the country's record refugee influx, said a newspaper survey Tuesday of their finance ministries.

Wary U.S. states shun Syria refugees after Paris attacks

Washington - Nearly half of the 50 US states have moved to shut the door on Syrian refugees as Republican lawmakers urged a halt to the resettlement program, citing security fears following the Paris attacks.

German anti-euro party likely to enter fifth state assembly

Bremen - Germany's eurosceptic AfD party looked likely to enter its fifth state assembly after elections Sunday in the northern city-state of Bremen, a bastion of the centre-left Social Democrats.

German anti-euro party eyes first seats in western state assembly

Berlin - Germany's populist anti-euro AfD party hoped to capture its first seats in a western state legislature in an election Sunday in the country's second city of Hamburg.Around 1.

Kerry delays trip to Vienna for Iran nuclear talks

London - US Secretary of State John Kerry has pushed back his trip to Vienna where international negotiators are in final talks on Iran's nuclear programme, his department said.

Shocking number of Americans support secession from the U.S.

Recent polls show that a large number of American citizens support the idea of their state peacefully leaving the United States and forming a new government.

Anti-euro party celebrates gains in eastern Germany

Berlin - Germany's fledgling anti-euro party celebrated election gains in two eastern states Sunday, in a show of strength that spells a growing threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

Anti-euro party set for gains in German state polls

Berlin - Germany's new anti-euro party is poised to win seats in two eastern state elections Sunday, heightening an emerging threat for Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives.

Do we trust our elections? How to 'trust but verify'

As the US undergoes some of the most important congressional elections in its history, when basic rights are under attack and faith in our political process is in shreds, nothing is more important than what remains of trust in the integrity of elections.

U.S. MERS case 'did not' spread from human-to-human contact

Further blood tests indicate that an Illinois resident who came into close contact with an Indiana MERS patient did not contract the virus. This contradicts a previous announcement.

Some big U.S. companies dodge state income taxes: Study

Some profitable U.S. corporations that avoid paying federal income taxes manage to do the same in states where they operate, said a study issued on Thursday by a tax activist group. From 2008 through 2012, ten U.S.

Indiana residents claim new slogan makes state look bad

Indianapolis - Some Indiana residents are outraged by the state's new slogan, claiming that it will send the wrong message and hurt marketing efforts.

Ice hockey: Canada, United States primed for grudge match

Canada and the United States were preparing to take centre stage at the Sochi Winter Games in a mouth-watering men's ice hockey grudge match on Friday with the winners earning a shot at Olympic go...

Splitting up the US: New states coming soon?

There seems to be a growing desire among Americans to secede and form new states and countries. Is this merely talk or is it the beginning of something huge?

Most U.S. scientists live in three major states

California, Texas, and New York are home to more than a quarter of all US scientists and engineers, according to a National Science Foundation report.

Colorado to split? Counties threaten to form new state

Upset with recent legislative decisions, several counties in Colorado are threatening to secede from the state and form a new state called 'North Colorado.'

Another day another blackout in India - 600 million affected

Just one day after a massive power failure left more than 300 million people in the dark, India's power grid has collapsed again, cutting power to more than 600 million.

Soldier investigated for video taunting Iraqi kids

Washington - A disturbing video of Iraqi children being harassed with offensive language and questions was filmed by a soldier stationed in Iraq. He then posted it to Facebook and YouTube. It was just discovered and the clip is now being publicly criticized.

Jamaica declares state of emergency in war with drug lord

Kingston - Trouble began earlier this week in Kingston after the government approved a US extradition request for Christopher "Dudus" Coke, a reputed gang boss. Police were shot and killed, retreating from police stations set on fire by supporters of Dudus.

Hellish Animal Nightmare Prompts Federal Warrant Special

The victims of the alleged animal abuse include exotic animals such as the Kinkajou, three-toed sloths, ring-tailed lemur and numerous reptiles. Rats, mice, hamsters and other assorted breeding animals were subjected to starvation, death, and cannibalism.

How happy are you and your neighbors?

Researchers have released details of a new U.S. study examining happiness and quality of life in each state. The study examined 1.3 million Americans to gauge personal happiness.

U.S. States Cutting Prison Sentences

During these tough economic times, everyone is cutting back including state prisons. Many U.S. states are studying alternative ways of punishing nonviolent criminals. Probation and parole are leading the way.

10 states look to substantially increase taxes in wake of crisis

Widening budget gaps are forcing lawmakers across ten U.S. states to consider the implementation of broad-ranging taxes. The increases will not be minor.
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